We’re Making Moves

What’s been happening in the Cardstack world

Exciting things are under way at the Cardstack Project! We wanted to share some of the highlights, in case you missed them.

Top Stories

Cardstack joined Hyperledger at the end of September. Shortly after, Hyperledger announced an agreement with the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) to bring common standards and cross-chain collaboration to the enterprise blockchain space.

These are big opportunities for Cardstack. We’re perfectly positioned for the next phase of blockchain: when real-world industries demand decentralized apps and services that are interoperable with the systems that they already use today.​

Case in point: our partner dotBC just announced it will build a decentralized music rights platform for Warner Music Group — one of the world’s largest record labels — using the Cardstack Framework. The framework will allow dotBC’s software to orchestrate Hyperledger Sawtooth and Git alongside Warner’s existing tools, in one cohesive experience.

This enterprise dApp is an important milestone as we ready our framework for the mass market. As the project scales, we look forward to introducing more reusable integrations for other industry use cases.​

​In parallel, we’re moving full steam ahead on our Four Edges design system, which will power the dotBC-Warner platform as well as Card Space, our decentralized community management and content syndication platform. Card Space visualizes data objects — like messages, media, transactions, smart contracts, and dApps — as composable cards, which users can exchange in conversation, or arrange into fully-featured web experiences. The goal is to make it easy to build relationships on the decentralized Internet.

We also recently completed our second major smart contract upgrade, adopting ZeppelinOS for upgradeable contracts. This means our future upgrades will no longer change our smart contract address, which significantly improves the user experience of Cardstack’s third-party integrations.

The Team Grows

Join us in welcoming the six newest members of our team!

Nicholas Jackson joins us after working as Creative Director of Washington Post’s brand studio, overseeing ad products and interactive branded content. He was previously Senior Art Director for brand studios at The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Hexi Xiao oversees communication with Cardstack’s Chinese, Japanese and Korean communities. Hexi joined to help us meet expanding interest in Asia.

Tam Cai is an interdisciplinary design director and front-end developer with experience on large branding campaigns for companies like PepsiCo and Netflix.

Marco Otte-Witte is the founder of simplabs, and has over 20 years of experience working in open-source technology. He is a co-founder and director of EmberFest.

Chris Manson is a software engineer with a long resume of open-source projects — starting with the KDE desktop. He is an entrepreneur and founder of Authmaker, a tool for quickly building web apps.

Jorge Lainfiesta is a software engineer and media scholar. His past work includes engineering mentorship for companies such as This Dot, Inc. and Startrack.

Meet the rest of our team.

Cardstack Buzz

Chris has been busier than ever meeting industry leaders, speaking at global events, and chatting with media around the world about Cardstack’s vision for the decentralized Internet. Don’t miss: Chris’ talk about how crypto can go From Speculation to Utility was the #1 story in the r/cryptocurrency subreddit.

​People everywhere are taking notice. Recently, Cardstack was included in a Forbes list of the nine most promising blockchain projects looking into 2019 — and received a mention as a key player in the industry trend toward blockchain interoperability.

Finally, we wanted to make sure you’ve seen our roadmap. And if you’re craving more Cardstack content after that, our website is the place to be.

More from the Team

Chris judged a student hackathon in September, where a high school team won by creating a blockchain system for health data. As Chris writes, all of us in the crypto community could learn from them.

Developers: don’t miss Senior Blockchain Developer Hassan Abdel-Rahman’s thorough writeups on Cardstack’s game-changing Ethereum plugin, which ingests and exposes smart contract data to apps via RESTful API; and how to run your Cardstack Hub against a smart contract.

Lead Developer Ed Faulkner is not sweating the bear market, arguing a healthy software ecosystem can only happen through patient, stable growth over many steps — regardless of what the market is doing.

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— The Cardstack Team

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