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Around a thousand Brazilian women immigrate to the US yearly to start families with their American grooms, and that shows it’s not just a trend or another type of “mail order bride fever” — relationships with Brazilian girls work and often result in marriage. How to meet Brazilian brides and who they really are? Find all the answers here.

  • ❤️ Success rate: 78%
  • 💳 Average cost of mail order bride: from $7000
  • 👩 Average age of foreign brides for marriage: 28
  • 📱 Best site to find Brazilian mail order bride: La-Date
  • 💔 Average divorce rate: 22%

Best Sites to Find Brazilian Brides in 2024*

The easiest way to meet Brazilian mail order brides is to set up an account on one of the niche international dating sites with legit members from South America. I’ve selected the top platforms for you — take a look and make your choice.

“There are many decent Latin dating sites, but I’d recommend La-Date to users who’re serious about finding a perfect match in Brazil. This is not just a dating platform — it also works like a social networking site that lets every member learn a lot about potential matches, not only from bios but also from multiple posts. Some great communication features are available, and 20 free credits are given to every newcomer.”

How to Find a Brazilian Bride: Best Way to Meet Brazilian Brides

Online dating is booming in Brazil, and it goes both for local and international dating. How strong is this trend? In fact, Brazil, along with Russia and China, leads the world in dating app consumption, and the number of Brazilian users looking for love on dating sites is expected to amount to 17.62m users by 2027.

Simply put, more and more Brazilian women and men choose matchmaking, access to profiles, and texting over meeting people at bars and through friends, and that’s understandable, considering how many benefits this strategy has. Still, a lot depends on the service you’re going to use to meet Brazilian brides. You’ll hardly succeed on a low-quality platform, so I recommend a few dating sites where the chance of finding Brazilian wives is the highest.

“Latin, and in particular, the Brazilian online dating segment is one of the toughest ones — the competition is high, and the number of scam sites is high, but the number of real Brazilian women looking for their perfect matches is high, too. I’ve analyzed the market, and here are the sites that may suit your needs:

La-Date. It’ll work for both pros and beginners, as well as for those who’re not looking for a Brazilian wife to get married in just a few months. It’s half a dating site and half a social media platform, so you can take a look at profiles, chat with someone, and probably meet someone special.

LatiDate. LatiDate is a new online dating site that’s somewhere in between La-Date and TheLuckyDate. It works for all categories of singles, lets you send good old Mails, as well as audio and video messages, and there are pretty many Brazilian women registered here already.

TheLuckyDate. It’s a more serious dating site for those who’d like to meet Brazilian mail order brides. There are advanced communication tools, but the prices are higher, too.

Remember that the dating site won’t find a Brazilian mail order bride for you. Make conscious choices, develop a strategy, and listen to your intuition — that’s what really works.”

Other Common Ways to Find a Brazilian Bride

Though niche dating sites created to help men meet Brazilian women have multiple advantages, they have cons. First and foremost, they aren’t free, and you will have to have a long-distance relationship with a Brazilian mail order bride at first anyway. Of course, there are alternatives, and they also have their pros and cons.

🩷 Mainstream online dating apps

Tinder and a lot of similar apps are available globally, and there are pretty many Brazilian girls who use them, so that’s an option, too.

Pros & cons:

➕ Messaging is free

➕ Many real users with verified profiles

➖ Most Brazilian women are looking for local matches

➖ No advanced matchmaking and similar services

✈️ Vacation in Brazil or immigration

You can meet a Brazilian girl right in Brazil, and that may work perfectly for people who aren’t really into online dating.

Pros & cons:

➕ Brazil is beautiful

➕ Direct communication with Brazilian ladies

➕ Opportunity to learn a lot about the culture

➖ Too expensive and serious step for many men

➖ It must be a lengthy trip or immigration

👩‍❤️‍👨 Meeting Brazilian brides in your home country

If there are many Brazilian immigrants in your country, you can find a perfect match right in your city.

Pros & cons:

➕ Free apps can connect you with local Brazil brides

➕ Direct communication

➕ Cost-effective solution

➖ Brazilian brides will be more Westernized

➖ That will be regular dating, so you’ll hardly get married soon

That’s how you can start dating Brazilian women. There are at least four options to choose from, so set your priorities, weigh all pros and cons, and make your choice.

