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One in four Mexicans in the US is foreign-born, and Mexican mail order wives are the most popular among all Hispanic women. Let’s see what makes them so popular among American bachelors, how and where to find your perfect match, and how much it will cost you.

What You Need to Know About Brides from Mexico?

👥 Number of Mexican singles: 65.3 million

📍 Best place to find a wife in Mexico: Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Puebla

💻 Best dating site to meet Mexican girls: La-Date

👰‍♀️ Best site to find a Mexican wife: LatiDate

Median age at first marriage: 30 y.o.

🇲🇽 Mexican Mail Order Wives & Dating Sites

If you’re excited to jump straight in and meet Mexican wives online, here’s a shortlist of online dating services for you to try.


  • Starting Price: From $2.99
  • Average Age: 25–34

La-Date is highly favored for those looking to connect with Mexican women. This platform facilitates deep connections through comprehensive profiles and advanced communication tools, making it easier to understand and bond with potential partners. La-Date’s user-friendly interface and extensive search options provide a top-tier experience for anyone serious about international dating and finding a Mexican girlfriend.


  • Starting Price: From $3.99
  • Average Age: 24–35

LatiDate specializes in fostering relationships with Latin American women, with a strong focus on Mexican singles. Its engaging interface and variety of communication features, including video calls and instant messaging, make it a vibrant platform for those looking for a Mexican wife. LatiDate offers a culturally rich environment, ideal for those who appreciate the nuances of Latin American traditions and lifestyle.


  • Starting Price: From $2.99
  • Average Age: 22–36

TheLuckyDate is known for its straightforward approach to international dating, making it accessible for newcomers and seasoned daters alike. Its simple yet effective matching system is perfect for those looking to meet Mexican wives. With user-friendly features and quick profile setups, TheLuckyDate ensures a hassle-free dating experience, allowing you to focus on building meaningful connections.


  • Starting Price: From $2.99
  • Average Age: 23–35

LatinFeels connects you with a wide array of Mexican singles ready to meet someone special. It provides a robust platform with detailed profiles and multiple communication tools like chat and email, helping you to establish a genuine connection with potential wives. LatinFeels emphasizes emotional and cultural compatibility, making it a great choice for those dedicated to finding a Mexican lady through international dating.


  • Starting Price: From $2.99
  • Average Age: 25–37

LoveFort excels in creating a welcoming environment for individuals interested in meeting Mexican women for serious relationships. The site’s focus on security, combined with active communication features, ensures that members can explore potential connections safely and effectively. LoveFort’s dedicated support and intuitive design make it a favored site for those looking to navigate the complexities of international dating while seeking a Mexican partner.

Each of these platforms offers unique features that cater to different preferences in the international dating scene, specifically targeting those interested in finding Mexican wives.

My Top Choice Features to Find Mexican Wife

If you’re wondering why these dating sites made the cut, let’s go over what makes each of them special:

  • La-Date: makes online dating fun again thanks to its social-media-like features, including personal photo feeds you can enjoy free of charge.
  • TheLuckyDate: is the easiest to handle for online dating rookies with its intuitive interface, straightforward search, and unique disappearing messages that make the live chat extra spicy.
  • LatiDate: comes with surprisingly flexible search filters that will work wonders if you have a type or a lengthy list of requirements for a potential bride.

Moreover, all three offer free signups and welcome bonuses for testing free and premium features.

Success Stories

Erik, 49

For the last 2 or 3 years, I wanted to find wife in Mexico so I’ve used all the popular apps out there. But my experience there was far from positive. And when I almost gave up, one of my friends recommended that I try a mail order bride site. Signing up for LatiDate, I had no idea who Mexican mail order wife was, and I couldn’t say that I cared. I was giving the dating platform a chance, thinking it was my last resort. But it surprised me. There were so many single women who had the right family values and were looking for genuine love. I’d chatted with over 10 girls for a month before I met Adriana. Our relationship started slowly, with chatting for a few days a week and a flirty photo here and there. But this beautiful woman, whom I now can proudly call my wife, stole my heart. Her long dark hair, stunning facial features, and always positive attitude toward life are just a dream come true. So, everyone who wants to meet Mexican singles, try to use a mail order bride service, like LatiDate, and explore your options!


Bob, 37

I’ve started looking for a Mexican wife only after I found out who they are and that foreign men should use niche sites looking for international relationships. Before I visited the lecture of Jack May and got that knowledge, I had no idea of the numerous benefits I was missing. I chose two sites, La-Date and TheLuckyDate, to find more single women from Mexico faster. And that wasn’t a bad idea, as both sites had many women interested in American men. So, I felt kind of popular. Convenient search options and so many chat ways made it easy. I’m still searching for my perfect partner, but I have 2 ladies I chat with daily. Maybe someone can help me with how to tell if a Mexican woman likes you?


