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Note from the editor

Outfit7 is a dynamic force in mobile gaming, reaching a global audience of billions with its award-winning games. Powered by creativity and industry-leading expertise, the company’s talented international team of 400 people pushes the boundaries of the possible every day. Outfit7’s 20+ games have now been downloaded worldwide over 19 billion times and up to 470 million fans play with them every month. Its portfolio also includes numerous chart-topping animated series, theme parks, and a licensing program.

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Jon Premik
Senior Backend Engineer. Director of Technology. Tech Enthusiast. Proud dad. Dog person. Food & Travel.
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Aleksander Gregorka
Senior Software Engineer, Game Developer, Maker of Things.
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Irena Rojko
A quality engineer, passionate about gaming, traveling and team work. I love good jokes (but also lame jokes) and having fun in any given situation.
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Primož Bevk
Senior Lead Software Engineer, Web Developer, Gamer
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