Day 111

It saddens me when Stormy grows just that little bit older each day. When she drops an affectation of childhood.

“I was good this morning Daddy, I eated all my breakfast”. She thinks for a second. “Ate it all”.

That’s little mispronunciation of childhood is now gone forever. Never again will I hear the word “eated”.

Despite this bout of melancholy it was a good and uneventful morning. She waves at me from the bus. “I’ll see you when you get home from work Daddy”. The routine is hard-coded by now.

Evening comes around and she takes the opportunity before dinner arrives (McDonalds for Movie night again) to go for a swim. She’s getting better but need to learn how to breath out while she’s diving. A quick bath and it’s Movie night. We settle down to watch Zootopia again. I really think that we are in a renaissance of strong female characters in children’s movies.

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