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3 min readSep 16, 2015


We The T! is a month-long conversation that combines the resources and experience of staffers at Medium’s flagship magazine, Matter, with the perspectives of the most important trans writers, artists, and advocates today. Led by Buzzfeed LGBT’s Meredith Talusan, trans people were involved in the conception, the writing, editing, and art direction of every story in this series. We hope you’ll join our conversations around the most vital issues in the trans community.

Visit Gender 2.0 or Matter, or follow the transgender tag on Medium to read the latest stories.


Searching for Eve

By Meredith Talusan


What I Wanted To Wear: A visual dialogue about the complications of self-presentation.

By Alok Vaid Menon, Tyler Ford, Aaryn Lang


The Skin I’m In.

By Cherno Biko


Getting Real, Getting Free.

By Kai Cheng

Oral History

“Listen To Our Voices”

As Told To Andy Wright


We’ve Got Gender All Wrong.

By Laurie Essig

Photo Essay

Masculinity Means

By Amos Mac

There’s more to come! Check back here or follow the transgender tag to read more We The T! stories everyday through the end of the month.