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December, 2020 Monthly Report — CTSI Reserve Mining is on Mainnet & Happy New Year!

As of 2022 Descartes has now been renamed as Cartesi Compute.

December 31, 2020 December has been a very exciting month for the Cartesi team, entering a new chapter for CTSI. We’ve made significant progress on all fronts, with the biggest announcement being the launch of CTSI Reserve Mining on Mainnet!

In addition, read on to learn more about our DApp Incubation Program Participant Achievements, a CTSI Reserve Mining Transparency report, CTSI’s integration with Coinmerce, a Dutch Central Bank approved fiat on-ramp, and Transak, a Consensys backed fiat on and off-ramp provider. Moreover, there were multiple team video’s, AMA’s, and community content throughout the month!

Last but not least and from all of the Cartesi team, we are wishing our community a healthy and Happy New Year! We are truly grateful for your support and believing in our vision. We are looking forward to making 2021 a fantastic one together.

CTSI Reserve Mining is on Mainnet and Cartesi Explorer Released!

It’s Time to Stake! On December 28 we turned the page for CTSI and launched CTSI Reserve Mining on Mainnet.

This now allows current and aspiring CTSI token holders to run Cartesi’s reference software and be rewarded for their participation by staking CTSI. Users will have to run their own node to participate in the network immediately, however we built out convenient solutions such as deploying a node on Heroku, a cloud app provider, in a few clicks. Read more below!

Custodial staking partnership announcements coming soon!

In addition, we released the Cartesi Explorer. The Cartesi Explorer will most immediately allow everyone to see what is happening within the network, participate in it, and estimate the rewards they will earn. In 2021 The Cartesi Explorer will also give users the ability to delegate their staking and to monitor in detail the status of Noether and Cartesi Compute nodes, including transactions and dispute resolutions.

Access the Cartesi Explorer Now:

What is it about CTSI Reserve Mining that makes it special?

  • Miners get a reward of 2,900 CTSI per block claimed. On average, each block is created every 30 minutes. This a return of approximately 2000% for node runners’ work done.
  • Users’ funds are safe while held on the staking contract, duly audited by SlowMist
  • No slashing and no risks to the principal due to node malfunction or unavailability
  • Rewards distributed directly to the user’s wallet, eliminating extra ETH transaction fees
  • No lock-ups. Staked CTSI can be recovered in a few minutes from the system

Learn more:

CTSI Reserve Mining Transparency Report

We also released a transparency report around CTSI Reserve Mining and how funds enter the staking system. Full details:

DApp Incubation Program Achievements

This was the second month of development for our DApp Incubation projects!

During this initial period, each team made significant progress towards integrating Cartesi and creating their DApps.

  • Creol has now completed it’s first milestone of implementing Cartesi on it’s Raspberry Pi systems via an ARM architecture!
  • The SimThunder project completed its first milestone of designing a Cartesi Compute-powered marketplace to securely trade access to private content data via its game.
  • Carti implemented the first building blocks of a packaging system for Cartesi Machines. This will allow developers to re-use RISC-V cross-compiled resources and thus boost the productivity of Cartesi-powered DApps.

We will be continually providing updates for these projects and featuring the progress on their Cartesi DApps! We are looking forward to the final products. As a reminder, after the incubation program period is over, we will hold a round of quadratic funding via Gitcoin!


CTSI has now been integrated with two leading fiat on and off ramp providers.

CTSI is now available on Coinmerce, a European Fiat on-ramp provider that is registered with the Dutch Central Bank and has support for over 39 European Countries! Coinmerce offers a convenient gateway between fiat and crypto using credit cards and bank transfers. European users can now acquire CTSI with a direct Euro pair now:

In addition, CTSI was also integrated on Transak. Transak is a Consensys backed Global Fiat on and off-ramp provider. Transak supports bank transfers and credit card options for over 39 fiat currencies, all with immediate settlement. Users can now purchase CTSI with bank transfer or credit card directly via our website:

AMA Recaps and Community Videos

Colin Steil (COO) and Erick de Moura (CEO) held an AMA with one of the largest crypto communities in Korea, Banana.

Erick de Moura, CEO of Cartesi, released an update video on what’s next for Cartesi

Erick de Moura (CEO) and Felipe Argento (Blockchain Engineer) did an interview together, unpacking Cartesi’s first hire and involvement in making our vision a reality.

Summary of Ecosystem Updates for December

Cartesi in the Media

Community Created Content

Honourable Tweet Mentions

As our community continues to expand, we highlight some of the most noteworthy pieces of content created for Cartesi on a monthly basis. If you want to be featured in next month’s update, then please contact Jina Kim, Digital Marketing Manager on Telegram.

Want to stay up to date? Make sure to join our announcements channel on Telegram:



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