How to Get a Brazilian Bride

Let’s say you decide to search for Brazilian mail brides on one of the niche websites. It’s not always easy to get started, but the good news is there’s a simple step-by-step algorithm that can help you achieve your main goal pretty soon and at a reasonable cost.

1. Choose the right website that meets all your criteria

“If you’re going to search for a Brazilian wife online, you need a site that will meet your specific expectations. Consider the profile quality, pricing policy, and of course, the selection of features. I chose LatiDate as the most versatile platform to explain all the following steps, but this information is usually applicable to other top websites, too.”

2. Set up an account that will really work

“On LatiDate, as well as on most other sites in this segment of the market. You can add any information, photos, and videos for free. I’d recommend focusing on the About Me section (in the case of LatiDate, it’s also the Looking For section), where you can describe yourself, your lifestyle, and most importantly, a partner you’re looking for and the type of relationship you’d like to start with someone you meet on the site. Add photos, add more details — use this opportunity to get an advantage over your competitors on the platform.”

3. Learn how to use search and matchmaking features

“Finding a beautiful Brazilian woman on sites like LatiDate won’t be a challenge. Moreover, a new user is likely to be overwhelmed with all those profiles of gorgeous singles. Just don’t let this makes you make too many spontaneous choices — they’ll cost too much, considering that messaging isn’t free. Use search filters and matchmaking services, if any, take a close look at every profile, and contact only your best matches.”

4. Test communication features and select the most efficient ones

“Text chat is great, but it works best in the early stages. When you meet someone attractive and realize you’d like to get emotionally close to this person, it’s time to start more advanced features, for example, audio messaging and video messaging, video chat, etc. Just like LatiDate, most sites let you choose between live chat and Letters or Mails, so test both services, consider the costs, and optimize your strategy.”

5. Start a relationship and plan your meeting in real life

“Remember that you’ll find out if a Brazilian woman is your special one only after you meet her IRL, so don’t delay your date for too long.”

Brazilian Bride Price

You can’t literally mail order a Brazilian bride. This is just a myth that has nothing to do with reality. Men can meet Brazilian mail order brides on dating sites, start relationships at a distance first, and then meet in real life. That’s how the industry works.

Men can’t pay a fixed price to marry Brazilian mail order wives, but it doesn’t mean that a man can find a Brazilian wife without spending money, either. There are certain expenditures you should be aware of, so take a look at the list below.

1. Online dating services — around $1,200

The cost you’ll pay for meeting and dating Brazilian brides online depends on two main things: the pricing policy of the dating site you’re going to use and your own dating strategy.

“There are pretty many Latin dating sites, and each has a different pricing policy. On top of that, in most cases, members need to buy credits to communicate with Brazilian mail order brides. Let’s take a look at how this system works on the examples of the three top sites:

La-Date. All new members get 20 free credits; the cost of credits starts at $0.20 per credit, and instant messaging costs 2 credits per minute.

LatiDate. On LatiDate, newly registered users get 20 free credits, the costs of credits start at $0.20 each, and 5 minutes in live chat cost 10 credits.

Still, on all sites, a user is expected to spend around $100 a month, 1,200 a year, respectively, and the sooner you find a Brazilian bride, the less you’ll pay for the services.”

2. Trips to Brazil — $3,500

This is the approximate cost of two 2-week trips to Brazil. Of course, a lot will depend on how you spend money on such vacations, from the hotel you choose to the places you visit and the restaurants you have dinners at. Also, the more times you meet, the higher the price.

3. Visa — $1,200

This is the cost of getting a K-1 visa to the US, not including the cost of getting an adjustment status, which costs $1,200 more. In most cases, it’s the groom who covers the expenses, but there may be exceptions, too.

4. Wedding — $50 to $20,000+

Paying for a wedding is optional. You can just buy a wedding license that costs around $50 in most states or get married at a luxurious hotel and have a fancy ceremony. Just don’t forget to add the cost of the celebration to your list of expenses.

