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2 — Maybe there’s hope

In quest of figuring out what I want to do in life, I’ve decided to learn and explore seven skills everyday.

This post is part of my Re Human project, in which I copied from Valentin.

So, going through the motions

Coding: Finished two chapters in Swift playground! Would highly recommend trying out the App if you have an iPad or Macbook. The user interface is amazing and each lesson is well-written so it won’t scare you away from coding!

Although it teaches you the fundamentals (i.e. the basics), you can already feel the motor neurons in your brain changing with enhanced logic (maybe that’s an overstatement but perspectives are everything :).

Running: I have a swollen ankle so I watched mountain porn on Youtube instead.

Chess: Since I’m currently slacking on reading up on Russian literature, I’ve been binge watching Grandmaster Naroditsky’s Speedruns which has been intuitive and riveting at best.

It reminded me how chess is “as competitive as football, as thrilling as a duel to the death, as aesthetically satisfying as a fine work of art, and as intellectually demanding as any form of human activity” (NYT, 2008) — truly beautiful to watch the strategic movement of wooden pieces.

I also received a Devoted Badge on


Writing: So far I’ve been focusing on quantity so while I’m at that, also attempting to boost quality. Currently reading Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks to improve story writing but here are links to my latest articles:

Book Reviews

Coherent Ramblings

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