Hydro Protocol Weekly Updates

June 30— July 06, 2018

Hydro Protocol
Jul 7, 2018 · 4 min read

Dear Hydro Community,

As the first week of July comes to a close, we are excited to share the progress of our Hydro team. As always, we thank all of you for your support as we continue to grow!

Product & Development

DDEX, the first Hydro Protocol based 0x Relayer, launched several platform upgrades last week:

  1. Added Support to Buy and Sell DST Token within the HyperDragons DApp

2. Added Support for Chinese and Korean as landing page languages

3. Added WRAP and ENABLE gifs

4. DDEX mobile preview

Moving onto a weekly analysis of trading volume, specifically for 0x relayers:

In the past week on DDEX, we have seen increases in the following user-based statistics:

  1. Total number of logged in accounts: +1.71%
  2. Approve/WRAP/Unwrap transactions: +2.58%
  3. Buy/Sell transactions: +3.93%
  4. Accounts with 1st transaction: +1.65%
  5. Accounts with 1st Wrap ETH: +1.92%

Again, we thank all of you for supporting and trading with DDEX. Our growth is largely due to the continued support from our amazing community.

New Partnership

DDEX partners with Blockchain game HyperDragons to support in-game decentralized transactions

HyperDragons is one of the first large-scale blockchain turn-based strategy games offering stunning graphics and entrancing gameplay. The game just announced its support for decentralized exchanging of its in-game token DST.

By partnering with DDEX, HyperDragons will offer an in-game decentralized transaction environment, which will increase the free circulation and liquidity of the DST in the game and take transaction security to a higher level.

Project Meetups

imToken Team

DDEX is now integrated into the imToken DApp browser for simple and safe cryptocurrency trading.

You will now be able to access DDEX from your imToken DApp browser. Simply download imToken from your favorite app store, open or import your wallet, and navigate to DDEX under the DApps section.

We are very excited to be on the imToken platform, which has grown extremely quickly! The Hydro team and imToken team will continue to communicate for further cooperation.

Upcoming Events

Hangzhou | TechCrunch International City Event 2018

TechCrunch is a leading technology media, dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news.

It has been four years since TechCrunch.cn and the TechCrunch China Summit landed in China. Speakers include the world’s most famous entrepreneurs, venture investor like Alphabet/Google CEO Mr. Eric Schmidt, Xiaoping Xu, Kaifu Li, Yossi Vardi, Davide Cole, and Huateng Ma, CEO of Tencent.

At the Blockchain Session in this TechCrunch event, Hydro co-founder Bowen Wang was invited to attend the panel of “Can EOS replace Ethereum? ”along with the representatives of Meet.one, EOS Cannon, and Ethfans.org. Each session has attracted 200+ startups, 170+ media around the world.

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We are Hiring!

Hydro Protocol and DDEX plan to further expand our team in The United States, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Japan. We are looking for skilled individuals who are as passionate about blockchain as we are. If you believe you have what it takes, please send resumes to jobs@ddex.io

Job opportunities including, but not limited, to https://angel.co/ddex-2

New to Hydro?

Hydro is a network layer protocol for high performance decentralized exchanges and marketplaces with built-in incentives for coordination. Hydro utilizes’Federated Liquidity Pools’ (FLP) to address the issue of liquidity sharing among various decentralized exchanges.

Fellow us on Medium to be informed for the latest update!

Go to Hydro: https://thehydrofoundation.com?sc

Trade on DDEX: https://ddex.io?scmedium

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Thank you very much for your support.

Best regards

Hydro Protocol Team

Hydro Protocol

Hydro Protocol is an open-source framework for building decentralized exchanges

Thanks to Scott Winges

Hydro Protocol

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An open-source framework for building decentralized exchanges. New website coming December 17, 2018!

Hydro Protocol

Hydro Protocol is an open-source framework for building decentralized exchanges

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