Mexican Wives for Sale: How Much Does It Cost?

Disclaimer: You cannot buy a Mexico wife. When I’m talking pricing, I’m estimating the costs of a long-distance relationship.

I cannot tell you the final bottom line, but I can estimate the costs across major spending categories based on personal experience and my research.

Online Dating Charges

You’ll need a premium membership on one or more reliable international dating platforms to boost your chances of finding your perfect Mexican girl. I recommend dating sites using credits instead of a monthly subscription because they allow you full control over your spending and let you take breaks in your online dating journey. Depending on the platform, expect to spend $100 to $200 monthly, though the expenses can be higher within the first couple of months while you’re screening potential Mexican mail order wives. If you take six months to solidify a relationship, you’ll need up to $1,200 for online dating.

It can be hard to compare dating expenses across different platforms, but LatiDate, La-Date, and TheLuckyDate are all reasonably priced. For instance, 10 minutes of live chat will cost you around 20 credits (2,000 on TheLuckyDate) or about $4.

Trips to Mexico

A one-week-long trip to Mexico can cost you around $1,900, which includes a $450 airplane roundtrip and a $700 hotel stay. Food, transportation, and entertainment for two will add to the bottom line, and so will any gifts you choose to bring to Mexican girlfriend. Of course, the Mexican wives prices can be much lower if you live in one of the Southern states and can make it a road trip.

A single trip may not be enough to get to know your future wife and appreciate Mexican culture, so a repeat visit or two may be necessary.

Travel expenses

✈️ Tickets: $450

🏩 Accommodation: $700

🍽 Meals: $210

🚕 Local transportation: $140

🥂 Entertainment: $400

Total: $1,900

Immigration Paperwork

If you decide to get married in the US, your Mexican bride will need to apply for a K-1 visa. The process starts with you filing Form I-129F before your bride takes a medical exam and applies for a visa (Form DS-160). After she enters the US and becomes your wife, she’ll need to apply for an adjustment of status and employment permit. The total filing charges amount to around $2,025 without immigration attorney fees.

Bottom Line

Accounting for online dating charges, at least two weeks in Mexico, and K-1 visa filing charges, you’ll need about $7,025 to find a Mexico mail order wife. After you find a wife in Mexico and bring her to the US, you’ll need to get married within 90 days under the terms of her K-1 fiance visa. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can go with a city hall marriage license or an elaborate $45,000 ceremony and reception.

Total Mexican Mail Order Bride Price

Dating services: $1,200

2-week trips: $3,800

Visa expenses: $2,025

Total: $7,025

Factors Affecting Cost If You’re Looking for a Wife in Mexico

Wedding sponsors known as los padrinos y madrinas (usually married couples related to the bride or groom) may cover many of the wedding expenses, though other people can also contribute to the wedding budget and planning. So, while you won’t need to shoulder all the costs, you also shouldn’t expect the Mexican bride’s parents to take care of everything.

Another one of Mexican wedding customs, an afterparty known as la tornaboda, is an intimate affair that usually takes place the day after the wedding. It can increase overall wedding spending, so you need to account for it in your budget.

How to Save Money

Here are a few extra tips to better manage your expenses when dating a Mexican woman:

  1. Make your dates creative. Most Mexican ladies will appreciate a night out dancing, hiking, and sightseeing instead of elaborate dinner dates.
  2. Avoid tourist traps. Popular tourist destinations like Cabo San Lucas, Santo Domingo Tehuantepec, and Tijuana can increase your travel expenses.
  3. Arrange a Mexican wedding. While it can require extra planning and paperwork, wedding ceremonies and receptions are about twice as cheap in Mexico as in the US.

Besides, using reliable international dating sites with free registration and welcome bonuses, like LatiDate or Latamjoy, will further lower your expenses.

Why Do Mexican Women Look for Foreign Husbands?

When putting this post together, I chatted with plenty of Mexican mail order wives learn more about their motivations. I was curious to learn what drives them to date foreigners, and here’s what they shared:


Met on

I’m done with local men who expect me to mother them like overgrown children. My first marriage was a disaster, even if I got a little girl out of it. Now I want to find a mature man who knows what he wants and is willing to take responsibility for his actions and his family.



Met on

I’ve outgrown my small town, and I want to get out of Mexico and see what the world has to offer, preferably with a nice guy by my side. I’m a freelancer, so I can work from anywhere in the world, but none of the local guys I dated share my dreams and ambitions. I’m hoping to find my soulmate across the border.



