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Read short and uplifting articles here to help you shift your thought, so you can see real change in your life and health.
Note from the editor

Like the band Sister Hazel says, “If you want to be somebody else, change your mind!” Read short articles here that will help you shift your thought, so that you can see real change in your life and health.

Go to the profile of Dr. Christine Bradstreet
Dr. Christine Bradstreet
I help people create epic lives. Editor of Change Your Mind Change Your Life. www.christinebradstreet.com
Go to the profile of Dr. Christine Bradstreet
Dr. Christine Bradstreet
I help people create epic lives. Editor of Change Your Mind Change Your Life. www.christinebradstreet.com
Go to the profile of Nupoor Raj
Nupoor Raj
27. Pragmatic, ambivert, epistemophile. Optometrist. Writer by passion, Poet by a natural flaw | Not a Priest; Not an Atheist.
Go to the profile of Tina Viju
Tina Viju
Cancer geek I Lover of words & fried rice I Memory Keeper
Go to the profile of C. M. Barrett
C. M. Barrett
Friend of dragons, cats, and other troublemakers. Author of the series, A Dragon’s Guide to Destiny and Dystopia in Drag. Visit cmbarrett.com.
Go to the profile of Bebe Nicholson
Bebe Nicholson
Writer, editor, publisher, journalist, author, columnist, believer in enjoying my journey and helping other people enjoy theirs. bknicholson@att.net
Go to the profile of Caroline de Braganza
Caroline de Braganza
Wise Old Woman (WOW). Forever curious about Emotional Health, Self, Society, Spirit and Music. Writes Poetry to fly and Humor to smile.
Go to the profile of Deborah Christensen
Deborah Christensen
Writer, Artist,, Dreamer, Bachelor of Science (Psychology), currently studying Master of Counselling, plantbased eater, debchristensen1965@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Michael Shook
Michael Shook
I see the world differently and write fiercely and honestly about that.
Go to the profile of Kojiro Yuan
Kojiro Yuan
Guitarist, Musician, Artist and Entrepreneur
Go to the profile of Mara Zauber
Mara Zauber
Stories about life and science.
Go to the profile of Christy Waltz
Christy Waltz
Watching life unfold in amused bewilderment. Exploring how to be truly free. Author of Notes to Self: Meditations on Being. areyoutrulyfree.com
Go to the profile of Leslie Tran
Leslie Tran
Leslie is a freelance writer, editor, and travel blogger with a passion for exploration and a hunger for experiencing new things.
Go to the profile of Reed Rawlings
Reed Rawlings
I focus on self-regulation — goals, compassion, motivation, focus, stress, and the tools to support them. Reed@mindcafe.co
Go to the profile of Alberto Estarrona
Alberto Estarrona
I’ve been writing all my life: somedays I write code for mobile devices and some other days I write words for everybody. www.estarrona.me/writer
Go to the profile of John Diamond, M.D.
John Diamond, M.D.
True Health starts with the activation of Life Energy, the Healing Power within. https://DrJohnDiamond.com
Go to the profile of Marvin Marcano
Marvin Marcano
Lead Content Writer @ Ascend Content | I write about Leadership, Freelancing, and Self-Improvement| Connect With Me here: https://bit.ly/2ZdghHF
Go to the profile of Crystal Jackson
Crystal Jackson
Former therapist. Author of the Heart of Madison series & My Words are Whiskey www.crystaljacksonwriter.com https://subscribe.to/crystaljackson
Go to the profile of Tracy Gerhardt-Cooper
Tracy Gerhardt-Cooper
Believer, Writer, Teacher, Dreamer.
Go to the profile of Erika Burkhalter
Erika Burkhalter
Photographer, yogi, cat-mom, lover of travel and nature, spreading amazement for Mother Earth, one photo, poem or story at a time. (MA Yoga, MS Neuropsychology)
Go to the profile of Subo
damsel in distress lookin’ for a sword.
