Hacking Human Connections

Relationships, People, and Connections

On Courage, Vulnerability, and Just Being Human

Love removes us from our pedestal

“You have more courage than me,” he said in response.

A match made on Facebook

Don’t ignore your notifications.

Freshman Tanner Howard straightens his collar and wipes his palms on newly-ironed dress pants.

Who Can You Gift Freedom To?

Are you in the 1% when it comes to freedom? When you dream of being free, does that mean freedom from things like debt, a relationship, a cubicle, cold weather…

A Simple Strategy For Building A Global Network Isn’t About You 

Your Plan Has To Make The Network A No-Brainer For Its Users — Not Its Builder 

Which one of these is a ‘simple’ strategy for building a global network of people who have a range of digital abilities: a pervasive, cohesive presence with many online doors — or one room in graveyard of…

How I’m Learning to Just Shut Up and Run

Insane arguments with myself while pounding the pavement.

6:40:00PM, Mile 0

Questions for America from the Future Chief of an African Village

I’ve written often about my lessons, experiences and questions that arise when traveling abroad, particularly to…

The Bellyflops of Social Media Mismanagement

On the precipice of war, overreaching false cosmopolitanism continues. Plus, parents plan for unsustainable digital…

The Truth About Friendship

And what it really means to grow up.

At 27 years of age, I can honestly say that I have four close friends. True friends. People that…

99 is Not 100

Sometimes you learn the same lessons from the wealthy as from the impoverished

One of my favorite documentaries is Waste Land, by the amazing…

Ultimate Frisbee and Trusting in the Universe

Musings on Connectedness

This past month, I took a course at Stanford with forty-one others from all over the world…

Why do we grow up to be boring? 

Not for those of you who still feel you’re still as happy as you were as a kid

I was having this conversation with a childhood friend when I got a mail from medium to write my first blog post here. You may have grown up in Alabama, Mumbai, Tokyo or anywhere in this world but I believe you can relate to what I'm going to talk…

From dependent to independent to interdependent

One year ago I was suffering from depression. I was working at a stable company with more than enough income to maintain my lifestyle…

An Apology Letter to the Person I Just Met

To the person I just met,

It was nice to meet you. Was my handshake firm? I read somewhere that a firm handshake, eye contact…

How Batman Helped Me Cope with my Breakup

Written in April 2013

Seven weeks ago, my girlfriend and I suddenly broke up after six long and happy years. Yes, I said…

Hacking Human Connection

One of the liberating things about making hiring decisions is the freedom to make sweeping generalizations about a person to evaluate whether they are good enough to…

Hacking Human Connections
Hacking Human Connections

Relationships, People, and Connections

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