AdaCards Weekly Update (5 July 2021)

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3 min readJul 6, 2021


If you missed our AdaCards Series 2 announcement, be sure to check it out here for the full details of what we have planned! Here’s what we’ve been working on this past week:

Fan Contest: Make Your Series 2 Stake Pool Predictions!

One of our Discord community members, GoldBoys, is hosting a contest to predict the stake pools that will be included in our Series 2 release. Be sure to join our Discord server and fill out an entry by Monday, July 12th. We’ll kick in some Series 2 AdaCards as prizes!

Series 1 AdaCards Spreadsheet

Last week, we burned the unsold Series 1 cards, most of which will be re-minted as Series 2 cards so that we can continue to improve the project. In order to help collectors track the finalized set of Series 1 cards, we created a spreadsheet. This Google Sheet will make it easy to see the number of cards that are in circulation. If you’re missing some cards from your collection, head on over to our Discord server to trade with other collectors.

Here are the final rarity values for Series 1:

  • Total cards released: 5,878
  • Commons: 5,245
  • Rares: 560
  • Epics: 56
  • Legendaries: 17

As we stated in our Series 2 announcement post, we’re doubling the number of rares and epics for the upcoming release.

Track Your Collection by Creating an Account

In preparation for our Fantasy Staking NFT game, we’ve added the ability to create an account on the AdaCards site. Currently, this will allow you to easily access your collection and see your leaderboard rank and achievement points. Please give it a shot and let us know what you think!

In Case You Missed It: Fantasy Staking NFT Game

We are launching an NFT game to accompany our AdaCards NFTs! Like fantasy sports, Fantasy Staking will enable AdaCards collectors to draft virtual “teams” of stake pools and compete with other collectors based on their team’s performance.

See this post for the full details of how the game will work. Fantasy Staking will launch shortly after our Series 2 card release (and will utilize cards from Series 1 and 2), so get your collection ready to draft your team!

SPO Signups for Series 2

Stake pool signups for Series 2 are still live! We just published an article that explains the benefits provided to SPOs who participate in the project — be sure to check it out here. SPOs that would like to be included in our second AdaCards release can sign up here.

We’ll have more information to share about Series 2 in the coming weeks, so be sure to subscribe and follow us on Twitter for the latest information!

Be sure to join the AdaCards Discord server to chat with other collectors and trade your AdaCards!



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