Met on

For me, marriage is about devotion and care. I want to be the only woman my husband thinks about. Most guys here don’t get it, and they aren’t exactly discreet about their affairs. And some don’t understand that no means no. I’m hoping to find someone who shares my dream of a lifelong bond.


How to Find a Mexican Wife: Best Ways to Find Foreign Brides

Compared to American women, Mexican girls are easy-going and open to meeting guys outside of dating apps. But in my experience, a basic understanding of Spanish is crucial. My Spanish was a bit rusty when I visited Mexico City, but it still got me lots of dances, phone numbers, and potential dates. I doubt I’d have the same success using stilted English with confused ladies. That being said, here are a few ways of finding a wife in Mexico once you cross the border:

  1. Puerto Vallarta. It’s a popular tourist destination with a huge English-speaking expat community, making Puerto Vallarta a great option for guys who don’t know Spanish and want an easy way to meet Mexican women. The main downside is the competition, and local prices are higher than in other parts of Mexico.
  2. Check out bars in Condesa or Colonia Roma. These two Mexico City areas are known as a “Magical tourist neighborhood” (Barrio Mágico Turístico) and have plenty of English-friendly bars, clubs, and restaurants. As long as you’re polite, respectful, and friendly, you should have no shortage of Mexican girls willing to get to know you.
  3. Dance lessons in parks. Any park in Mexico City is bound to have at least one group of people learning bachata, zumba, salsa, or danzon at any time of day. Best of all, you don’t need to come with a partner, as there are always Mexican women waiting for guys to join them in a dance. While you learn the steps, you can negotiate private “practice” on a date the same night.
  4. Social media interest groups. This is the best option if you plan to stay in Mexico for a few weeks or months. Facebook is very popular among locals, and you’ll find plenty of welcoming clubs and groups you can join, whether you like hiking, sports, wine tasting, etc. Group activities will let you meet several ladies at a time, and you won’t feel awkward asking for their numbers.

Remember that Mexican women are very affectionate and open to PDAs, so you may receive lots of hugs and kisses, along with casual touches. But I don’t recommend initiating anything beyond friendly contact; let the lady set the pace. Otherwise, you may cause offense and run into trouble.

Step-By-Step Instruction: How to Get a Mexican Wife Online

Mexicans are naturally open and friendly, which explains why they often prefer to meet in person instead of using online dating apps. Still, over 5 million Mexican singles have online dating profiles and use them regularly. It only takes a few steps to capitalize on this trend:

  1. Select a reputable dating site. Search for user reviews and expert takes, consider pricing, and check out free trials and bonuses, if available.
  2. Sign up and create a dating profile. Add a high-quality profile photo, fill out basic personal details, and write an engaging short bio.
  3. Explore the dating pool. Use search filters or matching features to browse thousands of Mexican mail order brides’ profiles.
  4. Create a list of favorites. Keep track of the ladies you like best while you explore the possibilities and return to them when you’re ready to chat.
  5. Contact Mexican wives you like. Try different communication tools to talk to Mexican girls and exchange extra photos or videos
  6. Pick the woman to build a relationship with. Instead of stretching yourself too thin, focus your attention on one Mexican lady and work up to an IRL meeting.

Selecting the best dating site is a process of trial and error. For example, I always suggest TheLuckyDate to guys who’ve never dated online because of its smooth interface and comfortable mobile experience. Besides, guys usually love the rush of sending and receiving disappearing photo and video messages. La-Date is a perfect fit for social media fans. It has this unique Newsfeed feature and personal profile feeds that make me think of Instagram. Besides, there’s a flower and gift delivery option, which is invaluable in long-distance relationships. And if my client has a type, I encourage him to try LatiDate. It has over a dozen filters, speeding up the search for a perfect match.

Still, even these recommendations don’t always match guys’ expectations, so I suggest you sign up and see for yourself what each platform has to offer. Registration is free and takes a couple of minutes. Besides, you’ll get welcome bonuses to experiment with paid tools. It’s a pleasant and helpful experience, so don’t skip it.

Pros & Cons of Searching Mexican Wives Online & Offline

You can find a wife in Mexico online and offline. But how do you decide which track to take? Let’s look at the advantages and drawbacks to help you make an informed decision.

Offline Search


  • No risk of deceiving photos and videos
  • Easy compatibility assessment
  • Fast and natural relationship progression


  • Spanish proficiency is a must
  • Extended stays in Mexico
  • International travel costs

Online Search


  • Clear and open relationship goals
  • Access to thousands of single Mexican girls
  • Easy to build into a busy schedule


  • Online romance scam risk
  • Potentially deceiving photos
  • Monthly dating site fees

Is It Legal to Have a Mexican Mail Order Wife?

