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Ideas and stories for the creative life

One Secret to Better Creative Work

Here’s one secret to creating better things.

Are you ready for it?

You might not like it.

But here goes.

Be harder on yourself. Like, a lot harder.

That’s right. Be your own best (worst) critic. I know, you’re probably thinking I’ve got enough pressure without my

Facebook Killed the Internet Star

I have a very tenuous relationship with Facebook. I like connecting with my friends and sharing great stories as much as the next guy, but I’ve also been…

Improv(e) Life

How lessons from improvisational acting can help you brainstorm better

A few years ago I did one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever done: I…

Recommended Graphic Design / Branding Books 

A list of the best 7 graphic design / branding books that I read last year.

Google Android’s 3 UX Design Principles and 2 Jars of Marbles

In their presentation at Google I/O, the designers share their design principles and how they make…

3 Creative Tips for Making Ideas Happen

Ideas are cheap… but creative ideas put into action are priceless.

Making your ideas come to life is often a difficult process with multiple obstacles along the way. I’m much better at starting a creative project or idea than finishing. Just check out my eBay account for all the podcasting equipment I bought for my online news show…

7 Creative Lessons from Hemingway

Why should Ernest Hemingway’s writing process matter to you? Great question. If you’re a leader, an artist, a musician, or a creative of some fashion, there’s a lot you can learn from a master like Hemingway. Whether you’re designing an ad, writing a book, launching a blog, or producing a creative video—Hemingway’s process has a lot to offer. Here are seven…

Critiquing mockups

Advice for clients of web design.

No client assumes they know anything about web design until they’re looking at a mockup they’ve paid for, which…

Designing Lunch Boxes

Labels & Assumptions

Jonathan Ive recently made an appearance on the children’s show Blue Peter, where he was the guest judge for a lunch box design competition (what a guy). The brief was to design a lunchbox that could also serve as a bag and a pencil case. While he was looking over the entries, the presenter asked Ive how he would tackle the…

10 Ways to Create Better Things

How many times have you seen a killer piece of art, a fresh design or a video that breaks all the rules (and still works) and found yourself jealous for not creating it yourself? If there’s one universal among creatives it’s this: We all have an insatiable desire to create better things. We want to push ourselves beyond our current boundaries in skill and…

Better Design
Better Design

Ideas and stories for the creative life

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