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Latin mail order brides are no less and maybe even more popular than Slavic and Asian ladies. Thousands of men marry women from Latin America yearly, and a large portion of them meet their future Latin wives online. In this guide, I’m going to talk about the Latin segment of the dating market, its benefits, pitfalls, and costs.

  • ❤️ Success rate: ~82
  • 💳 Average cost of mail order bride: $7000
  • 👩 Average age of foreign brides for marriage: 27
  • 📱 Best site to find Latin mail order bride: LaDate
  • 💔 Average divorce rate: ~18

Best Sites to Find Latina Mail Order Brides in 2024*

It’s not that easy to find a good website with real Latin singles, so I asked Andrew Hough to recommend some platforms that are worth your attention.

“All these platforms have their pros, but if you don’t want to do deep research on each and just want to pick the most versatile and effective site, you can choose La-Date. Here, you can meet legit Latin singles looking for foreign boyfriends, follow Latin girls as if it was a social network, and use multiple communication features.”

How to Find a Latin Bride: Best Way to Meet Latin Brides

In South America alone, the number of singles using online dating services is expected to amount to nearly 30 million by 2027. Generally speaking, it proves that just like in the rest of the world, in Latin America, more and more people choose online dating over other ways to find a partner. So if you expect to meet single Latin women for marriage and dating, you should probably go online.

However, there is another important thing to consider, and it’s the specialization or the niche of the site. Sure, many Latin singles use mainstream apps. However, the chance of meeting a Latin bride on a specialized mail order bride site, or one that connects Latin women and foreigners, will be higher, and here’s why:

  • The right target audience — You’ll meet Latin mail order wives if it’s a mail order bride site or Latin singles looking for foreign boyfriends if it’s an international dating site
  • Multiple special features — When it comes to building a long-distance relationship, text chat just isn’t enough, and niche websites usually offer multiple advanced features from international calls to video chatting
  • Search & matchmaking — On such platforms, members can use multiple search filters and advanced algorithms to find a perfect match in the shortest time possible

“It doesn’t have to be a mail order bride site (they are very effective but also usually more expensive) — sometimes, it can be a regional dating site like La-Date. The idea is simple — it connects people looking for new relationships with a foreign partner, not necessarily marriage, but often a serious relationship and gives users everything they may need to build emotional connections online.”

Alternative Ways to Find a Latin Bride

Some men meet Latin women not through niche websites. There are always alternatives, so if for some reason, mail order bride sites or Latin dating sites don’t work for you, consider the following options.

🩷 Mainstream dating apps

Many dating apps are available worldwide, so you can just set the right filter or choose a large search distance and meet Latin girls looking for their perfect match.

Pros & cons of mainstream dating apps:

➕ Messaging is free or affordable

➕ Millions of members in Latin countries

➕ Convenience

➖ Not so many Latin women are looking for foreign partners

➖ No advanced communication features

📱 Social media & networking sites

There’s even an easier option — if you’re patient and social awkwardness is not what you feel regularly, you can contact attractive Latin women on good old Facebook or Instagram.

Pros & cons of social media & networking sites:

➕ Completely free to use

➕ More users than any dating site has

➕ Detailed information shared by the users themselves

➖ Not so easy to approach strangers

➖ You never know if a person is looking for a new relationship

✈️ Trips to Latin American countries

If you’re not really into online communication and are adventurous enough, you can just go to one of the Latin countries to meet local women in real life.

Pros & cons of trips to Latin American countries:

➕ Unique chance to get to know the culture

➕ Direct communication with Latin brides

➕ Beautiful countries to visit

➖ Too expensive

➖ No real guarantees

👩‍❤️‍👨 Searching for a Latin bride in your home country

If you are living in the US or another country with a large Latin expat community, you can search for a Latin bride without leaving your own city.

Pros & cons of searching for a Latin bride in your home country:

➕ You’ll spend money only on dates

➕ Direct communication with Latin women

➕ A bride doesn’t need to immigrate and assimilate

➖ Harder to find a woman who’d like to get married soon

➖ Smaller number of potential partners

How to Get a Latin Bride

What exactly does a man need to do to find a Latin bride if he decides to search for a future wife online? There are certain steps to take and rules to follow, and you can see the most important of them below. Andrew Hough will also give some recommendations on the example of LatiDate, but they work for users who prefer other niche dating sites and Latin mail order bride sites, too.