You can legally marry a Mexico wife.

The US and Mexico recognize international marriages as long as you fulfill a few basic requirements, such as:

  • You’re both of legal age for marriage
  • You’re both single (and can prove it)
  • You consent to get married

Each Mexican district has unique marriage requirements beyond the basics. For example, in the Juarez District, you’ll need to attend a Planned Parenthood lecture and have four witnesses, while in the Nogales District, you’ll only need two witnesses, but also blood test results. You will also need to request permission from the Mexican Immigration Institute. Considering all these legal challenges, most guys I know prefer to bring the girls they meet on LatinFeels or LoveFort to the US on a K-1 visa and get married on American soil.

I suggested my friend to try La-Date, and he loved it. There are lots of single Mexican women, and they are super nice, even if he butcher Spanish half the time. He can spend hours scrolling through the Newsfeed, it’s become his favorite way to pass the time on commute and during long meetings at work.

Real-Life Experience: Meeting Singles in Mexico

I always wanted to visit Mexico and when I got a chance, I didn’t give it a second thought. And let me tell you, Mexico is one of the best countries I’ve ever visited. Its rich culture, positive people, and dating scene are just next level.

Local women are so incredibly beautiful and very welcoming. I got to make so many new friends. So, if you are interested in finding a Mexican wife, traveling to the country is worth exploring. But be aware that it’s more expensive than searching for true love online. But it’s less expensive than traveling to other countries.

Where to Meet Mexican Mail Order Wives Who Are into Foreigners?

During my stay, I was lucky to visit so many cool places. When observing and chatting with many single and married guys and girls, I’ve found out that most couples meet:

  • Online (not surprisingly)
  • Cozy coffee shops
  • Dance clubs and bars
  • Local social events and celebrations
  • Through friends

In my opinion, the best option is to make friends with local guys here and ask them to introduce you to family-oriented friends. Also, ask for tips on how to attract a Mexican woman, as the dating game is different in your own home. Mexican women like confidence, nice grooming, and good flirting. But don’t overdo it on the flirting side, as many local girls don’t take foreign men who act like players seriously.

Do Foreigners Have a Chance With Mexican Girls?

I’ve noticed that many local women don’t mind having a foreign husband, but they don’t wait for a savior in shining armor. The average girl often has an extended family and does not lead a very luxurious lifestyle. But their immense importance remains in love, care, and respect.

Most ladies are not interested in getting a guy who will send money. They want a proper relationship, marriage, children, and all the traditional family stuff many Western women put aside. Mexicans make great wives, in my opinion, that’s why they are so popular nowadays. So, if you like women from this country, don’t be afraid to try, even if you are oceans apart!

Mexican Mail Order Wife Statistics

Do Mexican women make good wives? You don’t have to take anything at face value, but these numbers about mail order brides from Mexico are impossible to ignore:

  1. Americans prefer Mexican wives to all Latin American women, considering 1,216 of them received K-1 fiance visas in 2022.
  2. Mexican women get married later, at 30.5 on average, and they are typically three years younger than their grooms, Mexican or foreign.
  3. Every third Latina lady (around 27%) in the US is married to a person of a different race or ethnicity.
  4. Foreign-born Hispanic women have the second-highest first-marriage rate at 57 marriages per 1,000 people, following Asian ladies at 62.6.
  5. Cohabitation without marriage isn’t common for Mexican girls, as only 7.4% prefer such relationships.


Are Mexican mail order wives illegal?

No, they aren’t. In the eyes of the law, Mexican brides are just foreign women who met their future spouses online, and if they can prove they have an authentic romantic relationship and provide all the necessary documents, they are likely to get marriage visas without any difficulty.

How much does it cost to get a Mexican wife?

The average price of getting a Mexican mail order wife ranges from $9,000 to $10,000, but it can be higher or lower depending on the dating site you choose, the number of trips to Mexico you’ll take, and your personal preferences.

How to bring wife to USA from Mexico?

If you got married in Mexico, your wife will need to apply for a foreign relative visa. If you are going to get married in the US, your Mexican girlfriend will need to apply for a K-1 fiancee visa.

How to get a Mexican wife?

The most effective scheme is as follows: find a good international dating site with Mexican singles or mail-order brides, find a girlfriend and start a long-distance relationship first, go to Mexico to meet her in real life, propose and help her apply for a visa to the US.

How to marry mail order wives from Mexico?

If you’re not going to visit Mexico, you can search for Mexican mail-order brides online, on websites designed only for Latin or Mexican women and men who’d like to start serious relationships with them. Note that you won’t be able to marry a girl if you didn’t meet her in real life.



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