Day 100

I look at those 3 numbers above and I am honestly surprised. 100 days seems like an eternity and yet have gone past so quickly. What surprises me the most is how much I’m loving it. I would be lying if I didn’t say that part of me would like it to continue. It’s a very small part, but it’s there. In honor of such a momentous occasion, Stormy is a very well-behaved little girl all day.

We have two of her friends over for breakfast pancakes. Stormy helps to make the batter and lay the table. Her friends arrive and the destruction caused by 3 small children is impressive, but I get adult conversation for an hour so it’s worth it. After they leave, and a quick cleanup, we decide what the rest of the day looks like. I reject her suggestion of the pool as we are both sunburned after yesterday. So instead we head upstairs to the children’s playground with Han and Chewie. Once the heat get’s the better of us, we swap the playground for the trampoline park.

An hour of bouncing later I deserve an ice-cream. Stormy get’s one as well. One thing I love about Singapore is the ice-cream street vendors. A slice of ice-cream in a piece of bread (or wafer). And yes, I mean slice. After enjoying our ice-cream we head into the nearest air-conditioning and sit down with a cup of tea and a Milo. I let Stormy play her games on my phone while she drinks. She’s proud of herself for actually finishing her Milo for once. I tell her “I’m proud of you”. A small pause “For drinking”. Another small pause “Your Milo”. I’m glad she doesn’t understand sarcasm yet.

We come home and we pass out in front of a movie. We switch to Minions halfway through watching Brave. Definitely too old for her.

All throughout today she’s been asking me questions. “Why do the batteries in my remote control car run out faster than the ones in the controller?” “What is energy?” “What is fire?” “How to trees burn?” etc. I try and answer as simply as possible, but each question leads to another. And another. Then, just before bed, she hits me with “I want to be the princess of the town”. I answer immediately “You can do that, it’s called the Mayor”. She get’s excited by the idea. “What do I need to learn to be princess of the town?”, “You need to learn politics, how to sell, negotiation tactics, …”, “Actually, I don’t want to be that. I want to be Rapunzel!”. Sigh.

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