Day 115

Stormy starts the day by objecting to my trying to wake her by drumming a jolly tune on a her back. She rolls over and try’s to return to sleep. The drumming continues.

She’s out of bed and, by the time I come out of my shower, has gotten herself dressed. Well, half dressed. We spend at least 10 minutes trying on different skirts until she finds the one that she wants. We only just make the bus.

Returning home, I am immediately dragged into the bedroom to play with her new “Elsa Lego”. She’s already built the castle according to the instructions (I’m quite impressed) so it’s story time. Elsa and Anna are having tea when Kung-Fu Panda knocks at the door. Panda asks if he can stay because his parents are dead.

I stop playing for a moment and query why her story took such a dark turn. She doesn’t really have an answer. I blame Disney for the prevalence of orphans in their stories.

The night routine continues to be a battle. There are good nights when, after her breathing routine, she falls asleep. And then there are nights like tonight. Where, nearly 4 hours after her bedtime, she continues to push at her boundaries. At this point she’s lost TV for the next 4 days.

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