1. Find the dating site that suits your specific needs

“There are many good sites that can connect you with Latin women for marriage, but you’ll still need to make a choice, and if you don’t want to go wrong, you need to set priorities. Would you like to meet Latin girls for dating or want to get married this year? Are you looking for a girl from a particular Latin country? What communication features do you like to use? Do some research, consider your goals and preferences, and you’ll make the right decision.”

2. Find out how to use the system most effectively

“Once you join the site, find out how it works. For example, on LatiDate, you can use swiping and search features, use the Say Hello feature for free, send Letters or choose instant messaging, watch 1 free video a day or pay for watching more, and so on and so forth. All of that matters, and you need to learn how to use the platform effectively.”

3. Get a competitive profile

“You need that to attract Latin mail order wives — women who are serious about finding a partner will hardly notice a man with a low-effort profile. On sites like LatiDate, you can not only add some basic details and photos but also write Looking For and About Me descriptions. Use this opportunity to find the right Latin woman faster and, therefore, at a lower price.”

4. Use search and matchmaking features to find a Latin bride

“Don’t try to contact random hot Latin brides — it will result in money loss and waste of time, not because there’s something wrong with attractive Latin mail order brides but because you need a more thoughtful approach to find the right Latin woman. On LatiDate, you can apply multiple search filters for free, and if you do it and will read bios carefully enough, you’ll make much wiser choices.”

5. Start a relationship and plan a date offline

“Focus on someone special, use advanced features like audio messaging and video messaging and maybe even gift delivery to build a really deep emotional connection, and once you realize she might be the one, start planning your trip to a bride’s country.”

Latin Bride Price

Latin American women aren’t for sale — a man can’t literally mail order a Latin bride, and the term “cost” in this context refers only to the total amount he spends on different types of services he uses to find a Latin woman, build a relationship with her online, meet her offline, help her immigrate, and marry her.

Though the total cost of all services will largely depend on personal choices, we can consider the common expenditures and estimate the average cost. In particular, a man looking for a Latin wife will spend money on the following:

1. Online dating — $1,200 a year on average

It’s hard to say what the accurate cost of online dating services will be — the thing is it largely depends on the pricing policy of the website and the user’s personal choices. You can spend a lot less or a lot more — considering that most reputable sites use credit systems, the user is the one who controls his spending on a particular site.

“If you’re looking for the sites that offer the best value for money, take a look at the following platforms:

LaDate — 20 bonus credits, costs of credits start at $2.99 for 20 credits

LatiDate — 20 free credits, costs of credits start at $12.99 for 35 credits

Note that though the prices for credits vary, the total cost will also depend on how many credits you’ll spend on using a particular feature. Nonetheless, all these sites are reasonable for this market, and most importantly, transparent pricing policies.”

2. Trips — $1,800-$2,800 per a two-week trip

You’ll need to meet a Latin girl in real life one day, and in most cases, it’s the man who goes to the bride’s country. Travel expenses will depend on your traveling style and, of course, the duration and frequency of trips.

3. Visa — $1,200

Most Latin women who meet their foreign husbands get a K-1 visa when the man proposes — it allows the woman to enter the United States as a foreign fiancee and then get married.

4. Wedding — $50-$30,000

In this case, everything depends on the couple. You decide to have or not have a big celebration, and the cost can be as low as $50 for getting a wedding license plus the cost of a dinner at a good restaurant if you don’t want a big ceremony.

Evaluating the Options

Though it may seem that the price is too high (and getting a Latin mail order bride really isn’t cheap if we add all the expenses), a man should consider that this is an amount of money spent over a pretty long term. In particular, it may take a year to find a bride, and the cost is already included in the final price.

Trips shouldn’t be that frequent and numerous (by the way, you can just go to your bride’s country on vacation), and you’ll need to wait at least seven months until your bride’s visa is approved. So, this amount is spent during 2–3 years on average, and you can plan your budget accordingly.

If you want to cut some costs, follow these simple recommendations:

  • Develop an online dating strategy. You can spend much less on online dating services if you control your spending on the site, choose Latin brides to talk with carefully, and always consider the costs of the services. For example, you can buy a gift in a regular international online store without paying more.
  • Plan your trips at the right time. Choose a time when tickets and hotels are less expensive, and you’ll save a lot of money.
  • Decide where you want to get married. In some Latin countries, weddings are twice as cheap as weddings in the United States.

Be more rational instead of being more emotional when it comes to making important choices, and you’ll spend less and get a more satisfying experience overall.