How to Save Money

Those who want to cut costs can do the following:

  1. Optimize their dating strategy and spend real money on communicating with the best matches only and focus on one Brazilian bride instead of chatting with dozens of potential partners.
  2. Propose just after a few meetings in real life — of course, and it makes sense if you really feel that you’ve found the one.
  3. Save money on your wedding — you can also consider getting married in Brazil as celebrating a wedding there is twice cheaper as in the US.

So use these tips, and you will surely save some cash.

Success stories

“I always like Brazilian culture and Brazilians. I had a few friends from Brazil from college and at work, and after I divorced a second time, there were just like, man, why don’t you find a Brazilian wife? I had conflicts with my ex-wives because of their attitude towards the family. I always wanted to be with a woman who puts family first, and unfortunately, none of my wives did it. The idea sounded crazy, but I still did it, and since none of my friends had single girlfriends at home to introduce me, I went online and had zero regrets. It took time and effort and cost a few thousand dollars, but I finally found a woman who shares my views of family and life. I’m going to get married for the third time, and I truly believe it will be the last time in the best sense possible.”

“I gave up the idea of starting a relationship after multiple bad dates. I have three kids, only one of them is 19, and my two other kids still need my time and money. That was a problem for most women I’ve met, and that made me consider the idea of finding a foreign wife, and I absolutely didn’t mind her having children, too. I never had yellow fever, Latin fever, or any other kind of disease, so I just joined a random site, it was La-Date. I’m probably lucky. My girlfriend is Brazilian, and she says I’d hardly find a woman who’d be as family-minded as I am anywhere else. She’s gorgeous, kind, beautiful, and a loving mother to her kids. We met twice together, and our children get along perfectly, so I suppose she’s really my ideal match. Going to propose to her next month, so wish me luck.”

Cons of Finding a Bride from Brazil

  • The language barrier and cultural differences
  • There’s a chance that a family-minded Brazilian woman will also be religious
  • A man also needs to make an effort to build a good relationship with an entire family
  • Jealousy may be an issue
  • Many Brazilians aren’t really into passive rest and prefer a more active lifestyle than most Americans overall

Note these are just generalizations — there’s no single formula to find out what exactly can go wrong with a Brazilian girl or a woman from any other country. Still, there’s a formula that can help intercultural couples stay together and enjoy a happy relationship, and it’s simpler than most expect. Many happy spouses note that they focus on their similarities rather than on their differences, and that makes them a lot stronger. Differences, in turn, don’t have to result in conflicts. Mutual respect and the ability to listen and compromise can help overcome all barriers. Also, a man who wants to marry a Brazilian woman shouldn’t try to provoke her by trying to make her jealous, should try to build a good relationship with her parents, etc., but these are rather common rules for any marriage, so you won’t go wrong if you follow them anyways.

Brazilian Bride Interview

The best way to learn more about the motivation of a Brazilian mail order wife, her motivation, and expectations is to ask her about it. Of course, the story of one Brazilian lady is hardly similar to all stories of thousands of Brazilian women for marriage looking for a partner online. However, it’s still an illustrative example that all men looking for a Brazilian bride online should consider.

I looked through La-Date profiles to find a woman who’d agree to answer my questions about the mail order bride industry, her experience, and her dreams. So, meet Daniela, who agreed to be our interviewee.

Q: Daniela, when you joined La-Date? You seem to be pretty active on the site. Is it your strategy for finding a partner?

A: It’s been 2 months since I’ve joined it. I didn’t actually think about it. I’m active on social networking sites, and on Instagram, I’m a model, so I think I just like sharing photos and thoughts with others. But yes, I believe it boosts my profile in a way. There are a lot of guys who ask me about my photos, the places I visit, the food I like, and so on. It’s helpful because, you know, you always have something to say in your first message.

Q: You’re a model, young and attractive. What exactly made you look for a foreign husband? It doesn’t seem that you could experience any difficulty with finding a man in Brazil.

A: Thank you. You know, it’s not just finding a man. You’re right. That’s easy. I just want to find a husband, and not just a man who makes a certain amount of money or has certain traits but a man who I’ll love and who’ll appreciate my presence in this life. It’s hard to meet such a man in Rio de Janeiro or elsewhere, but it’s much easier on the sites where marriage-minded people looking for partners who are also ready to settle down.

