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Note from the editor

Analytical pieces for traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, produced by cryptocurrency exchange, ChainRift.

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Matt Mili
Bridging the gap between the present and future. CPO @ChainRift
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Giulio Prisco
Writer, futurist, sometime philosopher.
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Ferdous Bhai
Investor, Entrepreneur. Focused on Bitcoin, longevity, travel, mindfulness.
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πŸ“š#autodidact β‚Ώ#bitcoin ⌨️#developer ✍️#writer πŸ› οΈ#DIY πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ#farmer πŸ”¬#science 🌎#geologist πŸ–§#decentralization πŸ—ΊοΈ#travel 🚫#atheist
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Matt ΰΈΏ
Bitcoin, privacy and cypherpunk stuff www.itsmattbit.ch
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Inbar Preiss
Crypto-journalist, writer, traveler, anthropology & international relations graduate, puppy-enthusiast
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Michael Kern
I am a journalist and content director. My work has been featured on CNN Money, Business Insider and Nasdaq.
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Martin Higgins
Crypto journalist and copywriter. Co-founder of ANK-OTC. Team member of fund accelerator Block Alchemy. Novelist and occasional podcaster.
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Attorney at the intersection of law, tech, and digital money. Yale Law β€˜17, former chemistry teacher.
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Luka Percic
Team Lead at ChainRift EOS and ZeroPass Founder
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Advocate of Decentralisation. Entrepreneur, Cypherpunk, Designer & Public Speaker. Specialised in Product Development & Innovation Pathway.
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Yalda Mousavinia
Project lead @autarklabs. Co-founder @SpaceDecentral @spacecoopinc. Passionate about DAOs with humans at the forefront & opening up space for collaboration.
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Here in search of veritas. A kind soul housed in 13 billion year-old carbon. #FinTech (aka BTC) #Tech #Art #Philosophy.
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Royal Pek