Day 116 or “The Day Stormy Discovers that ‘I am the Boss of Her’”

I think it’s unfair that dad’s generally get criticised when their children dress badly. Like, when she’s dressed nicely with pretty bows in her hair, Mummy did it, but when she’s wearing socks with sandals, it’s Daddy’s fault. Refer to Exhibit A. This was her choice and nothing I said could change her mind. I’m sorry world. I should have tried harder.

I’ve organised another play-date, so she actually returns home after me. After a short time playing Lego we break out the leftovers for dinner. This is where is all goes wrong.

Between missing her mother and pushing boundaries nothing goes right tonight. Tonight, she has feelings. And those feelings completely immobilise her. She wants dinner, but won’t move to eat it. She want’s Milo, but won’t let me make it. She want’s to speak to her mother, but won’t let me call her. I won’t even start on brushing teeth and getting into pajamas. She even uses the phrase “you’re not the boss of me” and is very upset when I tell her that “yes, I am actually the boss of you”. After a little while the possibility that mummy will go to bed and she won’t be able to speak to her finally motivates her. We call her mother and they speak. I take the opportunity to get her to eat as well.

After the call she apologises for her behaviour and try’s to explain it. “When my brain turns and turns and turns, brrrrrrr, that means I don’t know. Then it stops, ding, and I know what to do!”. This is the best description of a 4 year old’s thought process ever. While she’s now calm, she still refuses to go to bed. The direct approach is the only thing that works now. Refer to Exhibit B.

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