Go to the profile of Linda Horton
Linda Horton
Born a photographer, but prone to writing haiku on public transportation, or baking things. Death Doula in training. info@lindahortonphotography.com
Go to the profile of Mary Wise
Mary Wise
Poetry and personal stories from past lives. Writer, editor, teacher, photographer, and RN. I live in PA with my husband and two children.
Go to the profile of Tre King
Tre King
Substack: treking.substack.com, where I will be writing more content that will be about observations of my life and life in general from a hermit’s perspective
Go to the profile of Victor Camon
Victor Camon
Creative, Global Thinker & Brand Strategist — Amazon Best Seller with hola Creatividad
Go to the profile of Beth Bradford, Ph.D.
Beth Bradford, Ph.D.
Former TV person, current college professor and media researcher. Ironman triathlete, meditation teacher and yoga instructor. https://www.brad4d-wellness.com
Go to the profile of RosalynPalmer
Transformational Therapist & Mindset Coach. Author. Columnist. Broadcaster. Speaker. Love words. Change lives. Award Winning Book Reset! https://amzn.to/2F2pKd0
Go to the profile of Mark A. Schrader
Mark A. Schrader
Self awareness, #parentalephemera, memoir and poetry.
Go to the profile of Jen Mouzon
Jen Mouzon
Collector of experiences | Self improvement fanatic | Always looking for new things to fail at | Founder of https://www.motivatedminds.net/
Go to the profile of Gilberto Rosas
Gilberto Rosas
I write about self improvement, entrepreneurship, consciousness, and life experiments from my own life. Founder at maverickupgrade.com
Go to the profile of Evan J. Cosgrove
Evan J. Cosgrove
Philadelphia raised, Boston educated, San Francisco based. Inspiration, education, and contemplation to help find your genuine self.
Go to the profile of Henya Drescher
Henya Drescher
Psychological thrillers writer, weightlifter. Stolen Truth soon to be published. https://henyadrescher.com https://medium.com/@henyadrescher
Go to the profile of Hayati Zainal
Hayati Zainal
Ramblings of a slightly paranoid coffee addict
Go to the profile of Maryna Barysheva
Maryna Barysheva
Content creator for Cool Club. Write about writing, lifestyle, and relationships.
Go to the profile of Muniba Talha
Muniba Talha
Motivated & Self-Driven Person. Passionate about Community Building, Lifelong Learning & Empathetic Leadership.
Go to the profile of Deborah Horton
Deborah Horton
Deborah Horton Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Writer, Wife, Mom, Entrepreneur, Painter, Nerd, Human https://deborahhortonwriting.com
Go to the profile of Vyna Nguyen
Vyna Nguyen
Writer, traveler, and self-improvement nerd.
Go to the profile of Sebastian Wieser
Sebastian Wieser
Young Designer looking for love and new shows on Netflix. I also like to write.
Go to the profile of Jasmine Serna
Jasmine Serna
Your twenties are hard. Let’s go through them together. I’m here to share my perspective on life, love, and faith.
Go to the profile of Ridley Cooper, PhD
Ridley Cooper, PhD
Hoping to dive deep into the human condition and come out a better person. Philosophy, economics, psychology and society. DrRidleyCooper@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Brandon Slesser
Brandon Slesser
Author of The Evergreen Saga, LGBTQ advicator, reader and small town grown.
Go to the profile of Olivier Loose
Olivier Loose
Science writer at A Circle Is Round (https://acircleisround.com) • Exploring what science has to tell us about our interconnected nature •
Go to the profile of Aikya Param
Aikya Param
Aikya Param is a licensed minister, a visual artist, editor and writer.
Go to the profile of Simon Ash
Simon Ash
Leadership coach, writer and founder of https://therightquestions.co
Go to the profile of Marilyn Flower
Marilyn Flower
Writer, sacred fool, improviser, avid reader, writer, novel forthcoming, soul collage facilitator, prayer warrior and did I say writer?
