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Letter sent on Nov 24, 2017

This week’s Medium Emphasis:

Holidaze & Other fine and fun stories

In addition to these timely featured stories on Thanksgiving, History and NaNoWriMo, Emphasis serves up entertaining and eclectic pieces ranging from writing inspiration, Ryan Gosling, Winning internet arguments, cranberry sauce and a little literary ‘history.’

If tryptophan made you tired, these stories will pick you up:

Pardon Me, Mr. President

by Monica Mcfawn

I know you have your pick of turkeys to pardon… READ MORE

Foolproof Cure for a (Writing) Hangover

When NaNoWriMo Gets Real
Kay Bolden

You’ve been binge writing again, haven’t you? No point in denying it — it’s as clear as the nose on your pasty, unwashed face… READ MORE

Ben Franklin’s Lost Love Letter to His Turkey Mistress

by Heather Meyer

June 20, 1782

My dearest Turkenia, I will always remember the first time I saw you…