Success stories

“Being in my late 40s, I had my fair share of relationships that didn’t work out. They left me quite skeptical about finding love, as I thought that it was not something that was there for everyone. But I was determined and decided to join La Date, hoping to find someone special. I’d chatted with many Latin mail order brides before I met Sofia, who swept me out of my feet right away. Though we started to message quite casually, our communication grew deeper, and now she is the one I always think about. Her passion for life is so inspiring, and I can’t wait to explore this world with her. I’ve already booked my trip to Cartagena for this month, and the anticipation of bringing our relationship to the next level is high. I hope that she agrees to the question I’m ready to pop.”

“I think that my story is quite relatable, as many Western men are crazy about their careers. And I was one of them. I was buried in running my car dealership and hardly had time for anything else. That’s how I decided to give international online dating a try as one of my clients said that there are Latin brides for marriage who are interested in meeting foreign guys. I wanted a family, so I gave it a try, and I’m so glad I did because that’s how I met Camila. Juggling work and chats wasn’t easy, but Camila was so understanding and supportive. She was my beam of light in the chaos I felt inside. We did a lot of chatting and video calls, and I came to visit two times, and on the second trip, I proposed. Now, we have been together for 3 years and are expecting our first child together. My Latin girl changed me, or, I can say, saved me from burning out, as now I know what a real work-life balance is.”

Cons of Finding a Bride from Latin America

  • Language barrier and cultural differences
  • Challenges of long-distance relationships
  • Marrying a Latina woman means marrying her whole family

Relationship Advice:

“You may or may not face some of the challenges above when you date Latin ladies. But the key to any relationship lies in understanding what to expect. Educate yourself on the peculiarities of Latin culture, especially the aspects of serious relationships and starting a family. That will help you minimize cultural differences.

To help you not feel the distance, make a schedule of dates and stay in contact every day. Talk and do online dates. Also, don’t forget about intimacy, as keeping the spark going at a distance is also important to make your relationship with a potential Latina wife work. So, explore sexting and online toys to spice up your dating online.”

Latin Bride Interview

The most effective way to understand why Hispanic mail-order brides want to marry Western men is to actually talk with them. That’s why I decided to join LatiDate and talk to different South American women to see if one of them would open up to tell me about her dating goals, reasons for becoming a Latina mail-order bride, and dreams of a potential partner. And one of the ladies agreed, so meet Sara, a beautiful Latin lady from Medellin.

Q: Hello, Sara! Thank you for taking time out of your day to chat with me. I was wondering how such a beautiful Latin woman got into online dating? And how long have you been on LatiDate?

A: Hi, I’m happy to help. Thank you for the compliment. I’ve been on the site for probably 2 months now, as I’m determined to find a good husband. Though my looks often make people think that I’m looking for casual dates, that’s not my thing. I don’t judge, but I want a serious relationship and am not fooling around. I found the recommendation of this site on one of the Latin mail order bride forums and decided to give it a try.

Q: On your profile, you say that you have an adventurous and vibrant personality, is it something that drives your desire to find a partner from abroad?

A: Well, living in Medellin, I’ve never been abroad, but there are a lot of tourists, so I made a lot of friends from all over the world. I’ve always been fascinated by different cultures, and marrying one of the Western men seems intriguing. Also, I’ve noticed that many guys, especially Americans, have a thing for South American brides. I love the attention.

Q: That’s interesting. How do you think a foreign partner can be better for you than a local man?

A: Local men are not bad. There are many decent guys. But I think that many Latina brides believe that Western guys are more caring, less demanding, and can provide for the family better.

Q: Why do you think other Latina women become mail order brides?

A: I can’t say for everyone, but I definitely feel societal pressure to marry young. It’s kind of expected. I think that many Latin brides choose foreigners because they usually are more family-oriented and are in the stage in life when they want to start a family and not just wait.

Q: Can you shed some light on what qualities you search for in a future husband?

A: Of course. I’m looking for an open-minded, respectful, and caring guy who shares my passions and is ready to go through all the ups and downs together. I want to meet someone who knows what he wants from life and is open to real commitment. Oh, and the desire to have children is also important for me.

Q: How is your experience on LatiDate so far? How often do you chat with men?

A: I like this dating platform, as most guys are quite decent. No pervs or guys sending dickpics. Most of the men I’ve chatted with are searching for long-term relationships. I currently talk to one guy quite often — almost every day, actually. We’ve been getting to know each other for a couple of weeks now. But I’m not sure where we stand now. We’ll see.

