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Waiting for Ottolenghi

The wood-oven cook in the Mediterranean Garden

The returning Morisco and Sephardim cooks, of Al Andalus, sing of the wisdom gathered along

The Tournament of Cookbooks — Day 13

We’re one step closer to the winner’s circle. In Round 3, Decision 1, April Bloomfield, author of A Girl and Her Pig and chef of a number of well-loved…

The Tournament of Cookbooks — Day 12

In Round 2, Decision 4, Amanda Cohen, chef and owner of Dirt Candy in New York City, settles the feud between Saving the Season and Notes from the

The Tournament of Cookbooks — Day 11

The Piglet is showing no signs of letting up. In Round 2, Decision 3, longtime writer for The New Yorker Tad Friend — who may or may not be married to…

El Bulli is Dead: Long Live El Bulli is Dead: Live Long

The Medium and the Message for the Emotional Culinary Process…?

There is, after all, a…

The Tournament of Cookbooks — Day 9

No stranger to drama (or Scandal), actor Josh Malina navigates this competition like a pro. In Round 2, Decision 1, Summerland goes toe-to-toe with…

The Tournament of Cookbooks — Day 8

Cupcakes, happiness, and one heck of a match up: In Round 1, Decision 8, Kerry Diamond, co-owner of three Brooklyn eateries and editorial director of…

The Tournament of Cookbooks — Day 7

It’s yet another showdown at The Piglet. In Round 1, Decision 7, The Art of Fermentation takes on Notes from the Larder and photographer Andrea Gentl…

In His Mother’s Kitchen: A Childhood in Sicily

The Wood-Oven Cook in the Mediterranean Garden

The Aroma of Al Andalus: A Recipe Written by Christians, Jews, and Muslims

The Wood-Oven Cook in the Mediterranean Garden

God’s Gift to the Atlantic

The Blue Crab

God’s Gift to the Atlantic: The Blue Crab

The water is virtually motionless aside for the occasional wave that lazily brushes across the sand moving, ever so slightly, various shells and seaweed along the water’s edge. Couples take their early morning strolls while their dogs splash in the water, chasing…

How to Eat Roast Spring Suckling Lamb — With the Table Manners of Orson Welles

“I gave him an evasive answer. I told him, ‘Go fuck yourself.’ — Orson Welles quoting…

The Tournament of Cookbooks — Day 6

Get to know your produce. In Round 1, Decision 6, Kat Kinsman of Eatocracy weighs in on Vegetable Literacy vs. Saving the Season.

The Tournament of Cookbooks — Day 5

Sweet and sour settle the score. In Round 1, Decision 5, Tejal Rao, Senior Writer at Tasting Table, keeps the competitors in line as Smoke & Pickles

The Tournament of Cookbooks — Day 4

“Now a short digression: If you wanted to create a fictional foil for Alice Waters, you’d have to invent Roberta’s. These guys love to smoke pot and…

The Tournament of Cookbooks — Day 3

Here we go again: In Round 1, Decision 3, The New Persian Kitchen goes head-to-head with Family Table: Favorite Staff Meals from Our Restaurants to Your

The Piglet Tournament of Cookbooks is Here!

First Up: Balaboosta vs. A.O.C. Cookbook

Without further ado, we present to you the first judgment. In Round 1…

The Upselling Skills of My Favorite Indie Bookseller 

“May I help you?” the proprietor asked, startling me, making me freeze in mid-spin.


Mary Roach on the science of eating until you explode

With the holidays upon us, ‘tis the season to eat to the point of bursting. But is that really


The Shmoo was the brilliant 1948 invention of Al Capp, the cartoonist who brought us Li’l Abner. Essentially a self-sacrificing blob with a face, a Shmoo met all human needs. Fried, its meat tasted like poultry, broiled, like steak. As a species, the animals lived to be eaten, and they bred copiously, so their supply was inexhaustible. They also could be made into leather or lumber, even…

Culinary Literature
Culinary Literature

Devoted to writing about food & cookery

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