The next 14 #OSTa2 Projects (Pt. 3)

A week ago we announced that 142 of 250+ OST KIT⍺ Phase II Proofs of Concept applications got accepted into the program. Successful POC integrations will be rewarded with 50,000 OST. There’s also a Grand Reward of 250,000 additional OST for the #1 Ready-to-Ship POC + four extra reward categories, each good for 25,000 additional OST!

Don’t forget to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. We’re stoked that we’ve got developer teams from all over the world participating in the biggest Blockchain hackathon to date!


Joy Pass aims to change the way people consume vouchers. Most of the vouchers we receive from restaurants and stores are just collecting dust in our drawers. Instead of receiving paper vouchers, customers can opt to receive JOY points insteads, which can be redeemed at participating stores, restaurants and communities.


The Polling Station was created to recognize the value of tokens and the communities they are building; by giving their members a place to vote and support their favorite tokens. A lot of the excitement around crypto focuses on the market value and speculation, so the Polling Station is for ‘HODLers’ who can look past a token’s market value.
United States


Airway allows students to easily share their past assignments, tests, and notes as resources for their peers to use. In exchange for publishing their documents to the social portion of the app, users can reward each other by upvoting posts, thus transferring an amount of Airway’s Branded Token as a reward. These tokens are earned through either purchasing, viewing ads, receiving upvotes, post views, as well simply using the app. The tokens earned may be cashed out to a tangible fiat reward.


Yourltokens wants to enable users to add defined value to URLs. Their platform makes it possible to set the value of an URL, how many times it’s worth that value, time or click scale said value, etc. The team claims that by using their ’smart tokens’, the transfer of value becomes instant.

SPENCERS (worktitle)

The team behind “Spencers” wants to introduce a Branded Token (SPN) to the Indian supermarket chain. Customers could pay for its products with SPN, or receive rewards and loyalty points in the form of SPN. They also want to provide supermarkets with a better way to store customer order details, transaction records and product details like expiration dates and supplier details.
 — India


The Manilla-based gaming-turned-finance company is currently working on an Auto Trade Bot for the Bittrex exchange. Their Bot will follow the proven adagio of “buy during the dip, sell once it peaks”. Their POC aims to demonstrate how they expect to use $OST as a “currency inside their app”.


Really Simple Store is an ecommerce platform for makers (think of arts, crafts and more). Using their own Branded Token, the team wants to demonstrate “community ecommerce”, helping makers earn more and grow their audience by selling each others’ products. 
United States

Corporate Insurance Incentive Structure

The CIIS application seeks to provide corporate insurers, policyholders, agencies and brokers with improved efficiency, loyalty and a reduced premium for organisations and policyholders. It hopes to achieve this by providing data quality and timely response by “donating the branded token CIIS”.
The Netherlands


TechupBusiness wants to demonstrate their version of an e-commerce customer loyalty program by making it available as a turnkey solution for CS-Cart based e-commerce platforms. Customers can earn Branded Tokens by buying and rating products, and by submitting and sharing reviews.


The goal here is to build a platform where companies can manage employee perks and bonuses through their own Branded Token. Think of ’Holiday Payouts’, ’Employee of the Month’, and so on. Employees can transfer tokens to their colleagues, which may come handy when the whole team wants to get someone a birthday present.


Perfumista is a three-year old platform dedicated to perfume, perfume and more perfume. This fragrant community wants to reward its members for contributing quality content like reviews and guest blogs, upvotes, shares and more.
 — Vietnam


Dino Age Evolution’ is a digital card game app that uses Branded Tokens as an in game currency. The game contains cards and environments, featuring prehistoric creatures like dinosaurs and ice age animals. Players will earn Branded Tokens by simply playing the game. They will also have the option to purchase BT tokens, which will be tradable in-game for additional items.
United States


Coner is an online, interactive document viewer that visualises relevant technical terms in scientific publications. It aims to provide an environment that gives a concise overview of datasets and methods used in the publication. It also allows users to rate the quality of highlighted terms and to select new terms. The team wants to use Branded Tokens to properly incentivise users to interact with the publication, by rewarding them for the amount and quality of their feedback.
 — The Netherlands


The “ultimate visual community”, based on the Django Rest Framework, for photos, infographics, and memes. The team hopes to demonstrate incentivizing certain actions performed by its community members, like upvoting, sharing and adding fresh content. Dime likens their Branded Token to a “karma token”.
United States


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