On Talent

Thoughts on recruiting and building great teams.

The key to a great, successful career is not talent

There seems to be a common misconception around the importance of talent when it comes to being successful. Talented individuals are…

If money alone isn’t enough to attract talent, what is?

Businesses have always been concerned with motivation — how to move themselves or others to act.

Interviewing sucks. Let’s make it awesome.

A few experiments we’re trying at Medium, and what we’re learning.

Why Engineers Hate your Job Specs

How to weaponize your shitty job postings

One of the main problems I see today in software engineering hiring is the way job specifications are written. The problem is, they often barely resemble specifications at all, but feel more like generic stabs in the dark. Sort of like the equivalent of shopping for a car with as many…

The essential problem in recruiting

Industrial selection

The recruiting process that was supposed to be efficient, professional, and exact—scientific— has…

Recruiting or Root Canal: What’s less painful?

By far the hardest and most exasperating part of launching a successful startup, it is also the most important. Here’s…

Are you asking the right questions?

Whether you are hiring a top performer for your RM team or are looking to find a Revenue Management Analyst, it starts with…

13 Easy Ways to Connect with Your Small Team 

Ideas on how to build a close-knit team 

This is another article from the series “Grow It Strong: Business Ideas

The hiring paradigm and why it needs to change

Everyday, over 100 million people wake up uninspired and unengaged by their current jobs.

Why people should care about your company

Marketing 101 for recruiting top talent

It’s Always going to be about the People

My thoughts on the Talent Economy and Why it really matters

Should we all adopt Holacracy?

A study into the new management trend for 2014. Fad or the future?

There’s been a lot written about Holacracy recently, mainly…

Don’t “waste” your time at a Career Fair

5 steps to take

Unless you have a strong presence on campus or possess a notable brand, most startups struggle to yield…

“Stanford & MIT” recruiting fatigue

And what to do about it

It keeps coming up more frequently in conversations with startups, especially ones with a ton of momentum…

Lasting Tech Innovation: Putting a Price on Talent

Through the use of acqui-hires, Facebook, Twitter and Google have led the seismic shift in the way teams and talent…

Betting On Potential

Many will agree with the idea of hiring on potential over a casual conversation, but when it actually comes time to put skin in the game and make their bet on hiring…

Recruiting Front-End Engineers

It’s not about what you know, it’s about what you do with what you know.

Work 2.0: Learn From Millennials

We need a work 2.0 for the internet 2.0 setting.

Whether you’re a manag-er or a manag-ed, the way we work needs a reboot. We…

5 Things You Must Consider When Making a Job Offer

Extending an offer to a job candidate can be a stressful proposition, especially for a startup. Getting ready to do so? First, assess whether you’re making the right offer by considering the following five key variables.

Variable 1: Compensation History

On Talent
On Talent

Thoughts on recruiting and building great teams.

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