Keepin Update and Token Swap Guidelines

Dear Metadians,

Today we have released a new update to our native mobile application Keepin (iOS 1.01 & Android 1.01) and guidelines for token swap.

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Token Swap Guidelines
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Following upon the first release of Keepin that highlights a secure wallet function, we enabled “Send” function in this latest version. Please note that it might take some time before the app updates are reflected in stores due to review process.

To have access to “Send” function and later services, you have to update to latest version of Keepin. To update Keepin, simply launch the app, and once the update pop-up appears, just click “Update”. Follow the instructions and you should be good to go.

Important Things to Remember :

  • Please ensure that prior to updating the app, you take a note of the Recovery Code(Mnemonic) and Private Key. Recovery Code can be found at [Setting] > [Recovery Information] > [Mnemonic] or [Private Key].
  • Do not send META coins to the previous ERC-20 addresses provided by the exchanges (Kucoin, Bittrex International, UPbit, ABCC, and CoinSuper). META coins accidentally or mistakenly sent to the old address will be lost.
  • Reinstalling the application changes the wallet address, so make sure to update and not uninstall and install the app over again.

Once updated, you can send META. If you have already sent META to Keepin or added private key in Keepin before token freeze on February 22, you may visit the block explorer at to check if the token swap was successfully completed for your holdings.

For first-timers, you can download our app here: iOS and Android.


We expect exchanges to re-open deposit and withdrawal services before the end of March. All deposit and withdrawal services are suspended until exchanges implement the mainnet support. We will release the official announcement when each exchange resumes mentioned services.

The exact date of the services will be notified when it is confirmed. Please bear in mind that the dates will likely vary depending on the individual exchanges’ operation schedule.

Metadium Official Exchanges

Guidelines for users who haven’t sent META to Keepin before the token freeze

We’ve received multiple enquiries regarding the token swap for various instances. Our team put together guidelines on how to swap your META tokens to META coins. The guidelines address the following instances:

  • People who have META in their hardware wallets
  • People who have META in their wallet applications
  • People who have META in smart contracts

Please refer to this page for detailed information.

Calling for Action

Today, we launched our mainnet. As an integral milestone along the path we see it as an opportunity to not only grow the confidence in our platform, but to invite a larger community to engage in the greater identity movement already underway.

We are proud of what we have done, but know there is still a long way to go if we are to achieve our vision. Of course none of this would be possible without the support of a community, so we are beyond thankful to you all for your continued belief in us.


Team Metadium

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