Go to the profile of Nicole Knight
Go to the profile of Dr. Arthur Kroisel
Dr. Arthur Kroisel
I used to be an anesthetist. Now I'm happy instead. Constantly pursuing the improvement of my life and the lives of the ones around me. www.anewpathblog.com
Go to the profile of Kimi Ceridon
Kimi Ceridon
Recovering corporate engineer | Writer | SEO, Content, Research & Long-form | Technology, Food & Wine, Travel, Productivity | www.NoReturnTicket.KCeridon.com
Go to the profile of Vivek George
Vivek George
A happiness researcher and guide. If I can help, check out — mindhomenyc.com or email me at vivek.m.george@gmail.com.
Go to the profile of Jaime Zornoza
Jaime Zornoza
Data Science, Machine Learning & Life. https://howtolearnmachinelearning.com/
Go to the profile of Lucien Lecarme
Lucien Lecarme
Stories and takeaways to empower you to live a more abundant, passionate life in joy & inspiration. Become your own Wisdom Keeper: www.amazon.com/dp/B081S641DW
Go to the profile of Alexandra Sol
Alexandra Sol
Published Philosopher|Mental Health Advocate|Animal Lover|Silly Person
Go to the profile of Cynthia Giles
Cynthia Giles
Writer at large, Ph.D. in interdisciplinary humanities. Persistently curious! Creating “The Constance Project” and a new Tarot book. www.cynthiagiles.com
Go to the profile of Bella Linda
Bella Linda
About our marvelously mysterious human experience….
Go to the profile of America Zed
America Zed
Survivor. Optimist. Compassionate Soul. Living in a Creative World ~ POETRY ~ SELF HELP ~ MUSIC. Twtr +Website @1AmericaZ https://www.solaceforthesensitive.com
Go to the profile of Emma Young
Emma Young
Medium writer since 2020. Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Sciences. Writing about mental health, body image and current issues within society.
Go to the profile of Sarah Bergin
Sarah Bergin
I write about timely topics, including politics, art, and lifestyle.
Go to the profile of N.J. Elliott
N.J. Elliott
Writer. The war on drugs, mental health, education, psychedelics, and others.
Go to the profile of Sharaf Sheik-Ali
Sharaf Sheik-Ali
Few thoughts. Doctor working in Oxford, United Kingdom. MBBS Bsc. Subscribe for latest: Sharaf.substack.com/subscribe sharaf554@gmail.com @sharafsheik
Go to the profile of Sadhana G
Sadhana G
Gender equal persona. Ambition- Content creation. Instagram horcrux is sadhu92. Freelancer awaiting for a gig at https://www.fiverr.com/share/odw3AX
Go to the profile of The Storm
The Storm
Asking deep questions. Living for the small things.
Go to the profile of Thomas Hahn
Thomas Hahn
Nutrition Coach & Student in Film, Media & TV Production; I write about Movies, Diet & Health 🇦🇹
Go to the profile of Melinda Van Fleet
Melinda Van Fleet
Multi-passionate thriver, and Good Karma Sportfishing owner in The FL Keys w/ my obsessed husband. Newsletter/Podcast/Contact @ www.goodkarmasuccesscoach.com
Go to the profile of Deborah Barchi
Deborah Barchi
Deborah Barchi has recently retired from her career as a librarian and now has time to read, explore nature, and write poetry and essays. 824drb@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Alan Trapulionis
Alan Trapulionis
In quest of understanding how humans work.
Go to the profile of Mighty Knowledge
Mighty Knowledge
Writing about self improvement, philosophy, and wealth building. Subscribe for exclusive content: www.mightyknowledge.com
Go to the profile of The Parrot
The Parrot
A sociology researcher and former freelance journalist who advocates for justice and acceptance.
Go to the profile of Edward Tarts
Edward Tarts
Management Consultant. Professional eater.
Go to the profile of Two Tale Tellers
Two Tale Tellers
Raúl and María, using words and images to tell stories. Writers, designers, illustrators and teachers. http://twotaletellers.com/
Go to the profile of Phillip Steixner
Phillip Steixner
Just a kid on the internet.
