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Filipino brides are never out of style. The Philippines remains to be the country with the highest intermarriage rates, and Filipino wives still have the reputation of the most loving and caring women. In this guide, I’m going to give some insights into the world of Filipino brides and explain how a man can find a modern Filipino mail order wife.

Best Sites to Find Filipino Brides ib 2024*

There are many sites promoted as top platforms for meeting a Filipino wife, but not all of them work equally well. I share his selection of top Filipino mail order bride and dating websites.

“PhiliTalks is my top pick for now. It’s not exactly a mail order bride site but rather a niche dating with a large number of Filipino women looking for boyfriends, but most of them are looking for serious relationships. There are multiple great features that improve the experience, users can follow each other as if it was a social networking site, and everyone gets a free bonus to have a few chats without paying.”

How To Find a Filipino Bride: Best Way To Meet Filipino Brides

There are multiple ways to meet Filipino women, but if we compare online options to offline methods, dating on the web will undoubtedly win. The number of Filipinos who’ve been using dating sites was high even in 2017, but the pandemic has made this market even bigger. In particular, according to statistics, nearly half of all Filipino singles have been using dating sites, and over half of millennials (56%, to be exact) went online to meet someone special.

That just shows how high the user penetration is, but there’s another important trend to consider. The Philippines have always been the country with some of the highest intermarriage rates, too, and in 2021 alone, 4,323 Filipino women married foreign nationals. Most of them found their foreign husbands online.

Here’s another important nuance to point out. The majority of single Filipino women prefer to search for future husbands on niche websites designed exclusively for Asian singles and men who’d like to meet them. Such niche websites with Filipino mail order brides have multiple advantages over other online dating services. In particular, men get instant access to profiles of Filipino ladies who are interested in starting a family with a foreigner and can use multiple advanced communication features to build deep emotional connections. Choosing the right site is half a battle, and it’s a mistake to think that all such sites work equally well.

“The Asian international dating market is the largest one. That, in turn, means, that there are a lot of good online dating sites with Filipino mail order brides and a lot of not-so-good dating sites to avoid. It makes the choice more difficult to make. I analyzed some top options and want to suggest some pretty promising platforms with Asian brides, a lot of whom are Filipinas:

SakuraDate — a new yet already popular platform with mail order brides from the Philippines and some good features like audio and video messaging.

EasternHoneys — one of the oldest sites to meet Filipino women for dating, works like a social networking site, too.

TheLuckyDate — perfect for beginners, has many registered female members in the Philippines but works like a regular mainstream dating app.

These are the options, and you can look for alternatives yourself. Just remain attentive and even skeptical, and pay more attention to profiles and quality of features.”

Other Popular Ways to Find a Filipino Bride

Niche websites aren’t designed to help men make a Filpino bride order — men just meet Filipino brides, and the rest depends on them, while the cost of services is still higher than on most other dating sites. If you’re looking for alternatives, take a look at some ideas of what else a man can do to meet Filipino girls online or offline.

🩷 Mainstream dating apps

Many Filipino women use them, too, and though the chance of finding a Filipino bride for a foreigner will be lower, this option still has its advantages.

Pros & cons of dating apps:

➕ Messaging is usually free

➕ Good dating pools

➕ Active communities

➖ Not all Filipino girls want to date a foreigner

➖ No advanced communication features

📱 Social networking sites

Facebook and Instagram are free, and people from all over the globe use them. Why not use this chance to meet Filipino girls?

Pros & cons of social media and networking sites:

➕ Free to use

➕ A lot of information about every person

➖ It’s not easy to approach a stranger

➖ Take much more time and effort

✈️ Independent trips to the Philippines

Long vacations (you need to stay for at least a month if you want to meet a Filipino girlfriend) and especially immigration are way more serious, but it may still be an option for some men, especially those with remote jobs.

Pros & cons of trips or immigration to the Philippines:

➕ Great country to visit

➕ Direct communication with Filipino ladies

➕ Chance to learn a lot about culture

➖ Too expensive

➖ Success depends on luck

👩‍❤️‍👨 Meeting Filipino women in your home country

If you live in a city with a large Filipino community, you can stay home and still search for a Filipino bride.

