Learning for Life

Musings on being a perpetual autodidact

Apollo 13 Window View

Earth seen from the farthest distance ever flown by a manned crew

This GIF of day and night on Earth as seen from Space is strangely calming

DMT and the Soul of Prophecy: An Interview with Rick Strassman

Psychiatrist Dr. Rick Strassman was the first scientist to conduct U.S. government-approved and funded human research

What True Learning Is: Louis Agassiz as a Teacher

“When I sat me down before my tin pan, Agassiz brought me a small fish, placing it before me with the rather stern requirement that I…

Making your own Menorah is no longer a Pipe Dream!

With the Jewish Diwali aka Hanukkah well nigh upon us, I was looking to provide my 7 year old son Uriel with a maker angle on the…

Birthing a Mother: Surrogacy in Israel

Dr. Elly Teman’s superb ethnography Birthing a Mother is the pioneering inquiry into the intimate experience of gestational surrogate motherhood.

Robert Sapolsky on Stress: An Interview

Robert Sapolsky is a Professor of Biological Sciences and Neurology at Stanford University. He is the author of Why Zebras Don…

Searching for Magic in India and Silicon Valley: An Interview with Daniel Kottke

Daniel Kottke was Apple’s first employee, assembling the company’s earliest kit computers with

Working Undercover in a Slaughterhouse: an interview with Timothy Pachirat

Timothy Pachirat, is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

Philosophy is the ever-present training of the individual soul in wonderment at existence

Socrates: Surely you’re following, Theaetetus; it’s my impression at any rate that you

MetaBook: Imagining the Book of the Future

What if eink had paper’s texture and dimensionality?

The Book — a physical entity, a deep bandwidth invention that…

This Too Shall Pass: Tracing an Ancient Jewish Folktale

What do Abraham Lincoln, The Ben Ish Chai from Baghdad, Fariduddin Attar, and Anton Chekhov have in common?

Learning for Life
Learning for Life

Musings on being a perpetual autodidact

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