Day 25

Amazingly, Stormy is awake right on 7am this morning. She runs straight into her Abbi’s room — who is luckily already awake. I tell Stormy that she needs to be more considerate of guests. She’s makes it clear that she considers them fair game.

About midway through breakfast she decides to climb up on the dining table. I half notice this, but still habitually push the chair in as I walk past. Stormy looks at me like I’m an idiot. “Daddy, the chair was for me to get down”. I look at the chair. It takes me a second before I work up the mental capacity to pull the chair out again.

The school bus arrives and that’s when it all takes a turn for the worse. “I don’t want to go to school” she cries. She is inconsolable. Normally I’m all for sitting down to her level and talking through the emotion. But today I can’t, the bus is waiting. I literally pick her up and carry her to the bus screaming. I hope she stops before too long otherwise that’s going to be a very unpleasant ride.

I get home late and dinner is already underway. Stormy get’s all excited and, when I’m about halfway through my dinner, show’s me the biscuits she made in school today. She then decides that I need to taste it. I must say that sweet butter biscuits and grilled salmon make an interesting, but not terrible, combination. After my meal, she comes up and gives me the last half of her biscuit, saying. “You can have my biscuit because I love you”. My heart nearly explodes from the squeee.

Bed time goes well. We read a couple of stories with Abbi and she get’s into bed. Miraculously she stays there. Not a single peep out of her. I sit at my computer for a couple of hours and decide to go an check. That’s when I discover that she had hidden her tablet away and had pulled it out to play computer games after I left. She’d been playing Toca Town all night. This is why I don’t believe in miracles or religion. I manage to get it away from her and, under threat of banning the tablet for a week, she stays there and eventually falls asleep.

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* For those who missed the context, I’m not actually single. My wife has started a 5-month contract in Australia (yay). This is a Very Good Thing™. Stormy will be staying with me here in Singapore and I have great help both remotely (from my wife) and locally. I’m writing this purely for fun and to practice writing. :-)

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