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To help the community members learn more about the validators on IRISnet, we are publishing a series of articles, each of which will cover two validators.

中文版本请见:IRISnet验证人介绍第10期 | Math Wallet & POS Bakerz

When choosing a validator to delegate, technical parameters such as self-bonded (the higher the better), uptime (the higher the better), commission rate (the lower the better), bond height(the lower the better)etc are good KPIs to review to get a 360-degree view on the validators’ performance. It is always a good practice to select multiple validators to hedge the delegation risk.

Following information can be found on IRISnet explorers including IRISplorer, IRISnet-Overview, Big-Dipper, IRISnet-P2P, Hubble.

These are data on June 14.

Here come the stories on Math Wallet and POS Bakerz.

Math Wallet

Who is Math?

Math Wallet is a multi-platform (mobile/desktop/hardware) universal crypto wallet that enables storage of multi-chain tokens. Math also operates the node for IRISnet/Cosmos/EOS/Tron/EOSC/ChainX/ENU and others.

Why Stake with Math?

  1. Math involved in IRISnet since the testnet.
  2. We built MathWallet which supports IRISnet on all platforms including iOS/Android/ChromeExtension/Web.
  3. We also provide wallet support and build staking tools for chains would like to connect to IRIShub, such as Hashgard.
  4. We create articles and videos about IRIS wallet and staking ( )
  5. Our code about web wallet is open-sourced to the developer community ( )
  6. We developed API for community to build more applications on IRISnet ( )


POS Bakerz

Who Are We?

POS Bakerz is a European staking company based in London and operating secure nodes for different Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrencies such as IRISnet, Cosmos Network, Tezos, Terra Money and others.

We offer a secure, reliable and efficient infrastructure with reasonable fees for our delegators. By delegating to us, you contribute to the decentralization of the network and can enjoy additional services currently being developed, such as our multi-asset delegator dashboard, or great customer support.

Proof-of-Stake will improve the distribution of wealth and lead us towards a better-decentralized future while being energy-efficient and thus sustainable.

Why Stake With Us?

  • Secure and Reliable infrastructure with a strong setup following best practices
  • Reasonable Commission rates
  • Keep your Cryptos in your personal wallet and simply add our delegation address
  • Track your Rewards with our soon to launch delegator dashboard
  • Active Involvement within communities with regular publishing of educational content on our blog
  • We value transparency at the utmost: you know who we are and how to reach out to us (see below)

Who Is The Team Behind The Project?

We are Edouard, David, Tiago and Lionel, a team of 4 with various skills and backgrounds. All of us have experience in finance, entrepreneurship, and are really passionate about blockchain.

Edouard Lavidalle has been building a Crypto Traded Indices project for the past year with Lionel and started deploying nodes as a side project. He is also a corporate finance advisor to several blockchain-related projects and used to work in Investment Banking for leading French banks in his pre-blockchain life.

David Derhy has been working for eToro these past 3 years where he is in charge of developing the French market by hosting Meet Up events, engaging with the local trading community, and creating strategic partnerships. He used to work in private banking, which makes it easier for him to understand the large power of compounding that staking offers.

Tiago Machado is a passionate full stack developer and he’s been working for leading companies such as Robert Bosch Gmbh (Power Tools), and great startups related to AI such as Ikasi and M&A Digital.

Lionel Rebibo is the senior guy of the team, he’s been working a Crypto Traded Indices project for the past year with Edouard. He used to work for large hedge funds and will be of support in helping them catching the blockchain virus.

Additional Details:

IRISnet Blog

IRISnet is an inter-chain service Infrastructure and protocol supporting distributed business aplications.


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IRISnet is a service infrastructure and protocol built on top of Cosmos that facilitates construction of distributed business applications.

IRISnet Blog

IRISnet is an inter-chain service Infrastructure and protocol supporting distributed business aplications.

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