Day 80

The beckoning call of sleep has defeated my gym goals for most of the week. Today I manage to drag myself out of bed a whole 10 minutes before Stormy needs to wake. I consider this a personal win. I race through my morning routine, sans-gym, and ready myself to wake Stormy.

There needs to be a word for gentle-roughness. Let’s call it gough — pronounced ‘juff’. I gouphly wake Stormy with a combination of tummy tickles and shaking. She has come to accept this form of waking. Although she still doesn’t really like it. Which may have more to do with it’s effectiveness than the form itself. Once awake we go through the usual morning routine. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Stormy has a play-date with her best friend after school — they make waffles. Demonstrating my mastery over time, I arrive home exactly as she’s being dropped off. Stormy runs up to me, gives me a hug and, without skipping a beat, asks if we can have dinner outside by the condo pool. It’s sunny, so why not. Dinner is soy-glazed Salmon — one of her favourite meals. Sadly rain clouds come over before she gets a chance to swim. It’s just that time of year. We wrap up dinner and hurry back inside before it starts raining.

As we’re getting ready for bed, she decides that brushing teeth is boring. But before I can respond she asks me the hardest question she’s ever asked. “Can you make brushing teeth fun?” I don’t know, but it’s a challenge. Today the best I can come up with is brushing teeth while playing with Lego. It’s a cop-out, but it buys me a day to think of something.

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