Digital Publishing

We are still trying to figure it out.

Read it like television

and write with confidence

What if I were to tell you novels were going the way of television? You’d probably tell me you know that already…

Weekend picture project: Library of Congress or Local History Collections

go to where the collections await digital curating


A few early thoughts on iOS 7 and a theory on what its drastic changes might actually be about.

Digital Publishing in France as of June 2013

A brief and personal view of the landscape

The book market in France is worth a little more than 4.1 billion € in…

The Future of Bookselling 

in Three Acts


“There are two kinds of companies—those that work to raise prices and those that work to lower them.”…

Taking Risks with “Newbooks”. Or “Woverks”.

I feel comfortable with books. I grew up with them: my father had, still has, a nice personal library, he even published a few books himself…

Every Book Is A Startup

Most of time, we focus on the book as communication device and what the book has to do to be effective or entertaining, but what continues to need more emphasis is that fact that books are also entrepreneurial endeavors and entrepreneurs are successful when they can find customers willing to separate themselves from their hard earned money. Authors need to think more…

An eBook is a Book is a Book

This is in response to Todd Sattersten’s excellent post about the confused state of the Publishing industry with reference to eBooks.

To say that an eBook is or is not a book would be to diminish its qualities. An eBook can be more than just one simple thing. But the question with eBooks is not that of what it can do, because by its very nature…

What Startups Can Teach Publishers

Book publishers launch more new products each year than any other industry on the planet and the number is growing. As an industry, we introduced over…

Built To Rebuild

In 1959, a wealthy English industrialist named Henry Kremer established a £350,000 prize for the first person that could develop a human powered airplane that could fly a…

From Pages Read to Minutes Spent

What is the right unit of measure for reading in the digital world?

The Paperless Book

Stephen Colbert opened his October 25th, 2011 show with his normal exuberance. He bragged about his special early access to the iPhone, the iPad, and the iV (a product that…

Digital Publishing
Digital Publishing

We are still trying to figure it out.

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