Go to the profile of Devanshee Dave
Devanshee Dave
Writer, Content Creator, Journalist ~ I like good strong words that mean something, so trying to share some of it. Email- devansheedave1995@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Adam M.
Adam M.
𝙰.𝚔.𝚊 𝙿𝚎𝚗 𝚘𝚏 𝙰𝚍𝚘𝚗 | 𝚆𝚛𝚒𝚝𝚎𝚛 | 𝙹𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚠𝚛𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐
Go to the profile of Stephen Cafmeyer
Stephen Cafmeyer
My content is mainly focused on how to properly meditate to achieve your true potential. Self-love will set you free. https://www.lifechangingmeditations.com
Go to the profile of Baowei
Based in Taipei, from Manila. I’m writing about personal growth in fiction & in real life. Here’s my newsletter: http://bit.ly/2OmNU41
Go to the profile of Gina Huang
Go to the profile of Tochukwu Okoro E.
Tochukwu Okoro E.
I write about stuff. If you need my services, talk to me here: tochukwuokoro.com
Go to the profile of Brittany Shields
Brittany Shields
As a Career Counsellor with a background & Master’s in Clinical & Counselling Psychology I am passionate about sharing ideas related to Career Psychology
Go to the profile of Susie Pinon
Susie Pinon
B.A. in Psych. Lover of all things green. Likely to be found brewing tea or making a mess in the kitchen. Boisterous, creative, free-spirited. Vegan.
Go to the profile of Arianna Meschia
Arianna Meschia
Quit my job, sold what I owned. Here’s what’s next. www.ariannameschia.com
Go to the profile of Jadesola Kareem
Jadesola Kareem
20 year old student that writes about her experiences and how to make some money.
Go to the profile of Baraa Ghandour
Baraa Ghandour
Engineer l Finance Enthusiast l Fitness Enthusiast
Go to the profile of Swathi Raj
Swathi Raj
Trying to bridge that gap between my inner thoughts and outer expressions.
Go to the profile of Himanshu Gupta
Himanshu Gupta
Technology Lead, Blogger, Aspiring Writer
Go to the profile of Jason Muskovitz
Jason Muskovitz
I’m not a writer. I am a wellness coach on a mission to help people find the balance in their lives.
Go to the profile of J. D Castillo Garcia
J. D Castillo Garcia
Future millionaire. Interested in finance, money, investments, and financial education. Actively pursuing financial freedom. Jorgedcastillogarcia@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Swati Suman
Swati Suman
|Software Engineer| Multilinguist | Subject Inclination: Philosophy, Science, and Humanities. Writing to share and evolve. Email -> swatis.writes@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Danisha
A recent grad student. Loves to share her thoughts on anything along with discovering new items. I also love to travel and enjoy time with friends & family.
Go to the profile of Rashid Ma
Rashid Ma
Copywriter & Technical Writer. Former Software Engineer. Expressive but concise in writing. I induce my reader to adopt my point of view. www.RashidMa.co
Go to the profile of Siddhanth Pachipala
Siddhanth Pachipala
Satisfying curiosity at the intersection of psychology and life’s problems. A Houston-based researcher and poet. Contact me: siddhupachipala@gmail.com.
Go to the profile of Robin Jillian
Robin Jillian
ROBIN JILLIAN — author and host of awakenradio.net Entrepreneur 30 yrs., lovingly coaching your journey of awakening to your authentic self.. robinjillian.com
Go to the profile of Alana M.
Alana M.
Yogi. Former Mannequin. Truth Seeker.
Go to the profile of Desiree Peralta
Desiree Peralta
Turning ideas into reality. I love to help others to improve their productivity, creativity, and writing. | Weekly writing advice: https://bit.ly/3lJ5YEK
Go to the profile of Beth Hewitt
Beth Hewitt
Want to pivot in your career or start your own business? Listen to the Visualise You Podcast and Find Out More https://bethhewitt.com/
Go to the profile of Matt Lane
Matt Lane
On a journey to financial freedom. Every week I send out 3 things I learned about wealth/productivity. Sign up (it’s FREE): https://mattsthoughts.substack.com/
Go to the profile of Arpit Sihra
Arpit Sihra
Founder & CEO — WriteSome, BashMash. Published author. Love tech, startups, travel, food and books.
