Day 174 or “The Day I Sleep With Thomas the Tank Engine”

Stormy creeps into my bed at about 3am this morning. She snuggles up and falls back to sleep on seconds. Her soft breathing turning to soft snore. Like an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine played on slow, only without the constant occupational health and safety issues.

We wake a little late and only just make it to the bus on time. I pick up McDonald’s on the way home for movie night. Tonight it’s the latest Smurfs movie. I actually like this one — it has a strong message for girls. Although I’m pretty sure my brain will melt if I need to see it repeatedly.

After the movie, bed time is particularly hard. She asked for a snack which, as she finished all her dinner, I readily agreed to. I drew the line at cutting up watermelon 🍉 as that only leads to another bath. She takes this refusal very hard and is currently whimpering under the bed. I refuse to negotiate with teeny tiny terrorists so this may go on for a while.

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