Pros & cons of searching for a Filipino wife in your home country:

➕ It’s free

➕ No need to leave the country now or in the future

➕ No problem with immigration & assimilation

➖ Not-so-large dating pool

➖ Lower chance of finding a Filipina who’s ready to settle down

So, these were the options. Consider your priorities, and you’ll make the right choice.

How to Get a Filipino Bride

Most men prefer to search for a dream Philippines bride on niche websites, but it’s not always easy to understand how to get started. This simple algorithm may help you develop a good strategy and find a Filipino bride in the near future.

1. Find a site that will meet all your criteria

“If you’re going to search for a Filipino mail order bride online, you need to find the platform that will work best for you personally. Of course, it also should meet objective quality criteria — have the right user base, a good selection of features, an effective security and moderation system, and good profiles. Still, some research is needed, and I definitely recommend choosing among multiple options rather than picking the first random site with good ads. Let’s take PhiliTalks as an example of a versatile platform that meets the criteria of most men looking for Filipino girlfriends.”

2. Learn everything about the system

“Here’s what all users should be aware of — a niche site is usually way more complex system than just a regular dating app. For instance, on PhiliTalks, members can follow each other, send virtual gifts, choose between instant messaging and Mail service, watch profile videos, send files, etc. Some of the features are free, and some are paid. You should know what exactly you are doing on the site and why you are doing it before you start spending real money, so just test the site for free before making important choices.”

3. Create a competitive profile

“Contrary to popular belief, a Filipino woman will hardly agree to marry anyone who’d take her to the United States. Today, it’s just a myth, and the truth is that Filipino mail order wives you can meet on the sites are selective, and just like most other online daters, they don’t want to waste their time on someone who didn’t put enough effort into making their profile work. On niche sites like PhiliTalks, you can add a lot of information without spending a penny and add multiple photos, so do it in order to succeed.”

4. Use search features to find the best matches

“There are free search filters and swiping features to discover new matches. On sites like PhiliTalks, you can also browse the Newsfeed to find someone attractive and follow this person if you want to learn more about her. Access to profiles is free and unlimited, so, be a bit selective, too. That will save you a lot of time in the future and significantly reduce the final cost of online dating services.”

5. Communicate in the right way

“There’ll be multiple communication features, and you should choose the ones that work best for you. What would you prefer, long emails or instant messaging? Would you spend some extra credits on sending videos to a new person or would do it only after you get already close enough to a Filipino girl? Develop your dating strategy considering the costs of different services.”

The rest is simple. When a man meets his Filipino bride, they start a long-distance relationship. Of course, that can’t last forever, so a man goes to the Philippines to meet his girlfriend in real life. The rest depends on the couple, but usually, if everything goes well, a man proposes and they apply for a K-1 visa.

Filipino Bride Price

Note though the term ‘Filipina bride cost’ is widely used, it doesn’t refer to buying a wife. A man can’t literally order a Filipino wife online by paying a fixed price. In reality, this term means the total sum of money one needs to spend to find a Filipino mail order bride online, meet her in real life, and marry her.

Men don’t have to pay anything to Filipino wives or even to be introduced to them. However, they pay for credits or premium plans on dating sites, cover travel costs, and usually pay for visas. If so, how much a man is going to spend? Let’s take a look at some estimations.

1. Cost of online dating services

Part of the budget will be spent online. Nearly all sites that can connect you with Philippine brides are premium platforms, and in most cases, they make their members buy credits, so the spending will totally depend on the user. Considering that, it’s hard to say what the exact cost of online dating services is, but in most cases, men spend around $1,200 a year (the average term of finding a Filipino bride and building a long-distance relationship with her).

“If you’re looking for sites that offer good value for money, here are some of the top options:

PhiliTalks — 20 free credits as a bonus, the starting price of credits is $0.14

SakuraDate — 20 free credits as a bonus, prices start at $2.99 for 35 credits

EasternHoneys — 20 free credits as a bonus, costs start at $2.99 for 20 credits

All the websites have multiple free features and let their members have the first few conversations for free, so regardless of your decision to keep using the site or to leave it, you’ll be able to make an informed, conscious choice.”

2. Travel costs

Men can’t marry Filipino ladies they met online if they’ve never met in person. Moreover, they’ll need to provide evidence of their meetings in real life when applying for a visa. So, travel expenses aren’t optional, and they may vary greatly depending on the frequency of your trips, their duration, and of course, your preferences as a traveler. The average cost of a 2-week trip to the Philippines is around $2,200.

3. Cost of visa

If you and your bride apply for a K-1 visa for her, it will cost around $1,200. If everything goes right, she enters the country and marries you, she’ll need to apply for an adjustment status, and that will cost around $1,200 more.

4. Wedding

Here, everything depends on the couple. You may pay just a few hundred dollars on a wedding license that costs around $50 and go to a restaurant or have a big fancy wedding that will cost $50,000 or more. Of course, there are intermediate options, too.

Wedding in the US vs. Wedding in the Philippines

A wedding in the Philippines can be ten times cheaper than a similar wedding in the United States. If you want to have a big celebration, consider getting married in a bride’s country. However, you should be aware of the fact that the visa application rules will change a bit. It won’t affect the cost, but you’ll need to apply for a foreign relative visa instead of applying for a K-1 visa. By the way, most modern Filipinos don’t do real dowries, but there might be symbolic dowries as part of the local wedding tradition.

Ways to Save Money

If you want to spend less, you can follow these simple recommendations:

  1. Watch your credits on the dating site. Make rational choices and use more expensive services only if it really makes sense and allows you to get emotionally closer to someone you like.
  2. Choose the right time for your trips. Don’t go to the Philippines when everyone does. Choose the time when the tickets are the cheapest, and the costs of hotel rooms are the lowest.
  3. Spend money on gifts wisely. If there’s gift delivery on the site, order only if you are really in love. Gifts will be expensive, and if you know your bride’s address, you may consider buying a gift from a regular international online store.

All in all, you need to plan your budget carefully and think of how much you’ll get for money at every stage of your journey to the mail order bride world.

Success Stories

“I’ve married a Pinay, so I guess I know something about Filipina women. When we first met and have been chatting for a few days (we met on SakuraDate), I tested her to find out if she was a gold digger. I offered her to buy her a gift and wanted her to choose it. She even got offended as we didn’t know each other well enough and said she wasn’t a gold digger. That’s where our story began. I came to the Philippines to meet her, and though I faced a lot of skepticism from my friends and family, I kept believing in us. Now, 5 years later, they all just adore her. She’s the least selfish person, incredibly kind, loving, and always willing to help. My point is not to let stereotypes spoil what you may have. Still, being rational isn’t a bad thing either.”

“I’m probably the only guy who’s met a Filipina through a friend. He was living in the Philippines and invited me on my vacation. He also introduced me to my now-wife, and I’m still grateful for that. I’ve been dating many women and almost married one, but now I see all those relationships as a mistake. That may sound offensive to someone, but it’s true. I’ve never met such a loving, faithful, caring, smart, witty, and optimistic woman, I was totally in love after our first date. I love the country, so I see no problem in going there twice a year, but I must admit that when you marry a Filipina, you marry her entire family. Again, not a problem for me.”

Cons of finding a wife from the Philippines

Everyone who considers choosing a wife among Filipino mail order brides should consider not only benefits but also potential drawbacks. Of course, both pros and cons are highly subjective, so we can rely on what most people consider to be pros and cons. First of all, a Filipino bride will never lose connection with her family, so you’ll have to build a good relationship with them. Second of all, you’ll need to cope with language and cultural barriers anyway.

As always, the keys are patience, understanding, strong motivation to make a relationship work, and your ability to compromise. Filipino brides are ready to give a lot to a man, and all they usually ask for is attention, understanding, and patience. It’s not such a big sacrifice, and it can really make your relationship work. If your relationship is healthy, you’ll hardly even notice the impact of cultural barriers.

Philippines Mail Order Bride Interview

The best way to learn why Filipino mail-order brides join Filipino dating sites is actually to ask one of the women on the dating platform about it. Of course, it’s not a representation of all. But talking to a real Filipina woman on an online dating site is a way to get to know more about the main motivations and expectations of the relationship.

To find the right person for my interview, I scrolled through Sakura Date profiles to find a Filipino bride online who would be open to answering a few of my questions about the mail-order bride industry, her experiences, and her goals on the Asian dating site. So, meet Suan, a Filipino lady who agreed to be my interviewee.

Q: Suan, what brought you to Sakura Date? And how long have you been using it?

A: I don’t have an interesting story. I’ve heard about sites where you can meet foreign men who are interested in marrying Filipino women like me. I did some googling, and the reviews were good, so I decided to give Sakura Date a try. And what about when I joined…around 3 months ago.

Q: Have you ever used other online dating platforms? Is online dating popular in the Philippines?

A: Oh, everyone is using it. I’ve tried some popular dating apps, but I got only dickpics and hookup offers.

Q: You are such a young and pretty girl, Suan, and you have already earned a Master’s degree (huge respect from me!) I’m sure that many local guys are more than open to starting a relationship with you. Why, then, Western men?

A: Thank you so much! I’ve never had a lack of attention. I can even say that I was quite popular among Filipino girls at school. I’ve dated a few guys for 2–3 months but relationships didn’t work out. I’ve always known that I don’t want to date for the sake of dating. I wanted to fall in love, meet my future husband, and start a family. I choose to date foreign men because, from my experience, they know what they want, provide for the family, and are ready for commitment. Oh, and there are many hotties too!

Q: Suan, you have a very detailed profile and many beautiful pictures. Is that your strategy to attract a guy?

A: I don’t want to spend ages looking for a foreign husband. There are many beautiful Filipino girls out there, so I just want to stand out.

Q: Have you faced the stigma of Filipina mail-order brides? What do your friends and family think about you seeking marriage online?

A: Oh, where should I start? Yes, the stigma is real, so I don’t actually talk that often about being one of the Philippines mail-order brides. The main reason why is that people believe that we are doing that for the wrong reasons. I’m lucky that my parents are supportive or just want to marry me off finally :) I can’t say for all Philippines brides, but for most Filipino ladies, I’d say 99% just want to be loved by a good man.

Q: What is your goal? What type of relationship do you hope to build?

A: I’m looking for a husband. But at the same time, I can’t say that marriage is my final goal. I don’t want to marry the first guy I meet. I want to meet an interesting man who is attractive and caring. I value someone who shares my sociable and active nature. I want someone who’s open-minded and willing to collaborate with me on projects, someone who’s not afraid to take risks and pursue their passions. I know that some prefer casual relationships nowadays, but that’s not my thing.

Q: On your profile, you tell about many successful projects in architecture and construction. Are you ready to leave them behind and follow your partner abroad?

A: Well, we live in the 21st century. It’s not like remote work doesn’t exist. And also, I’m quite adventurous. I’m waiting to have more opportunities to explore the world with my man.

Q: You also talk about your tight relationship with your family. Would you be eager to move to another country where you don’t know anyone?

A: Yes, my family is very important to me, and I know it won’t be easy. But I’m ready to start my own family. I’ve read that many Philippine women struggle at first, but I think that you can feel lonely regardless of where you are. If I find a loving man, I think everything will be fine.

Q: What are foreign men on the site like? Maybe you already met someone you like?

A: Most Western men I chatted with were quite decent. I’m currently talking to a few guys, but I’m not sure yet. But my hopes are up, as I know that it’s a good place to find my person here. I feel it!

Why Do Geo Women Look for Foreign Husbands?

So, what exactly makes an average Philippines girl want to marry a foreigner? There are many reasons for that. Many local girls are ready to start a family at quite a young age. Some of them feel mature enough for that, but many Filipino mail-order brides also feel pressure from their families (common for Asian girls). Also, mail-order Filipino brides have a positive attitude towards Western men. They also know that many guys from abroad want a Filipina wife, and finding a foreign husband online is not that hard, and that’s also an important factor for those struggling to find a good partner locally.