Go to the profile of Erkin Dudu
Erkin Dudu
Food Engineer | I write about food, nutrition and ‘some stuff’
Go to the profile of T Gor
T Gor
poetry, self expression, mental health, self motivation
Go to the profile of Razvan Oprea-Balais
Razvan Oprea-Balais
I'll teach you how to be financially independent by writing online. Automate your days and live the life you want. -> https://solo.to/rzvbio
Go to the profile of Vishnu*s Virtues
Vishnu*s Virtues
Simple ideas to get out of your own way & live your purpose | Ex-lawyer, ex Californian, ex-husband | 500,000+ Med views. Blog: https://www.vishnusvirtues.com/
Go to the profile of Winifred J. Akpobi
Winifred J. Akpobi
A medical student with a healthy mind writing about all that matters. Motto: creativity yields success. 💌 Email: winifredakpobi@gmail.com
Go to the profile of SHEILA
I’m a human just trying to be vulnerable and share my thoughts.
Go to the profile of Dr. Faisal Jamshaid
Dr. Faisal Jamshaid
Doctor and Youtuber with a Weekly Newsletter: All links: faisaljamshaid.com
Go to the profile of Amanda O
Amanda O
I’m not a therapist. I’m in therapy. My writing is personal. 28. Eastern European.
Go to the profile of Ashley Broadwater
Ashley Broadwater
6X Top Writer + Featured Story Writer. Contributor @POPSUGAR. UNC Journalism + Media. Mental health + relationships. Newsletter: https://t.co/00JlqMhZ4i?amp=1
Go to the profile of The peaceful mind
The peaceful mind
Voracious reader, passionate about life, optimistic
Go to the profile of Vault Health
Vault Health
A new type of personalized healthcare — For Men And Their Manhood
Go to the profile of HouseofNirvan
Go to the profile of Liam Hunter-Bailey
Liam Hunter-Bailey
Student | British | Travel Lover | English, French and Portuguese
Go to the profile of Mark Origor
Mark Origor
Curious about everything related to body & mind, including but not limited to fitness, yoga, meditation, nutrition, self-awareness.
Go to the profile of Anna Klawitter
Anna Klawitter
✏️Content Writer | 😍 Marketing Obsessor | 🐶 Dog lover
Go to the profile of Rose Goldberg
Rose Goldberg
Psychology student and visionary
Go to the profile of Martin Glazer
Martin Glazer
There’s a surprising and interesting perspective to everything — I’m here to share that.
Go to the profile of Aimee Liu
Aimee Liu
Aimee Liu is the bestselling author of the novels Glorious Boy, Flash House, Cloud Mountain, and Face and memoirs Gaining and Solitaire. More@ aimeeliu.net
Go to the profile of Shaun Wetzel
Shaun Wetzel
Just a man writing about life's fascinating experiences. Striving to educate my readers as we all search for the meaning of life. Let's learn together!
Go to the profile of Courtney M
Courtney M
Just a girl trying to write a book and say something of meaning www.courtneyemooney.com
Go to the profile of Jessica Lim
Jessica Lim
Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing … or both | jessicalim.me | Contact me: jessicalim813@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Vinay Kumar
Vinay Kumar
Writer/ Author/ Entrepreneur/ Science & Space Enthusiast. I Write in Psychology, Self Improvement, Relationships, Poetry, Technology, Health & Science.
Go to the profile of Harold Ricowski
Harold Ricowski
Lover of words and modern nomad striving to make a difference with the power of writing.
Go to the profile of Letters from E.K.
Letters from E.K.
Your weekly pen pal. (Life and Psychology) https://linktr.ee/lettersfromEK
Go to the profile of Peter Middleton
Peter Middleton
Be. Thrive. Flow. Explore. Transcend. Interrelating science & spirituality, through discernment. With loving kindness, and a sense of deep humanity.
