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How To Cook “Fuck This Shit” Pasta.

(Or alternatively: how to deal with the end of a not particularly thrilling Monday)

A Single 30-Year-Old’s Conscience Considers the Popcorn that Just Fell Onto the Area Rug In His Studio Apartment

Go on, do it. Do it! There are no rules here, in this place.

Wit Happens

Not that Stewart is dead; he’s just that AWESOME.

Murrow, Cronkite, Stewart…

Why the McDonald’s “Pay with Lovin’” Campaign is Awful!

“McGriddle please,” I politely asked the portly McDonalds cashier. I pulled out my wallet, but today was different. “Oh you don't need to pay for that,” she quipped. I had been randomly chosen for the store’s “Pay with Lovin’ ” campaign, McDonald’s latest commercial blitz. Between now and Valentine’s Day, some lucky customers at…

My Car vs. Giant Curb

This is my car.

This is the giant curb at the entrance to my circle.

Jingle all the way…

As someone in a marketing department once famously said of the build up to Christmas: ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year!’

Comedy Corner
Comedy Corner

A haven for humorous hilarity

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