Why Do Latin Women Look for Foreign Husbands?

Generally speaking, most Latin women on mail order bride sites are searching for serious, long-term relationships and potential marriage. Despite the common misconception that Latin mail order brides just want to immigrate to developed countries, most ladies are searching for love. Though there are probably women who seek a better quality of life, as the economic situation is not always the best in the South American region, it’s rarely the number one reason. Also, a big influence is societal and family pressure to marry young. Finally, I’ve noticed a very positive attitude toward the picture of a Western man as a caring husband and father from talking to many Latin brides online.

Latin Mail Order Bride Statistics

I believe that numbers are worth a thousand words, so let’s take a look at hard facts about Latin brides and their marriages with Americans:

  1. Latina girls get married early (at 18 to 21 y.o.) and start families almost immediately (at 20 to 21 y.o.), while their last pregnancy is usually between 33 and 38 y.o.
  2. Only 35% of young (18 to 34 y.o.) Latina ladies in the US are married, though the number is significantly higher for foreign-born girls (58%).
  3. Latin mail order brides are typically 1.5 to 7 years younger than their American husbands.
  4. The average divorce rate for international couples in the US is as low as 35.8%, which is significantly lower than the nationwide average of 48%.
  5. Infidelity, financial difficulties, and alcohol and drug abuse are among the most common reasons for divorce among Latin Americans.

These facts translate into a high likelihood of finding a young and devoted Latin bride that will stay with you through thick and thin.

Latin Mail Order Bride Scam

Online romance scam losses doubled between 2021 and 2022. Last year, over 70,000 Americans reported being scammed, with a total loss of nearly $1.3 billion (up from $547 million in 2021). Although choosing a respectable dating site to meet Latin women is the first vital step to avoiding trouble, you should also learn to recognize signs of potential danger, such as:

  1. ⚠️ She avoids video calls and doesn’t want to meet. That’s a sure sign her profile is fake and the person behind it doesn’t match the photos. To know for sure, try an image search to find out who the real owner of the pictures is.
  2. ⚠️ She asks you to help with her sick relative or pet. The requests aren’t always direct, but even a subtle prodding for money is a red flag. Reject such requests and block and report anyone who asks you for money on a dating site.
  3. ⚠️ She tells you exactly how to get money to her. The most common scams rely on cash apps and stealing credit card information, including your PIN, as well as gift cards. Be especially wary of any links you receive from strangers, as they may lead to phishing sites.
  4. ⚠️ She confesses love and wants to see you naked. Sharing nude photos or videos with strangers online leaves you vulnerable to blackmail, as even disappearing messages can be captured and used against you. Avoid sharing intimate materials with people you don’t know well.
  5. ⚠️ She shares a secret to making money on cryptocurrency investments. It’s a recent development that’s growing more popular among scammers, as it doesn’t involve direct money requests. You can avoid the risk easily by using common sense, especially if the return on investment seems too good to be true.

I also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the dating site’s anti-scam recommendations and make the most of the blocking and reporting tools available. If you’re uncomfortable with any of the users, reach out to the customer support team and notify them of suspicious behavior.

How to Take a Latin Bride to the US

Before your Latin bride can come to the US, you and your future wife will need to take several steps:

  • File Form I-129F to demonstrate your intention to marry a foreign woman.
  • Apply for a K-1 fiance visa by filing Form DS-160 (medical examination results, proof of relationship, and other paperwork may be necessary).
  • Arrange your Latin bride’s trip to the US and the shipping of her belongings to your new home.

Once your bride enters the US, you’ll have 90 days to get married under the terms of her K-1 visa (or file Form I-130 if you’re late formalizing your relationship). After that, you’ll need to take a few additional steps, such as:

  • File Form I-485 for an adjustment of status and permanent residency.
  • File Form I-765 to let your Latin wife secure legal employment in the US.

I recommend you and your Latin bride visit the US Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Bureau of Consular Affairs websites to learn more about the process and the necessary paperwork. If you run into any difficulties with legal issues, I suggest hiring an immigration attorney.

Final Thoughts

Latin brides are popular in the US and Europe thanks to their gorgeous looks, passionate nature, and outstanding devotion. So, even if none of the Latina girls in your social circle catch your eye, there are 30 million single Latin women seeking foreign partners right now. As long as you’re not afraid of long-distance relationships and commitment, online dating can unlock thousands of potential matches for you within minutes. Be open-minded, curious, and patient, and your chances of finding your perfect Latin bride will multiply.

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