Go to the profile of Emma Colsey-Nicholls
Emma Colsey-Nicholls
I write about mindset, health, habit creation and how to be a happier you. Join my newsletter at emmacolseynicholls.com/medium
Go to the profile of Chris Teutsch
Chris Teutsch
Actor. Motivator. Martial Artist. Fitness Freak. Creator of Hustling4Happiness.com
Go to the profile of Steve QJ
Steve QJ
I mainly write about meditation, content creation and personal development. But don’t let that fool you. https://steveqj.com
Go to the profile of Lindsay McGrail
Lindsay McGrail
Award-Winning freelance writer and story-consultant for indie film projects, True-Self Guru, Philanthropist and Self-Proclaimed Multi-Millionaire.
Go to the profile of David Mokotoff
David Mokotoff
David Mokotoff is a retired MD. When he is not reading or writing, he is likely cooking or fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. Contact: cookdoc2019@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Ramandeep Singh (नूर)
Ramandeep Singh (नूर)
Awakened Spiritual Guide | Through me, Life expresses and guides | Love doesn’t judge — Mail to ramanmedium@gmail.com | Follow me on Quora — t.ly/3JeV
Go to the profile of Ehsan Nazim
Ehsan Nazim
Helping you do more and be more with one article at a time.
Go to the profile of Parag Mathur
Parag Mathur
Writing on diverse topics | Human Rights Activist | Public Speaker | Connect with me on: https://bit.ly/3icU43Y
Go to the profile of Nikos Vitorakis
Nikos Vitorakis
Out-of-the-box thinker.
Go to the profile of Michael Keating
Michael Keating
Experienced HuMan Mentor working with other HuMans who would like to develop themselves, their relationships and networks.
Go to the profile of Nusrat Nisa
Nusrat Nisa
A lover of books and drunk on dreams. An introvert writing about life, books, movies, and personal development. IG: https://www.instagram.com/thegrimreadr/
Go to the profile of Karin K. Jensen
Karin K. Jensen
Karin K. Jensen is a dance instructor and blogger in the San Francisco Bay Area. karinkjensen.blog
Go to the profile of Ashwini Mahajanshetti
Ashwini Mahajanshetti
Jubilant Writer. Avid Reader
Go to the profile of Muhammad Nasrullah Khan
Muhammad Nasrullah Khan
His short stories are well-recognized internationally for his unique prose style. His book’s link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08D7WZXVL nasar_peace@hotmail.com
Go to the profile of Calvin Lee
Calvin Lee
In the pursuit of a balanced mind and body | RMT, Writer, Movement Coach | www.calathleticus.com
Go to the profile of Jojo Geller
Jojo Geller
Hello, I am Jojo, an ambitious writer, reader, and translator, writing and reading are my passion, not my work, I like to know more and spread the knowledge!
Go to the profile of Suzie Glassman
Suzie Glassman
Writing to help the world become a healthier, happier place. Let’s chat: suzieglassmancoach@gmail.com.
Go to the profile of Gary Ryan Blair
Gary Ryan Blair
Growth Hacking Aficionado I 100DayChallenge.com I Gary@100DayChallenge.com I 877.462.5748
Go to the profile of Joshua Wayne Webb
Go to the profile of Abdullah Nadeem
Abdullah Nadeem
Aspiring medic who writes about Productivity, Personal Growth and New Concepts to bring excitement to your week. Blog: abdullahnadeem.co.uk
Go to the profile of Kyle Donahue
Kyle Donahue
Dad & husband, former Marine and a couple degrees in psychology. Writer for a few publications that care about giving people a hand.
