A fond farewell from LifeFolder

Today, we are announcing that LifeFolder is closing down, and that our chatbot Emily is getting a well-deserved rest.

Haje Jan Kamps
Dec 12, 2017 · 6 min read
It’s unclear why we thought stenciling a message on the side of a highway was an appropriate way of saying farewell.
Our chatbot Emily. She’s awesome. She’s now had hundreds of conversations. While chatbots don’t really get tired, we do feel that she deserves a break.

Lots of smoke, not enough fire.

Lots of press coverage was incredibly flattering, but largely failed to attract people who were ready to start having these conversations (Facsimile: SiliconValley.com)

It doesn’t help to have the best solution in the world if the problem isn’t one that people are prepared to solve.

Without traction, no funds.

Which left us with three choices…

The end of the road.


Exploring conversations about hard conversations.