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PM101 is a well-established blog that shares valuable content about product management. It has been receiving a 1,000,000+ visitors per year since 2016 and it’s free to access. PM101 has begun accepting guest posts, which allows other experts in the field share their insights.
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📩 Scaling Business Agility: The Power of Value Streams

Dionysis Svoronos discusses the challenge of scaling Agile methodologies across organizations while retaining their effectiveness. It introduces the concept of value streams, which originated from Lean manufacturing, as a solution to…

📩 Basics of Product Finance

The article, written by Maria Paula S Guimaraes Baum, emphasizes the importance of understanding product finance and economics for product managers and those involved in product development.

📩 How to Achieve Customer-Oriented Success: Unleash with Value Streams

In his article Dionysis Svoronos Svoronos introduces a third strategic approach, Customer-Driven Products, in the ever-changing business landscape. While Operational Excellence and Performance Superiority…