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Night music

My first time playing cello

Halfway through the party, the host brought out her cello. This was a family party, with kids running from the backyard into the…

All Fashion is Fiction

The complete writings of Serg Riva

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Put it away, junior. 

Keep your phone in your pants.

Recently I spent a lost weekend in and out of cabs and galleries and museums and parties and after-parties and…

Varsity Belt Buckle

How much does your high school style experience stick with you a decade or more past graduation?

Friends and Strangers

Shaken from the pages of an unwritten text, strangers are walking fiction. It is not a passive fiction; we have no choice but to actively invent and imagine the lives of others, even if the stories we tell ourselves are unbearably short or recklessly inaccurate. Clothes matter to us; we are modestly vain, but we are also detectives, trying to figure out the meaning of…

First-person shooter

The object of the game is not to kill people, but to eliminate, in order of significance and severity, the fashion mistakes made by each character you encounter.

Fashion everywhere
Fashion everywhere

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