The Monthly Rollup: October ‘22

Findora made important progress in October and reached key milestones. Engineers made major EVM upgrades, one billion FRA have been staked, and the Grants program is almost ready to be relaunched!

Daniel W Finley
Findora Foundation
4 min readNov 2, 2022


🪴 Ecosystem Updates

Findora at EthSF

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This year, Findora is sponsoring EthSF and holding a privacy-focused hackathon. The individual or team that submits the best use of Findora’s privacy SDKs will receive a prize of $5,000 USDT. Submissions should revolve around either private transfers or selective data disclosure through Zk-DID. Learn more here.

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Over 1 Billion FRA Staked!

Findora hit a major milestone in October with over one billion FRA staked. We’re grateful for a vibrant and growing validator community, and all the delegators who have contributed to securing the network.

Grants Program Nearing Relaunch 🚀

The Findora Foundation grants program was paused, revised, and after much work, is nearing its official relaunch! The updated program includes an easier application process, co-marketing support from Findora, and clearer criteria and information for developer teams.

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🛠 Engineering Updates

Update v0.3.30 Brings Many Enhancements to Findora’s EVM

Engineers at Discreet Labs have been busy making major updates to Findora’s EVM layer. These updates include making the EVM more decentralized, efficient, and powerful. Engineers expect this enhancement-rich update to deploy on mainnet in the coming weeks.

Increased Decentralization

The number of validators participating in consensus will almost double from 58 to 100. With help from our amazing validator community, this change is being tested on Anvil Testnet. Read More

Updates to Findora Full Nodes

In a feature called EVM tracing, Findora full nodes will be updated to allow smart contract calls on specific block heights. It will bring added accessibility to the Findora Network, making it easier for developers to be onboarded. Read More

Front-end Development Complete for EVM Staking

Soon, users will be able to stake $FRA right from their MetaMask wallet. Front-end development for this feature is complete, and engineers are working on back-end compatibility.

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Making EVM Privacy Easy

Integrating zk-privacy to EVM dApps on Findora will soon become easier for developers. An upcoming enhancement will provide a way to add privacy functions using simple API calls without the need to deploy on the UTXO native chain.

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Prism Transfer will Support NFTs

Prism, which links Findora’s EVM layer to the UTXO ledger, will soon support FRC-721 and FRC-1155 tokens. This update will open the door to privacy features for NFTs, a necessary function for NFT games and applications that use NFT credentials. Read More

✨ Community Highlights

Team Interview with Cheeky Crypto

Watch an interview with Discreet Labs’ Giv Parvaneh, VP of Developer Relations, and Mike Lin, Director of Product Management, discussing all things Findora. They talk about the fundamentals of the project, and Mike describes how Web3 games can use Zk-DID and private NFTs for unique gameplay.

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Staking Rewards During Unbonding — Community Discussion

Validators and delegators are discussing Findora’s stake rewards during the unbonding period on Discord. Currently, unbonding takes 21 days without rewards, but other systems have been suggested. Check out and contribute to the conversation on Discord!

Sam Harrison Joins Discreet Labs

Sam Harrison has joined Discreet Labs as the VP of Growth, and will soon launch the new Findora Podcast. Stay tuned for some killer content from Sam on Twitter and Reddit.

Welcome, Sam!

💡 Validator Spotlight: Octeka

Meet Patrick, who runs the Octeka validator. Octeka runs servers in Canada, the United States, and Europe to ensure reliability and uptime. After spending almost 20 years in the gaming industry, he has shifted into Web3, and believes privacy will be key to the industry’s future.

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Discreet Labs is Hiring!

Findora is always looking for top-notch talent, whether developers, engineers, community managers, or marketers. Please, if you’re interested in Findora or think you’d be a good fit, see what’s available, or reach out via Twitter DM to start a discussion!

About Findora

Findora builds privacy through advanced zero-knowledge proof cryptography. An innovative layer-1, it combines a native UTXO ledger optimized for privacy with an EVM extension for programmability and interoperability. Developers can leverage either model as they build dApps with auditable privacy.

We appreciate our developers and would love to onboard you to the Findora ecosystem. Please reach out, and join our social channels for more.

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