Go to the profile of Olivia Morellan
Olivia Morellan
👩🏻‍💻 Blogger + Entrepreneur + Online Course Creator | 🌎 Digital Nomad | 🏝 2 years | ✈️ 39 countries | 📍Tallinn, Estonia 🇪🇪 | oliviamorellan@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Valeria Andreevna
Valeria Andreevna
‘There is no monopoly on information’. Polyglot— Critical Thinker — Voyager — Neuro-Linguistics admirer. https://www.instagram.com/valeryvoyager/
Go to the profile of The Essentialist
The Essentialist
Cinema Loving writer with 6 pack abs. I write Quotes and Blogs.
Go to the profile of Shadman Rahman
Shadman Rahman
Bachelor of Software Engineering | Tech enthusiast | Loves playing guitar |
Go to the profile of Alice Toneatto
Alice Toneatto
🇮🇹 bookkeeper & content creator, blogger & PoD seller. Curious, food addict, animal lover & solo traveler. I write about money, food, travel & human behaviors
Go to the profile of Savitha Nallasamy
Savitha Nallasamy
Aspiring Writer , Product Manager by Profession, Health Freak. BUT- At heart , I am Mom first . Live a Life of Purpose. Spread Goodness .
Go to the profile of Rebecca Murauskas
Rebecca Murauskas
A passionate seeker of authenticity, sharing stories of choice, mental health, and the journey of healing. Stay in touch: https://www.subscribepage.com/j9k9j5
Go to the profile of Dimitris Leo ⭐
Dimitris Leo ⭐
Writer on Self Acceptance, & Self Improvement, Mental Health, Psychology, Leadership and more…
Go to the profile of Florian Hoffmann
Florian Hoffmann
I write mostly to myself. I share some of it with you. I hope it helps.
Go to the profile of Darshak Rana
Darshak Rana
✦A positive-minded guy with a peaceful heart ✦ I write about Life and Spirituality to solve the riddle of WhatIsInsideMe ✦ Connect on Social Media@watisinsideme
Go to the profile of Harshal Murkute
Harshal Murkute
I write about strategies and tools that help live happier, healthier, more productive lives. Writing, Sharing my 250+ book highlights -http://bit.ly/stack-book
Go to the profile of Jacqueline Jax
Jacqueline Jax
Radio Host @AVALIVERADIO ❤️ Journalist ❤️ I write for people who expect more from life and strive to improve their mindset. You’ll find inspiration here.
Go to the profile of J.P. Novice
J.P. Novice
Culture, Self Improvement & Travel Medium Writer. I write interesting articles with my observations and experiences. | Youtube: https://bit.ly/37YsAfU
Go to the profile of Todd Lincoln, MBA
Todd Lincoln, MBA
Grow smarter, happier, and wiser with deep life lessons and practical words of wisdom. Join my Fireside Philosophy letter free: https://MyFireside.substack.com/
Go to the profile of Ravi Saroj
Ravi Saroj
I write about Self Help, Philosophy, and Business. Love reading. Twitter @sarojravii
Go to the profile of Haucem Sadki
Haucem Sadki
A Passionate Writer/Hydrographic and Cartographic Engineer and Researcher with the Navy, Student of life, https://www.linkedin.com/in/houssem-sadki-3375a493/
Go to the profile of Jalyn Folston
Jalyn Folston
visionary | philanthropist | poet and marketing aficionado. dreamer, light being, and deep thinker.
Go to the profile of Sabah Ismail✨
Sabah Ismail✨
A writer, artist & seeker exploring the world around me and the Universe within me. Expect words on healing, spirituality and all that comes with being human.
Go to the profile of Alexandra Sheren
Alexandra Sheren
Passionate about people, arts, and magic (which are all the same thing) https://www.instagram.com/sheren.visuals/ and https://vimeo.com/sheren
Go to the profile of Mike Ortega
Mike Ortega
Writer, Poet and software Engineer also loves photography and solo Travelling
Go to the profile of Kirsten Diamond
Kirsten Diamond
Hi, I’m Kirsten. I’m a Business + Economics student sharing my insights regarding business, success, productivity and so forth ❤ Welcome…
Go to the profile of Anthony Beckman
Anthony Beckman
Dad, husband, thinker, writer, exerciser. “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”
Go to the profile of Keagan Stokoe
Keagan Stokoe
I write about habits, tools and ideas to make you a more productive developer. Interested in science, art and philosophy. I write about it at keaganstokoe.com
Go to the profile of Lea Loesch
Lea Loesch
I am a sociologist in the making, currently located in Amsterdam and exploring the various sides of optimism @ https://callforoptimism.com/.
