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The state of Interaction Design tools

The current state of tools is decent, but how they fit together is less than ideal.

We should clone game Interaction Design tools.

Previously, I wrote about the state of Interaction Design tools. It’s pretty piss poor if you ask me. I’ve been penning down endless pages…

It’s okay to take your time.

I’ve always felt rushed making software. I remember my first year of college, when I really started programming, anytime I had an idea for a project there was a…

Thinglist 1.1

The fourth or fifth time someone told me I had to check out Monk’s Kettle, I realized two things: one, that I probably should make a point to go there (I’m a big beer nerd), and…

Milestones, not Timelines

I don't care about my last flurry of saves too much. There are so many tools which save every single “CMD + S” as a revision - which is usually pretty meaningless. Do we really need a snapshot of every single pixel nudge? Seems like a lot of noise to me.

I care about design milestones.

Stop working (so hard)

(Pssst! I just released a book on building communities & how I work. I’d be thrilled for you to check it out.)

I’m currently working the fewest hours per week I ever have in my professional life, and I’ve never been more productive.

We’ve all fallen victim to this irrational way of thinking before:

Transitional Interfaces

Designers love to sweat the details. Much time is spent pixel-fucking buttons, form styles, setting type, & getting those icons as sharp as a tack. A+, great job, don…

Elepath Exports
Elepath Exports

From the boys at Elepath Inc. http://elepath.com

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