Simulation of the Augur economy

Incentivai has built a tool for testing incentive structures of economy-based systems. They are

Incentivai: analysis of the Nexus Mutual smart contract system

For introduction to the concepts behind Incentivai, please see the first two blog posts or the concept paper. If you would like to use the simulation tool for your project, please reach out.

Incentivai: 4 stages of smart contract design

This post introduces the idea of “4 stages” which helps conceptualise the role Incentivai plays in the smart contract blockchain ecosystem. See the previous introductory blog post for a high-level overview of the project. For more details, see the

Introducing Incentivai

This article is an extremely short description of the project. Please refer to the Incentivai concept paper for a much more in-depth yet still high-level overview.

If I were to summarise the Incentivai project in one catchy phrase, this would be it: