Day 98

I always thought that Stormy had the normal number of hands and feet. Yet, this morning, I wake to find a small octopus has taken over my bed and is slowly edging me out. I take this as a sign to get up and start preparing for the day ahead.

Before long she joins me and our usual Saturday routine begins. While we’re in the lift, she starts to talk about the talking Gecko’s who are copying her. I am utterly confused until I realise something. “Do you mean, echo’s?” I ask. “Yes. Gecko’s” she confirms. We spend the next few minutes discussing talking Gecko’s and where they might be hiding. It’s a great conversation.

One of her young friends from the condo is out early this morning. As we have a little time before Sportsball we stop and play with him for a while. Somehow I end up being the focus of most of the play and need to change my shirt before I finally extract her to scoot off. After Sportsball (today is volleyball), she surprises me by asking for lunch, and then surprises me further by actually eating it.

After lunch I escape. I’ve organised the entire afternoon and evening off from parenting. First to give a guest lecture at NUS and then to see Guardians of the Galaxy. I actually feel like a real adult for a change. It’s nearly midnight by the time I come home and Little Miss is fast asleep in her bed. I give her a kiss, adjust the bedding and close the door behind me.

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