Filipino Mail Order Bride Statistics

To substantiate my research with hard data, I’ve collected a few intriguing numbers you might find useful:

  1. Non-US-born Filipino women are the most popular among all foreign brides, considering that in 2022, they received 4,968 K-1 visas, which is more than ladies from all across Europe.
  2. American men (32.8%) remain the most popular foreign grooms among Filipino girls, while Chinese (7.5%), British (7%), Canadian (7%), and Japanese men (5.3%) round out the top 5.
  3. Filipino brides are typically at least two years younger than their American husbands, though the age gap can sometimes exceed ten years.
  4. Marriages with Filipino mail-order brides have a lower divorce rate (from 35.8%) than the US nationwide average of 48%.
  5. Filipino brides are getting married later, as the mean age at first marriage has remained between 27 and 28 for the last few years.

Considering the ongoing trend, I’m sure Filipino wives will remain ever-popular in the US.

Filipino Mail Order Bride Scam

As online dating becomes more popular, the number of romance scams increases. The reported losses in 2022 ($1.3 billion) doubled the previous record ($547 million in 2021). Moreover, the number of victims exceeded 70,000. Considering no dating site is 100% risk-free, let me remind you of the red flags you should avoid at all costs:

  • ⚠️ “I’m not ready for video chats and IRL dates.” Continuous refusals to meet face-to-face are a worrying sign of a potentially fake dating account. If you’re suspicious, run a reverse image search to see who is the real owner of the photos you see on the dating site.
  • ⚠️ “I love you, and I want to see you naked.” Although it can be a perfectly legitimate request in a serious relationship, if it comes early, it’s likely a scheme designed to blackmail you by using your intimate materials against you.
  • ⚠️ “My mother is ill, and I need money to cover the bills.” It’s the most common and straightforward approach that typically follows a grooming stage. Regardless of your feelings, do not send money to strangers online.
  • ⚠️ “Tell me everything about yourself, especially your social security number.” While it’s perfectly normal to share little details about your life, you should keep sensitive information private, as it can be used for identity theft.
  • ⚠️ “I know how to double your money in a month.” No legitimate investment opportunity has that kind of return on investment, so it’s likely a scam. Cryptocurrencies have become extra popular among con artists, so avoid crypto investment offers.
  • ⚠️ “Here’s a link to a private video chat.” The lure can be different, but the links you get from strangers will likely lead to phishing sites designed to steal your personal information, especially your credit card details.

Romance scams are doubly dangerous because of their insidious nature that manipulates your desire for a genuine connection. I recommend you stay on your guard and use the dating site’s reporting and blocking tools to avoid contact with suspicious users and potential scammers.

How To Take a Filipino Bride to the US

Filipino mail-order brides often enter the US using K-1 fiance visas, and while this approach takes time, it’s relatively easy to manage if you follow these steps:

  1. File Form I-129F (Petition for Alien Fiance) and attach all the necessary papers, such as evidence of your relationship, marital status, etc.
  2. Instruct your fiance to undergo a medical exam and procure the paperwork necessary for a visa application.
  3. Help your fiance file Form DS-160 (Application for a Nonimmigrant Visa) at a local consulate or embassy.
  4. Assist your Filipina wife in filing Form I-485 after you get married to get her recognized as a permanent US resident.
  5. Arrange the filing of Form I-765 (Application for Employment Authorization) if your new wife wants to find a job.

I should also remind you that you’ll only have ninety days to get married after your Filipina bride crosses the border. If you fail to meet the deadline or file Form I-130, your wife-to-be can be deported to the Philippines.

Visit the Bureau of Consular Affairs and US Citizenship and Immigration Services sites for more details on the immigration process, filing charges, and more.

The Takeaway

International dating and marriage don’t have to remain unachievable dreams, even if twelve time zones separate you from your perfect Filipina bride. As long as you have clear and realistic expectations, account for cultural differences, and choose the most effective means of communication, you should have no trouble finding a Filipino lady and winning her heart. Refer to my research insights to keep track of your expenses, avoid scam risks, and set up your bride’s smooth move to the US.

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