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Review 2020: The Ethereum Cat Herders

Community outreach, network upgrades, events, education, meeting notes, and more to support the Ethereum ecosystem!

Creating awareness, communicating progress & coordinating events

Coordination for events, meetups, and community partnership

ECH Medium update

Network upgrade & coordination

Eth1.0 Specification

Connecting with on-chain projects & infrastructure providers

Community feedback
Feedbacks from the Gitcoin grant page

EIP awareness and consensus building

EIPIP meetings

  • Introduction to Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) page is created at providing users basic information of the EIPs and ultimately pointing towards the to find more on EIPs.
  • Updating EIP bot to clean up of EIP GitHub repo by closing the inactive PR which are older than 6 months or more. However, the status of EIPs are not changed and it still reflects the old status in The Cat Herders are connecting with EIP authors to change it to the correct status with their consent.

Breakout-room meeting

Processes & meeting notes documentation

Processes documentation

Meeting notes documentation

Overcoming the roadblocks



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Pooja Ranjan

Herder-in-chief @EthCatHerders, Founder @ether_world, I share news and views about blockchain technology. Ethereum.