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Understanding a bit of Kotlin Coroutines and making them work for your Android application networking shenanigans.

It’s been a while since I last blogged about Android in general and so much has changed since my last article on Retrofit that I published about 2 years ago. If you’re an absolute beginner then it’s a must-read, you’ll probably love it ;). Ehem,

And Java was beautiful :’(

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t as beautiful but you have to admit that Java did a great job during its tenure as Android’s main development language.

Kotlin and now coroutines have now made networking on Android even easier than ever before!

Kotlin Coroutines: A brief intro.

Coroutines are a neat new feature of the Kotlin language that allow us to…

Why making API clients for Android with Retrofit library is the best decision you’ll ever make.


I remember that I was always a very lazy child growing up despite efforts by my parents to make me a hard worker. Given a task , I would often spend hours trying to figure out if there was any other way to do it faster and with less effort. A couple years later, I think this is why I became a programmer and when I first started out Android application development in 2014 I was basically doing things the hard way.

Android Networking Basics.

The first ever android API client I ever made was a weather app connected to Open Weather Map…

A series of articles digging in the Android networking libraries.


This is the first article of a series:



There’s something that probably you can’t avoid in an Android project: Networking. Whether you are loading images, requesting data from an API server or getting a single byte from internet, you are doing networking.

No doubt there are a lot of good libraries out there and the wheel doesn’t need to be…


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