Kuende Making History - Bonuses In ATOM + SRN, BNT, CVC, STX or IPSX!

Pavel Antohe
Sep 25, 2018 · 6 min read

No, this is not yet another click-bait title! By participating to our Public Sale you will receive:

1 - The Kuende Platform Token (KUE)

2 - The Cosmos Network Token (ATOM)

3 - One of Our Partners’ Tokens (SRN / BNT / CVC / STX / IPSX)

Four months ago, we promised that at the end of September we will be revealing something ground-breaking out of all our ICO announcements. That moment has arrived! We have developed a Public Sale Bonus Structure unlike any other seen before - you’ll get three different tokens for participating!

In the last few months we brainstormed with all our main partners (Sirin Labs, Bancor, Civic, Stox or IPSX) and private sale investors (Dokia Capital) to find an unique way to bring our communities and projects together to benefit and to build a powerful connection that will help all of us make blockchain fun and accessible for our users.

Here is what you can get by participating in Kuende’s ICO:

  • Free Cosmos Tokens (ATOM)
  • An exclusive Airdrop Campaign
  • 10% Bonus (5% in KUE and 5% in any of our partners’ tokens)
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In Cosmos We Trust

Cosmos is the future of the blockchain internet, and they and their community have validated Kuende (read more here)! There are a lot of reasons to be excited. The first is that not every project gets accepted by Cosmos and its community. This was a huge validation for us in addition to having Charlie Shrem join our advisory board.

The second reason we’re excited is because of a special bonus all Kuende contributors are getting. You know those Atom tokens that everyone wants? Well, you might like to know that for each ETH you contribute during Kuende’s public sale ICO, you’ll receive one Atom! So if you submit 10 ETH, you’ll receive 10 Atom tokens. 100 ETH, 100 Atom tokens. This is a bonus unlike any other that you’d ever get by participating in an ICO. The Atom is a highly-sought after token for one of the biggest blockchain projects out there .

If you’re still reading because you didn’t dash to sign up for Kuende’s Whitelist, the third reason we’re excited is because we’re working together with Dokia Capital, one of the main Cosmos Network Validators with around 9 million ATOMs at stake. The connection here has and will enable us further to tie up strategic business partnerships with other great blockchain projects and build valuable relationships between Kuende and the Asian market.

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Airdrops, Airdrops Everywhere!

You wanted Airdrops, well we have not just one, but FIVE different opportunities for you to get an airdrop of 1,000 KUE!

I’ve said it so many times: I believe that we are better together, and that the blockchain community benefits when we cooperate. Kuende is walking the walk and partnered with some of the biggest names in the blockchain ecosystem to help create a value for blockchain and crypto enthusiasts. Part of this value comes from an exclusive airdrop that you can get by also supporting our partners!

So, if you are a current or soon-to-be holder of one of our partners’ tokens (SRN, BNT, CVC, STX or IPSX), make sure you check out the reason behind each partnerships and also how to get the 1,000 KUE.

Read more about the Sirin Labs partnership and the 1,000 KUE Airdrop Here

Read more about the Bancor partnership and the 1,000 KUE Airdrop Here

Read more about the Civic partnership and the 1,000 KUE Airdrop Here

Read more about the Stox partnership and the 1,000 KUE Airdrop Here

Read more about the IPSX partnership and the 1,000 KUE Airdrop Here

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Extra Bonus Tokens

Here’s where things get even better. If you are a SRN / BNT / CVC / STX / IPSX token holder and contribute at least 3 ETH in the Public Sale, you receive an additional 10% Bonus in tokens!


  • Only the contributions equal or exceeding 3 ETH are eligible for the Extra Bonus.
  • SRN / BNT / CVC / STX / IPSX token holders, MUST register for the Kuende Whitelist and get their KYC submission approved. You can find a step-by-step explanation tutorial for how to register to the Whitelist and also how to submit your KYC procedure here.
  • When you are in the process of completing your KYC procedure, add the ETH Wallet in which you have ANY AMOUNT of SRN / BNT / CVC / STX / IPSX tokens as well. This will be the same wallet in which you will receive your Extra Bonus.
  • After the ICO ends, Kuende will check all the addresses that contributed to the public sale that had SRN / BNT / CVC / STX / IPSX tokens at the moment they have submitted their contribution in our public sale.
  • All SRN / BNT / CVC / STX / IPSX token holders that participated to our public sale, will receive an Extra Bonus of 10% as follows:

- 5% in KUE Tokens from the total contribution equal or exceeding 3 ETH.

- 5% in SRN, BNT, CVC, STX or IPSX tokens from the total contribution equal or exceeding 3 ETH.

  • At the time of the contribution if you have in your wallet more than one tokens from our partners’ mentioned above above, you will receive the 5% Extra Bonus in the token that has the greatest value in your wallet (calculated in dollars based on etherscan.io).
  • The Extra Bonus in KUE will be vested for a period of 3 months, starting the date the Public Sale has ended.
  • The Extra Bonus in SRN, BNT, CVC, STX or IPSX will be distributed within 7 days, starting the date the Public Sale has ended.
  • NOTE: the official exchange rate for this Extra Bonus was set on 18 September 2018, at 9:00am UTC, provided by coinmarketcap.com and is the following:

- 1 ETH = 2.905,70 SRN
- 1 ETH = 153,98 BNT
- 1 ETH = 1.886,61 CVC
- 1 ETH = 2.715,69 STX
- 1 ETH = 150.602,41 IPSX

Let’s Do The Math - Why You Literally Cannot Afford To Miss Out On This ICO!

Because it is a new concept that no other ICO has ever done, it may sound a bit complicated or confusing after the first read, but actually it ends up being very simple.

But, we got you - we have created The Kalculator! All you have to do is to visit the Bonus & Airdrop Page (here) and before the Airdrop section, just add the ETH amount. We will take care of the rest!

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Our ICO is closely heading towards the moment we have been working on for the last year: the Public Sale! I want to send a special Thank you to all our partners, advisor and private sale investors that made this Bonus Structure possible!

To find out more details about each of the opportunities, please go to: ico.kuende.com/bonus-airdrop-structure

Chat on Telegram: t.me/kuende

Visit ICO Website: ico.kuende.com

Get 3 Different Tokens: https://ico.kuende.com/bonus-airdrop-structure

Read Whitepaper: ico.kuende.com/documentation/Kuende%20Whitepaper.pdf

Check out our Product: kuende.com

Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/Kuende.world

Follow us on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/kuende

Subscribe on YouTube: youtube.com/c/KuendecomOfficial

Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/KuendeOfficial

Follow us on Instagram: www.instagram.com/kuende_com

Contact Email: social.media@kuende.com


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