Day 189 or “The Day Stormy Is A Friend To Bears”

I desperately hope Stormy lets me sleep in this morning. She doesn’t. “Daddy, it’s time to get up” she shouts as she comes into my room and shakes me awake. I roll over and pretend she’s not there, but it doesn’t work. I drag myself out of bed and the day begins. The usual Saturday — cartoons, ToastBox, SportsBall and then a trip to Daiso.

She holds my hand as we walk through Plaza Singapura. An old A.A. Milne poem comes to mind about bears waiting to eat people who step on lines. I start quoting it and get Stormy to jump over the lines. She does this for about a minute and then stops and looks at me.

“Bears like me!” she exclaims. “They are my friends”. Once again I don’t know how to respond to this.

Before long it’s time for a play-date with one of her friends. We meet them for lunch (chicken rice) and afterwards buy tickets to the Mint Museum of Toys. We start on the 5th floor and Stormy grabs her friends hand and drags her around to show her everything. They don’t give us parents much time to look though.

Stormy starts to complain of a sore stomach so we bid our farewells and go home. I sit her on the sofa with a heatpack until she says she feels better. Then it’s a swim in the afternoon sun as the day starts to draw to a close.

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