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What that feels like and why it is so

I believe I’ve lost my skin. I’m walking around in a messy tangle of internal organs. The ten thousand fragments of my heart are the least of my worries.

There’s my stomach that’s threatening to leak or puncture and spill the secrets of the dinner I did not have and the 2am snack I ingested, instead. Then…

A Foggy Walk in Vancouver

Thoughts of life amidst a walk home

When the sky is clear and the sun is shining it is easy to find our way home. But we know the one…

The Fuelband Failed But Nike Will Be Better For It

Nike should be applauded for embracing platform innovation

We Slept in an Office for 6 Months…and Still Failed

Story of a Startup — Wisdomly Post-Mortem

You always hear about the college grad who slept in his car…

What We Can Learn from AOL Patch

Tim Armstrong and AOL set off on an ambitious plan for hyperlocal. They didn’t succeed but there’s a lot to be learned. 

Edison Only As Good As His 10,000 Failures?

The Narrative Of Success Is Just As Important As The Successful Achievement

Under the Kimono

The Sheep of Wall Street

Just last month I left my job in investment banking to join a tech company. As my admittedly somewhat obnoxious, entirely dorky photos would indicate, I am very excited about the change.

I sit here spending my Sunday morning in a pleasant coffee shop as opposed to a cubicle. The transition, however, is far…

Pitch me this Billion dollar idea

Or how we lost focus from building the product to chasing after the wind

Then I Deleted My Account and Became a Twitter Bot

My journey to the end of Twitter


My Karma Ran Over Their Dogma

Tales from a Startup Monkey from the Trenches In Euroland

I Will Fail More in 2014

And why that’s a good thing

This year, and every year for the rest of my life, I’ve decided want to fail more.

How Do I Cope With Startup Envy?

“Sometimes I feel like a failure seeing all the success around me…”

Dear Lucas…

System Failures in Academia

PhD programs have much to offer students who don’t want tenure-track positions but have few reasons to encourage and support them.

SciCurious writes that the academic system failed her by not kicking her out of her PhD program. She does not want to be a lab scientist, and there were not mechanisms in place to recognize…

Hyper-local News Been Dead

The interesting and relevant stories happen out there, not in here

posted on December 19, 2013

How to get a job after you’ve been rejected

I’ve gotten everything I have because I was rejected.

My senior year of high school, every day I’d run to the mailbox. I was…

What could have been

The failure of in search, bookmarking and content discovery 

The Feeling of Moving Backwards in Life

Stories of messing up

There have been more than a few times in life when I’ve felt like I was moving backwards. I made the…

Why you have to re-think your success

It’s not only the skills you have, but the papers too

Right now I’m sitting on a couch beside my room window trying to…

Failures Who Changed the World

Let’s not live too cautiously

The people who know the most about failure are the ones who have succeeded. It’s easy to get into the

Hooray for Failure! 

It’s Nature’s way of telling you you’re not being creative enough

I’m not a scientist at the bench anymore. My wife told me I had to stop…

Failure Inc
Failure Inc


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