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Built on Loom: Crazy House — A New Provably Fair Casino Experience Featuring Tournaments, Prizes, and Non-Traditional Games 💥🎲💥

Crazy House — the provably fair, non-traditional blockchain casino — is now open to the public.

TL;DR: Crazy House is a provably fair casino experience with a bunch of perks for its players, including tournaments, prizes, airdrops, and the ability to own a stake in the house. You can play the debut game — Biker Bolt — right now, and there will be 3-week Biker Bolt Tournament with $450 DAI in prizes kicking off next week!

Announcing the latest blockchain casino to hit the crypto scene…

Crazy House — the provably fair, non-traditional blockchain casino — is now open to the public in Beta.

This casino has a lot of exciting mini-games in the works, which they’ll be launching one by one — starting with an exciting hover bike race: Biker Bolt.

This is the very first casino to be built on top of Loom Network.

But that does NOT mean this is our first rodeo…

We got a whole slew of decentralized projects already running on Loom, such as Axie Infinity, Neon District, CryptoWars, Alice Finance, ShipChain, and many more.

Crazy House is the latest project to launch in the Loom Universe, and we’re really excited about it. In fact, we’ve teamed up with them to AIRDROP a bunch of their in-game tokens to anyone who is staking LOOM Tokens from our dashboard (more details on the airdrop below).

Crazy House — the provably fair, non-traditional blockchain casino — is now open to the public in Beta.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

What’s the big deal? This is just another blockchain casino with cards and dice games, right?

Nope — this casino ain’t like nothin’ you’ve seen before…

Sure… like other blockchain casinos, Crazy House offers a provably fair 1% house edge with true randomness.

That means the house wins 51% of the time and loses 49% of the time — and you can easily verify that, since every round played has a corresponding hash that’s committed to the blockchain.

I know, I know… lots of others blockchain casinos have these features.

But that’s where the similarities end.

Crazy House aims to make a splash on the scene by having Demo Play, featuring simple non-traditional games, and even allowing you to own part of the house!

Why Should I Play Crazy House? 🤔

Crazy House aims to stand out from the rest in a bunch of creative ways:

  • Focus on non-traditional games that are so simple even your grandma could understand
  • Use an in-game currency for the entire website, so that deposit/withdrawal flows are buttery smooth
  • Provide “Demo Play” so you can get a feel for the games before laying your meat hooks on the keyboard
  • Hold big tournaments with giveaways to stimulate all the community feels
  • Allow users to own part of the house — for reals

Imagine being able to demo games before signing up, winning big in tournaments, actually owning a stake in the casino, and having fun while doing it all?

That’s what Crazy House is all about 😎

Wait, Did You Just Say I Could Own Part of the House?

Why, yes I did. Whenever you buy in-game tokens or win games, you get a stake in the house — meaning you get the rewards associated with that!

Crazy House will be sharing more details about this at a later date.

Introducing Biker Bolt — Crazy House’s Debut Game

This casino has a lot of exciting games in the works, which they’ll be launching one by one.

The first game you can play right now in demo mode is called Biker Bolt

It is an addictive space-themed speeder race where cyberpunk, cyborg, and alien characters cruise to the finish line on their hover bikes.

Choose a racer, place your bet, and even change your racer mid-race if you want to! Then rake in the cash when your racer wins! 💰💰💰

How to Play 🕹

  1. Choose a racer
    Before a race starts, select a racer by double tapping on them.
  2. Place your bet
    Also before a race starts, tap on YOUR BET to set how many “chips” you want to bet on the race (This function is disabled in Demo Mode).
  3. Change your mind mid-race
    During the race, you can change your racer for a fee. Change at earlier checkpoints for a cheaper fee, or stick to your guns to earn more. Note: you can no longer change your racer after the third checkpoint.

What else should I know?

Once the race starts, a multiplier starts counting up and stops when the race is finished. In the full game, if your racer wins, then you get rewarded the amount of your bet times the final multiplier.

Races last from about 30 seconds to a minute or so — and they run continuously, whether you have placed a bet or not. So you can sit back and sip on your cosmonaut while watching the bikers go head-to-head, or join in the action at any time.