Go to the profile of Elio D'Anna
Elio D'Anna
Elio D’Anna, founder and President of @eseschool, best-selling author, businessman, musician and producer. Visit my new website https://elio-danna.com/
Go to the profile of Debbie Walker
Debbie Walker
A Self-proclaimed Word Pilgrim seeking the Kingdom of Words within. Has a vision to encourage, empower, & enhance the lives of others...one word at a time.
Go to the profile of Tania Miller
Tania Miller
Orchestra conductor, writer, speaker. I want to inspire your life through music, creativity and performance. taniamiller.com
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Kyle Jung
Entrepreneur and Software Engineer who aims to empower the world by helping people realize their full potential.
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Lauren Kardos
perpetual dilettante. current obsessions and professions: travel, education, social justice, movement, mindfulness, books, & unf*cking my finances.
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Ankit Das
An engineer, a consistent learner, and full of enthusiasm. Pursuing B.Tech in IT from IIITA. Writes about self-improvement.
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Anastasia Summersault
A recovering investment professional. Reflecting on experience to live a better life. Talk to me: ana@anastasiawrites.blog
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Dan Chigwada
I write about personal development, wellbeing, and tools for living a better life.
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Tracy Stengel
Writer and freelance fiction editor. Find me curled up w/ a blanket of metaphors or at www.tracystengel.com. You can buy me ☕️ at https://ko-fi.com/tracystengel
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Bryce Godfrey
Mental Health. Spirituality. Dating & Relationships. Email = bryce.godfrey@yahoo.com
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Alyssa Nicole Maaño
Engineer with creative pursuits. Sharing insights on psychology, philosophy, music, art and life.
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Aldric Chen
I am a Consultant by training and I write about Business, Money, Technology, Communication and Life Lessons. I believe in Simplicity because it brings value.
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Benjamin Ebuka
Medical Student and Researcher at UCLA. Passionate about Personal Growth, Health, and History.
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Bertilla Niveda
Artist, engineer and writer with a lot to say.
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Michael Grimes
I be. I write, teach, parent, and play. A modern mystic and Light Sherpa, enjoying the journey, sharing as I grow. www.lightsherpa.world
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Laura Gibbs
Recovering Travel Writer | Customer Success Manager | passionate about learning, personal development, the future of finance, and curating customer experiences.
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Tima Loku
zen living, nature-loving brown queer human writing her world. lives in Canada, Sri Lankan roots. Grad student, BSc Psych.
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J.R. Flaherty
Buy the ticket, take the ride. World traveller. Writer. Original blogger. Loves our lonely planet. Join me> https://jrflaherty.substack.com
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Laine Kaleja
Mindset & Life Purpose coach. Psychology student. Life-long Learner and Personal Growth enthusiast. lainekaleja.com
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Marcelino Granda
Working in sales, background in healthcare and science — thriving in creativity!
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AS Briggs
My thoughts on life, truth, spirituality, philosophy, and psychology. Proud supporter of the Oxford comma.
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Ana C
Chef. Writer. Nomad. Explorer.
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Hannah Corfield
Two-time emigrant, skipping the surface, on a journey of self-discovery. Writing along the way.
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Katie Weisz
Writer, deep thinker, introvert. Writing about life, being a human + not having it all figured out.
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Daniela Vianna
CEO and Co-Founder at Ephemeris.Co — Upcoming book author. My goal is to inspire people on hacking their lives. Sign up to my newsletter: www.danielavianna.com
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Ricky Derisz
Writer, Life Coach, Meditation Teacher. Enchanted with life post-depression. Get your copy of my book at www.mindthatego.com/Mindsets-For-Mindfulness.