Q: Did you face that mail order bride stigma? Do your family and friends know about your decision to become a Brazilian mail order bride?

A: No, I didn’t. I was just like, “Mom, dad, friends, I am considering finding a foreign husband, and if I find someone I like, I will probably immigrate.” And they were like, “Fine, we’ll see how it goes.” I always liked the United States, the culture, and the pop stars, and I was even planning to move to California in my early twenties. So I think they weren’t surprised. As for the stigma, we don’t judge intercultural or interracial marriages here in Brazil.

Q: What is your final goal? What type of relationship are you looking for?

A: I want a family. I think I’m ready now. For me, it’s about support and love, respect and understanding. I’m looking for a man who’d want not just to date me but live with me for the rest of our lives, have children with me, and get old together. I’m not interested in anything casual or short-term.

Q: You’re a successful model in Brazil. Aren’t you afraid that your career will be less successful in the US or another country?

A: I understand it will be tough. But I’m not going to give up on it. You know, I’m not an absolutely career-driven woman, but it’s an important part of my life. I want to keep having ambitions and interests that aren’t related to my role as a wife and mother. If I’m not as successful as in Latin America, I’ll probably start a new career. Maybe, I’ll tell people about my life and experience on my blog. Who knows?

Q: What are men on the site like? How do you evaluate the experience now? Maybe you’ve already met someone?

A: Most are nice! I’ve already met a few really attractive men who seem to be really interested in finding a wife, not just a girlfriend. I’m not dating anyone right now, but at least I’m sure I have a good chance of finding the right guy here. There are some guys who are immediately blocked, too. I just hate it when men do two things — talk like they can buy me and just want to have virtual sex. I’m here for none of those things. I’m looking for love.

Why Do Brazilian Women Look for Foreign Husbands?

So, what exactly makes Brazilian wives choose foreign men? In fact, there are multiple answers to this question. Many Brazilian girls like Daniela just want to settle down and don’t want to spend years and years trying to find a man with similar goals and then dating him for 4 more years until he’s ready to make serious steps. Also, in many cases, the desire to date a foreigner is explained by the impact of Western culture, positive attitude towards foreigners, desire to avoid the negative impact of machismo, and personal heartbreaking experiences that resulted in disappointment in local men, etc. Usually, it’s not just one factor — it’s a combination of multiple circumstances that make Brazil women choose this path.

Brazilian Mail Order Bride Statistics

If you want to know more about Brazilian women for marriage, you’ll meet on niche websites, take a look at these figures:

  1. In 2019, 1,065 Brazilians immigrated to the US as foreign fiancé(e)s. Also, according to the Census, most people who immigrate from Brazil to all Western countries are women, and those who are single at the time of immigration often hope to marry a local.
  2. Most Brazilian women get married at the age of 28.
  3. Most Brazilian wives have 1–2 children. The fertility rate in the country is 1.6 births per woman.
  4. Though the Brazilian divorce rate, just like rates in most other countries, is higher than ever, they are still pretty low compared to many other places in the world. In particular, in 2021, out of every 100 marriages, 9 broke up.
  5. The average age difference between a Brazilian wife and a foreign husband is around 2–7 years.

These are the averages, of course, but they may still be helpful for men looking for Brazilian mail order brides.

Brazilian Mail Order Bride Scam

In 2022, over 70 thousand people became victims of romance scammers and lost over $1.3 billion. Most met their “partners” online, and part of the users thought they were building relationships with mail order brides. Still, though the threat is real, knowledge is power. Here are the three main types of mail order bride scams men dreaming of dating Brazilian girls should be aware of:

  • ⚠️ Bots and auto-generated messages. Sometimes, it’s about the site that makes you pay for replying to the same automatically generated messages from incredibly hot yet fake Brazilian brides.
  • ⚠️ Offers to literally mail order Brazilian brides. If a user pays to marry a Brazilian woman online, he’ll be blocked right after sending a payment to scammers. Such services are illegal, and any kind of a fixed price for meeting a Brazilian mail order bride is a scam.
  • ⚠️ Fake brides asking for money. Sometimes, men meet Brazilian brides who look real, gain their trust, and ask for financial help when a man is already in love.
  • ⚠️ Personal data scams. Some scammers hunt for your passwords and payment details. I’d also recommend being careful with any sensitive/explicit information and files you share online to avoid blackmail.

