Tips for writers Part -1

After publishing 650 articles on Coinmonks, Here are a few common improvement points for writers

Gaurav Agrawal
Jun 3, 2018 · 3 min read
Let the words come into your dreams (source)

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Once you press the “Green Publish button” on top, you become a writer and the journey starts 🏃 . Sharing Ideas and thoughts to the world is one of the most fulfilling thing. So while sharing your ideas, you can use the following tips to improve your article and reach more audience.

There are few tips for writers, I have already shared in “How to get published on Coinmonks Publication?. So if you haven’t read them, I highly recommend reading that first.

A. Make your Article beautiful 👌

Your Title, subtitle and cover image of the post is as important as the content inside the post.

Add an eye-catching Image which will lure a viewer and convert them into a reader. Let me know about this eye candy on the comment section.

😆 This is me while writing 😆 (source)

2. Choose an awesome Title

Your title should reflect what your article about. Don’t lie, don’t use click baits and don’t do things like “10 best way to do this or do that”.

3. Add a subtitle

Use subtitles to tell more about the article, it’s good practice to do so and subtitles make your article beautiful on medium.

If you don’t know how to add a subtitle, So let me first tell you that.

Steps to add subtitle on your medium post:

Medium selection tool

B. Make an effort, Share your article on social media

Now it’s your turn to share your article on social media. Find a subreddit where your post will suit. Go to Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, and Twitter. If you want to do little more, find forums and slack communities, Find a few questions on Quora for which your article can be an answer.

C. Engage your readers

Engage your readers, ask for comments and feedbacks. Ask what they like and dislike about the post, also you can understand what kind of stories they will what to hear you in future.

2. Ask Readers to follow and Clap 👏

Whenever you finishing your articles swiftly ask readers to follow you, Give them a reason to follow by sharing what’s coming in future articles and how it can benefit them. Also, ask readers to Clap if they like the article.

3. Ask Readers to Share your article on Social media 💻

Your readers are your army, they are everything to you and if they like the post, it’s more likely they will share your post and this will also show their readers trust in you.

Check out the 2nd part of the Series “Tips and tricks for writers part -2”.

Above things worked for me, so i am sure they will work for you too so let me know once you’ll apply them.

If you like the article Clap. I’ll will be sharing more tips on future so don’t forget to follow and if you think any of your friend could use these tips so share the article with them. Thanks for reading 👐

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