Biker Bolt (Beta) is already live in Demo Mode — so bets and rewards aren’t enabled yet, and there’s no need to register an account or link a cryptocurrency wallet to try it out.

The track is even set up vertically for MOBILE devices, so you can bet on a few races during your coffee break too 😉

Why not go ahead and…

⚡️ Start honing your skills in Biker Bolt right now!

I say this because you may want to try and…

$450 DAI in Prizes for the 1st Tournament 🏆

Crazy House will be giving away $450 DAI in a 3-week Biker Bolt Tournament that starts next week 🏆

That’s right, folks…

Crazy House will be holding a 3-week Biker Bolt Tournament right out of the gate… like NEXT WEEK 😮

To participate, you’ll need to register a Crazy House account and link a crypto wallet (E.g. MetaMask).

Here’s how the tournament works:

  • The tournament has 3 rounds (1 per week).
  • Each round runs for 3 days.
  • For each round, each player starts with 10 chips.
  • The player who has the largest profit by the end of each 3-day round wins $150 DAI.
  • All 3 prizes will be awarded after the tournament is finished.

So you should hop on over to Crazy House and start practicing Biker Bolt to get ready for the tournament.

Crazy House Airdrop: Giving Free Chips to Our LOOM Stakers 🙌

We have teamed up with Crazy House to do an airdrop to a bunch of our LOOM stakers.

If you have LOOM locked for 3 months or more from Loom Network’s staking dashboard, then you will receive a number of the in-game tokens that you can use in the casino right away.

If you haven’t already, head over to our staking dashboard and stake some of your LOOM to earn staking rewards and to get in on this Crazy House airdrop!

Now, you may be wondering…

Why Is Crazy House Using Loom Basechain? 🤔

You may be wondering — why is Crazy House built on top of Loom?

It’s a great question.

Here are some of the reasons:

  • Frictionless UX: Loom Network enables transactions at lightning speeds and at zero cost to players of Crazy House. There’s no need for users to pay gas fees or have MetaMask popups for every event action or button click.
  • Unparalleled Security: Loom Basechain is a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) blockchain with 21+ external validators located all around the world, and has more than 243,506,186 LOOM staked. The chain has also been audited by Trail of Bits (a renowned information security company founded in 2012).
  • Proof of Play: Since Loom Basechain is a full-featured DPoS blockchain, all transactions are stored on the chain without costing players any money. As an added benefit, players of Crazy House won’t be required to register an account, have a digital wallet, or hold any cryptocurrency to demo the games.

That’s just a TINY glimpse into the benefits of running a platform like Crazy House on top of Loom Network.

It’s obviously just the beginning.

But it should be enough for you to get excited about the future of blockchain applications 😎

…And I have a feeling this might raise the question…

What Other Projects are Building on Loom?

Just in case you’ve been out of the loop…

This is one article of a series in which we highlight some exciting projects building Loom Network.

It’s a sneak peek into some of the earliest projects that will be using the scalable blockchain tech we are developing.

Here are some of the projects already running on Loom that we’ve written about:

  • Axie Infinity: a crypto-collectible virtual pet game that lets you collect, raise, breed, and battle the cute (but fierce) Axies
  • Neon District: a multiplayer role-playing and asset collecting game set in a futuristic, tech-noir landscape
  • CryptoWars: a strategy game in which you mine for resources, build a village, train an army, and defend your land
  • Battle Racers: a crypto-collectible racing game that lets you collect parts, customize cars, trade with others, and race in virtual reality

And aside from those projects we’ve written about…

Here are some other projects already running on Loom Network:

  • Alice Finance: a multi-featured decentralized finance (DeFi) app
  • ShipChain: an end-to-end logistics platform
  • SoRare: a crypto-collectible fantasy football game
  • Hey Network: a social hashtag chat app

We’ll continue showing you how the earliest pioneers and developers are using Loom Network to build and deploy highly scalable dapps.

…and you rock for being on this journey with us 🤘

P.S. If you’re a blockchain developer interested in learning how to deploy your dapp to Loom Network — please sign up for our FREE Quick Start Guide.

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Loom Network provides developers the scalability and usability they need to build high-performance user-facing dapps today. With seamless integrations to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Chain, and all major blockchains, deploying once to Loom lets you future-proof your dapp

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