Unfortunately, a 100% where you can just meet a Brazilian woman with zero chance of getting scammed just doesn’t exist. However, every online dater can protect themselves if they follow a few simple rules:

  1. ❗Be attentive, ignore weird messages, and spot the same messages from different people.
  2. ❗Read bios carefully and spot contradictions.
  3. ❗Check photos using Google image search.
  4. ❗Beware if things are moving too fast.
  5. ❗Beware if someone sounds like they’re trying to convince you they’re real.
  6. ❗Don’t believe in too romantic and epic stories.
  7. ❗Never send money and report scams if someone asks for them.
  8. ❗Don’t share personal and financial data with anyone on dating websites.

Remain a bit skeptical, spot weird things, and listen to yourself rather than to any kind of promises and love confessions, and you’ll avoid the danger.

How to Take a Brazilian Bride to the US

A Brazilian bride can enter the country with a tourist visa, but she won’t be able to stay for a longer time. If you’re going to get married and want your bride to move in with you, she’ll need to apply for a K-1 visa. Here’s the algorithm:

  1. The US citizen files the Form I-129F Petition
  2. If the application is approved, the NVC sends the case to the US Embassy of Brazil. You’ll get a notification and will need to tell your fiance to start collecting documents and prepare for the interview.
  3. A bride goes to the interview with all the documents, namely, completed Form DS-160, passport, birth certificate, her and your divorce or death certificate if any of you has already been married, police certificates, medical examination, evidence of financial support (Form I-134), evidence of relationship, and payment of fees.
  4. Future spouses follow additional requirements from the Immigration Service, if any.
  5. A bride receives a visa, enters the US, and gets married within 90 days.

Note that if your future Brazilian wife already has children, she’ll need to apply for K-2 visas for her kid(s).

Final Thoughts

Brazilian mail order brides are some of the most popular women on the international dating scene. I also believe the “demand” for them will remain high for decades, if not centuries. The thing is, Brazilian brides have a unique combination of traits and characteristics that Westerners usually find attractive. Also, it’s a mutually beneficial marriage in the sense that Brazilian women also find in foreign men something they can’t find at home. Today, meeting Brazilian mail order brides is easier than ever, but you should know all the rules of the game and follow them, and also be patient enough to find the right site and then find the right Brazilian girl.


How to find a Brazilian wife?

The easiest way is to go online and search for a perfect match on one of the niche websites with Brazilian women. There are also alternative options. For example, you can search for a partner on social media sites, take independent trips to Brazil, or even immigrate or find a future wife among immigrants in your home country.

How to get a Brazilian bride?

If you are going to meet Brazilian brides online, you can join one of the niche sites, get a competitive profile, communicate with people until you find a Brazilian girlfriend, and then meet her in real life. If everything goes well, you can propose and then apply for a visa for your foreign fiancée.

Is it easy to get a wife from Brazil?

It takes time and effort, but if you choose a niche website with Brazilian women, you can find a special Brazilian girl in a pretty short term, meet her in real life, and then everything will depend on you.

What type of visa can I get for my Brazilian wife?

If you’re already married to a Brazilian, you’ll need to apply for a foreign relative visa. If you’re going to marry a Brazilian woman in the US, you’ll need to apply for a K-1 visa for a foreign fiancée.

How to apply for marriage to someone in Brazil?

If you’re going to marry a Brazilian citizen in the US, you need to file Form I-129F Petition for Alien Fiancé(e). If you’re going to get married in Brazil, you need to go to cartório (notary office) and provide certain documents to marry a local woman.

How can I bring a Brazilian wife back to the USA if we marry in Brazil?

You need to apply for a foreign relative visa and wait until it’s approved if you want your spouse to stay with you in the US.

How long is the process of bringing a Brazilian wife to America?

Usually, the entire process, from filing an application to actually entering the country, takes around 12–18 months.

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