Day 23

It’s a rare day when Stormy gets out of bed on time. Today is not one of those days. I think that if I could swap Morning-Stormy and NightTime-Stormy all my problems would be solved. Alas it is not to be. By the time she does deign to awaken and bless us with her presence, it’s a rush to get her out of the house and onto the school bus.

Home again and it’s play time. Stormy likes it when I come down to her level — both literally and figuratively. We sit on the floor and play with a random assortment of toys. She takes great pleasure in tying her Triceratops to her handbag. I’m sure Freud would think this means something, but I think she just takes delight in the simple things.

Dinner is the usual battle. 30 minutes of rejecting food before finally eating what’s on her plate. 3 hours later, she finally finishes dinner. I’m not exaggerating. Over dinner we Skype Nilmini who reminds Stormy that her grandmother is coming to visit tomorrow and arrives at 6:30am. Stormy is excited and decides to sleep on the sofa.

I’m kind of curious to see what happens, so I agree.

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* For those who missed the context, I’m not actually single. My wife has started a 5-month contract in Australia (yay). This is a Very Good Thing™. Stormy will be staying with me here in Singapore and I have great help both remotely (from my wife) and locally. I’m writing this purely for fun and to practice writing. :-)