Day 113

I wake up in significant pain today. Although technically I wake multiple times during the night in pain. Stormy is incredibly well behaved and helpful. To the point of putting on my shoes when I struggle to bend down. She even remembers why the pain has gotten worse today. Although, from her own perspective.

“Remember when my teddy bear hit your surgery!”

“I don’t think that was entirely your teddy bear’s fault”

Luckily she doesn’t understand sarcasm yet. However, as even breakfast at ToastBox can’t lift my spirits, I call in a favour and, after calling my wife to wish her a happy mothers day, send Stormy off with a friend for a last-minute play-date. The reprieve gives me the time to rest and recover and face the rest of the afternoon.

Stormy returns after lunch and we head off to her second play-date for the day. This time at the British Club. I’m particularly disappointed in the lack of pith helmets and general colonial “chapism”. However it is a fun afternoon watching the children play in the pool while the parents sit by the side and have adult conversations. We stay for dinner and, by some miracle, Stormy actually eats.

However the best part of the day comes after dinner. She reads a whole book. By herself. I correct and prompt in a few places, but she reads it. I tell her how impressed I am and how important reading is. I even lift the week-long ban on TV. I promise to go and buy 5 new early reading books tomorrow.

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