Crossfit Stories

Forging elite fitness, or at least some good stories.

The Problem With Gym Music

and how we plan to solve it


Half way into my workout, covered in sweat and exhausted, I found myself quickly…

I Don’t Run

A 47 second movie I made about the first mile I ever ran in my entire life

Discipline is Greater than a Number

What All Diets and Fitness Programs Really Mean

It will be two years in August that I have been a Certified Personal Trainer…

Blowing my WOD

This morning I made a very terrible decision in regards to my physical well being when I agreed to work out with a couple of my colleagues from SVSU.

Since high school I’ve always been a bit of a gym rat. In most cases this means you’re in there all the time, but in mine it meant that every time I showed up in the weight room someone tried to shoo me away with…

How To Be A Morning Exerciser


Working out in the morning has it’s perks. It’s energizing, it starts your day off right, and there are no excuses when work and…

10 Signs You Are Hooked On CrossFit

A newbie take on CrossFit

Here are my top 10 signs that you just started CrossFit and are hooked on it:

Are You A Fitness Asshole?

A satirical ‘poking fun’ at fitness tribes. Seriously, if you can’t see the humour in this, you’re definitely an asshole.

Taking your health seriously, being in shape, and living a life of conscious decision making are all great things- but we seem to be fostering a plague of self righteous assholes in the fitness industry…

On Denim and CrossFit 

How we solved the “fit” problem for gents

I need denim that fits my legs! There are two approaches to resolving this conundrum. Make denim…

My Mid-Life Crisis

My New Normal

I am on the floor. My chest is touching the rubber floor and my eyes are closed. The sweat running down my back, chest and arms is making…

The Networking Potential of CrossFit

Time and time again, we hear the cliché catch phrase “your network is your net worth.” Though we all understand the truth behind the saying, we often…

Life Lessons in Fitness: Facing the Bar

The Benefits of Missed Reps

We all fail and we all struggle, it’s a part of life. When I first began CrossFit in 2012 the…

The heaviest thing you will ever lift is your humility

I need to speak plainly in a language everyone can understand. As a trainer, I am known for being gently encouraging and it’s a…

What is Crossfit?

Myths and Misconceptions

Let me start off by saying that Crossfit gets a bad rep. So what is Crossfit, anyway? If you don’t know what Crossfit is, you…

How to Succeed at CrossFit

A satirical look at the sport of fitness

My name is Tommy Caldwell and I’m the owner of Hybrid Fitness. Here at Hybrid we run one of the top CrossFit programs in the country, and for the last 2 years I have participated in the CrossFit Open even though I am not a CrossFitter. We have a fairly large, enthusiastic community here to go along…

Date a Girl Who Lifts

Originally published on Daigle Breathes Fire.

Date a girl who's comfortable with her rough hands. Rough hands make a soft heart. She'll never feel as…

Crossfit Stories
Crossfit Stories

Forging elite fitness, or at least some good stories.

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