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3 min readMar 6, 2018

How to check your default settings in the latakoo Flight app

After you upgrade your latakoo Flight desktop app, it’s good to check your default settings. It’s good to check these periodically, in any case! Mobile app settings are covered below.

Desktop Flight App

There are five settings: Default Bitrate, Default Networks, Default Upload, Metadata Defaults, and Default Folder.

Locate Options

To get started, click on the Options button from the Flight application window (lower left.) That opens a new window.

Make sure you’re on the General Options tab.

Default Bitrate

This is the default compression setting that will be used for your uploads unless another is selected before starting the upload.

This is the default used in the watch folder workflow as well.

Make sure you consult with your organization’s guidelines when setting this default rate. Moving the slider further to the left means your files have a lower bit rate and more compression and further to the right means less compression or no compression. Read more about bit rates and compression.

Default Bitrates can be set with the latakoo Quality Slider

Default Networks

This setting determines which network will receive your uploaded files on These settings can be changed before you start the upload. Multiple networks can be selected.

Default Network

Default Upload

This setting allows you to choose a default upload type. Individual is what we would recommend. If you need to upload a group or a group stitch, that’s a setting that’s easy to change during the upload process.

Metadata Defaults

This determines what kind of metadata form you want to set as a default. We recommend you choose individual form, especially if you selected individual uploads as your default upload setting. This setting can easily be overridden during the upload process. For example, while uploading a group of files, you will be prompted to select individual or group metadata form.

Metadata Form Defaults

Default Folder

This setting controls where latakoo saves your encoded downloads. There are two ways to download files with latakoo. This option sets the location where any files you encode with the latakoo Flight application are saved. For downloads with your browser, those default locations are set in your browser settings.

Default Download Folder for latakoo Flight app

Mobile Flight App

Locate Settings

Use the menu bar at the bottom of the screen to locate Settings. Similar to the desktop app, you have a choice of default network and default upload quality.

In the mobile applications, you can set default home networks, which restrict your Pilot feed to selected networks in the app. You can also set SMS notifications for networks in this menu. In the latest mobile app, version 2.5, the app will allow you to set a capture preference, to force a horizontal shot or allow you to record video vertically. Read more about the latest iOS mobile app and the latest Android release.

Thanks for choosing latakoo. For questions, reach out to our support team or join us for How to latakoo training.