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A Note On #Techies

“We should interrogate the code of cyberspace as we interrogate the bills of Congress.”

In 2013

A year dethroned. 

For all its messiness, 2013 was a strangely awe-inspiring year. It was the year I found 3 professions, separately, in 3 very different…

Social media is making us anxious and paranoid—so why can’t we stop using it?

The 2009 documentary We Live in Public told the story of Josh Harris, a late-1990s dot-com millionaire…


One of the beauties of the city is its sheer diversity. With more than 3 million foreign-born residents and dozens of vibrant enclaves, New York City’s melting pot is golden…

Let’s Be Real 

Our daily observations are often riddled with emotion. Even the most scientifically-rooted of us are subject to bias. So it’s important to be aware of the temptation to fit data into existing beliefs that don’t necessarily reflect reality.

I’ve recently begun diving into data from our agency’s website and social media traffic. This exercise has produced…

How We Reinvented

8 lessons from creating a government website that doesn’t feel like one

Mayor Mike Bloomberg recently unveiled the newly relaunched…

Down The Rabbit Hole We Go

I’ve developed a theory that if people can’t sit through a 30-minute meal without touching their phones, they are OSDs (Over-Stimulated Disturbances). Sounds a little like LSD, and appropriately so; our phones are quickly turning us into walking drug addicts.

But who am I to quip? I’m constantly responding to emails on the fly, tweeting…

More than meets the eye: it’s what you don’t see that matters the most.

There’s a lot happening behind the scenes. (You don’t have to do what anyone else is doing).

An Affair

A one night stand

A warm crisp night, two former strangers, two excited souls touching for the first time. Surrounded by what seems to be the edge of man’s reach…

I have a dream… Let’s democratise the internet

Let’s be that generation

We all love to complain about the latest Facebook update, the adds on certain websites and…

Get Rich or Die Trying

“I can make you rich in 5 days”..How does that sound!

Unfortunately not. This article will in fact not make you wealthier. I do not have…

How I am designing my own world

My divorce with consumerism 

We all like to believe we live in a world of so called “choice”. The reality is that as customers we are…

This is not your life rehersal. This is your Super Bowl 

This the only life you have. Make something of it and make it good.

On (Not) Eating Out Alone

A stigma I’ve never understood is the one placed on people who are comfortable doing ‘social’ activities alone. For whatever reason, it is assumed that they’re to be…

Yelp’s Nice, But Keep Your Travel Guides

Smartphone apps are great, but travelers still need paper books

The Value of Social

I’ve been on a “social media cleanse” since Monday. Not a full-out purge, just a mini-cleanse to rejuvenate. (That person on a juice cleanse…at the bar? That’s me.)

I’ve removed the Facebook and Instagram apps from my phone. It means I’m still able to go on these networks via desktop but also removes the temptation to compulsively, incessantly, maniacally…

Check-ins, and being present

I had a Foursquare account. At first it was fun, checking in everywhere I went, tracking where I had been, competing with friends to be ‘Mayor’ of a location…

Isolation in a Digital World

It started with a simple suggestion.

When I was teaching in Italy two summers ago, one of my host Dads suggested that I check into a nunnery. Something told me this wasn't a compliment. I didn't think spending all day with 8-year old Italian children had made me that wild, but who knows. Then he clarified,

The Word “Blog” Sucks

I’ve been waiting to tell you all this for a while, and it took a publication format called “Medium” for me to get the courage to do so. The medium is the message, and…

why i’m back on facebook 

"You have to get offline. I’ll say it again. You HAVE GOT TO GET OFFLINE. YOU HAVE TO GET F***ING OFF F***ING LINE." - advice from legendary E. Jean Carroll, of Ask E. Jean, America's longest currently running advice column

Better advice could not be more emphatically expressed. I took it to heart for 4…

Breaking up with newsprint

Recently I ended one of the longest-standing relationships of my life — the one I have with daily print newspapers.

I grew up in a household that got the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal every day. I must have started reading the Times in high school — I don’t remember, exactly — because when I went off to college, I made sure to sign…

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